Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's happening.

The sky has that certain look about it.

I can feel it in the air.

Some say they can smell it.

Others say they can even taste it.

It has been the topic of conversation for days now.

The highways and byways have been salted and brined.
This white-ish substance seems to interfere with the normal speed of traveling vehicles.
Or maybe they are just practicing...or something.

It's really quite amazing what the power of suggestion can do.
Some of the cars are already traveling at a snail's pace.....preparing for the real thing.


Every local TV channel that can possibly be viewed in the area are all on alert.

The reporters are strategically placed at various locations throughout the viewing area.

There is 24 hour coverage for this momentous, impending event.

Announcements have been made (the night before) that all area schools will be closing...
...three hours early the next day...
...and for the next two weeks few days, they will be on a two-hour delay.


It's amazing...this strange phenomenon.

Out of the blue, bread and milk just disappear off the shelves at the grocery.

Every gas station within a 100 mile radius has long lines of vehicles streaming out onto roadways.

What is this rare and strange occurrence?

Snow...in the south.

Don't blink.

You just might miss it!

I am a snow lover and must truly savor every flake...
... and I even know how to drive in it :)

(to be continued...after the accumulation)


  1. Awwww...go ahead and enjoy it. Every flake. Hope that everyone who doesn't know how to drive in it stays home!

    1. Well Vee...I squeezed as much enjoyment as I possibly could out of that inch or two of snow!

  2. Were due for a storm here, too, but it is expected this time of year! Have a fun time! Bring on the hot chocolate!

    1. The little storm here didn't amount to much but was pretty while it lasted :)

  3. I don't think I've seen snow, except in the distant mountains, in 20+ years, so I can certainly understand your excitement! I do remember back in the "Dark Ages," when I was in school in Oregon, that we would occasionally get some snow. Oh, the anticipation of listening to the radio to see if we were getting a snow day -- those days were so special! Stay warm and enjoy!

    1. Carol, I remember being in second grade and new new little friend who had lived in Florida all of her life saw her first snowfall from the windows of our classroom. I got to witness her seeing her first snowflake...it was awesome!

  4. Oh Debby, we get the same hype here where we have winter for almost 5 months of the year. I guess I can understand it (the hype) for the south as they just aren't prepared for it. I hope you enjoy the snow though and drive safe or stay home nice and cozy. Can't wait to see your next post on the storm. Pamela

    1. Seriously? And I thought they just did this in the south. My snow is nearly gone now :(

  5. We were just sitting here talking about all the craziness that goes on as soon as the forecast is for snow...in the South! But I'm praying for those not prepared or out in the weather. Take care and give us some more photos! We are in the 40s here in Florida this morning but I think I have enough milk! lol Hugs!

    1. What happened in Georgia and Alabama was horrifying for sure...maybe they didn't have enough hype! I really don't think they thought they would get anything...what a mess!

  6. Hello Debby, I think you are right the power of suggestion id very powerful. Yes and A girl from Ohio would know how to drive in it. How are you doing? Wish we could get together and do some picture taking!
    I was wondering if you might ever like to send me a picture of some of your vintage clocks, without the watermark, so I could use it on my sidebar, but I could use your name as the photographer.
    Let me know in my email...
    Blessings, Roxy


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