Thursday, July 25, 2013

Looking out my office window...

...there's a party going on!

But we're not must have big bright wings to attend.
The desire and craving for nectar is also a pre-requisite!

The butterfly bush out in front of my office is the RSVP is required :)

Seriously, I have never seen so many butterflies all at one time!

I brought my camera to work to get a few shots.

I literally walked right up to them and they were swarming all around my head...
...I think they must have liked my hairspray :)

I even got one of them to sit on my hand! 
His or her tail was already broken (just so you know).

If I could have counted them, 
I would guess that there may have been at least a dozen at one time!

They were just glorious!


  1. Debby,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind comments on my glasses!!

    Beautiful pics!! Outstanding!!


  2. I've been thinking of planting a butterfly bush and you've convinced me. I would be mesmerized by the butterflies. Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. I am trying to root some cuttings from the bush at work. I have never had one but am going to try to grow my own! Are the butterflies going crazy in your area? I just watched a segment on out local news about this being "the year of the butterfly"...they are so plentiful here and like you, I'm also mesmerized by them.

    Have a blessed week :)


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