Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Don't Count Your Bluebirds Before They Hatch

Do you ever get so excited about something and then it doesn't happen?
I did...remember this post?

So...I waited a few days...and then a few weeks.
It didn't look very promising so I started this post a few weeks ago...
 Well, it seems I have jumped the gun.
Yes, the wind has been taken out of my sails...
...my bubble has been burst by my own premature predictions, it seems.
The house is empty.
 Not a bluebird in sight for several days.
After noticing that there hadn't been even a speck of blue on it or around it,
we realized that something must have driven them away.
I have been doing a little googling about bluebird nesting habits
and how to monitor the nesting boxes once a bluebird chooses it.

So it seemed a little chickadee was the culprit.
My dear hubby happened to notice one building a nest right there in the bluebird box...
...the nerve of that little guy...or girl!
Well let me tell you I marched right out there and nipped it in the bud!

So I'm still waiting...and waiting...to see blue.

So that was then and this is now...

I had pretty much given up on the bluebirds to return,
especially after strong winds ripped the bluebird box right off the tree, leaving it broken :(

But guess what...they're baaaaack!

We first saw the male off and on and then one day I blinked and there she was!
Evidently, the smell of Gorilla Glue doesn't bother them :)

...if it has an odor (can birdies even smell??)

So, although I will try not to get too excited,
it looks like there still might be a chance of us having a bluebird family...

Until I know for sure, I'll try to contain my excitement...
and I will only count the bluebird eggs WHEN and IF they hatch.
You know I'll keep you posted :)


  1. Awww, they're so pretty! I do hope you get some wee babies in there.

  2. Exciting times, hope all goes well...

  3. I do hope you get to enjoy baby blue birds. We had several pairs around here then noticed last year that we were no longer seeing any blue birds. I miss them and wish I knew why they left. Poppy hung three new blue bird boxes this spring so maybe they will come back. I'll be watching for yours.

  4. Yippee! I am so glad your precious blue birds are back :) I hope they stay for a little while, my friend :)

    Happy day to you! Hugs!

  5. How exciting! I'm reminded of a few years back when I blogged about watching a family of chickadees (of all things) take up residence in a patio birdhouse. We were there the day the babies peeked out and took flight, while the mom and dad cheered them on. It was a once-in-lifetime moment for sure. Amazing to watch.

    Good luck!

  6. So glad the Blue Birds came back. I have a birdhouse in our backyard...we had birds in it a few years ago, but done since then.

  7. Oh,I do hope they are successful this time.As much as I like the Chickadees,I also love the Bluebirds.

  8. I'm so glad the bluebirds returned! Those are lovely photos. Thank you for sharing! :D

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  9. glad they returned and don't mind a little storm damage!

  10. "My" bluebirds returned to the box that they nested in last year and now they left and went to one across the street...now I'm sad. I hope yours stay and make a nice little family.

  11. I am feeling so much more like myself! =D

    Hoping with you that the bluebirds stay and don't get run off by any upstart chickadee.

  12. Let's hope all goes well this time. A bluebird family would be so fun to watch.

  13. Enjoyed your photos of the bluebirds! They are so pretty; I love to see them when I walk through the woods. All the best in getting a bluebird family of your own to watch! That would be so neat!

  14. How fun that they are back! They are such pretty birds!

  15. It is such a thrill having bluebirds! We have to nesting boxes and I put meal worms out every morning but have only had bluebirds nest in my boxes one time. The chickadees and wrens win out. I keep checking the boxes and try removing their nesting materials until there are eggs in the nest...then I leave them.
    Hope yours have lots and lots of babies!

  16. Beautiful birds they are and it's so nice that you got them! We have all kinds of birds right now, building and looking for a little places for them to hatch their eggs. And you have to watch out for they like to dive bomb you if you dare get too close to their nests! :)

    I look forward to an update, Debby!

    Until then... enjoy your Spring!

    Hugs, Amy

  17. Oh I hope they stay and have a big family for you. Wow your photos are gorgeous. What amazing color. They should produce some pretty babies!

  18. Fantastic!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  19. Hi Debby! Yay! Glad your blue birds came back. They are just such pretty birds. Thanks for popping in and I'll be waiting for the little baby blue heads to be peeping out of the house!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Oh how exciting. So glad they came back. Years ago we had a blue bird family in our yard and I loved watching them.

  21. Oh I love this story. I kept hoping as I red your post and then...yes! I think I told you we don't have blue birds in our area. You are blessed.

  22. I hope the Bluebirds do nest there Debby. We've had Tree Swallows doing a 'house inspection' again this year and haven't seen any Bluebirds around the area yet (I think it's way too cold!) so we have a second house to put out and hopefully the bluebirds will find it before the swallows. It will be fun to watch whatever chooses to reside in the box though. Enjoy!

  23. Oh YEA! I was delighted to read this touching post and see the beauty of that pair of bluebirds.
    I will wait as patiently as I can for an update, my friend.


  24. This is wonderful news! Yes, birds can smell.

  25. This is such a sweet post, Debby. We don't get Bluebirds here....sniff, sniff, so I will simply have to await updates from you.

    Warm hugs,

  26. Hi Debby! Aren't you clever! I have to give some applause for figuring out the problem, and then taking action. And it worked! Patience won out and now, fingers crossed, this little scout will call his friends back again.
    Have a wonderful weekend scouting!

  27. fingers are crossed and toes too.

  28. Debby, your photos are so pretty. We have a bluebird house too and right now we are on the second batch of babies. We didn't get to see the first ones take off ..which I was hoping to do but that's ok. We love watching the mommy and daddy feed them. :)

  29. I totally understand and my fingers are crossed for you! Last year for the first time some black phoebes made a nest under our roof line. It was wonderful! About a month ago I saw 2 birds at the next and I really got my hopes up.... nothing since then. So disappointed.


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