Friday, February 14, 2020

♥ My Tardy Valentine ♥

So it's me again, late to the party, as I have been so much here lately.

It's been a month since I've last posted but wanted to get a quick one in 
to tell y'all that I am still alive and kicking (for the most part)
and to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Jim and I have been keeping the roads hot in these parts lately (between the monsoons of rain)...
making a few planned and unplanned trips to NC and even SC.
In between our two trips to NC, we took an unplanned and very quick trip to SC.
A very dear, old friend of ours unexpectedly passed away in his sleep.
I've known him since I was a teen...he was "Cousin Jimmy" from West Virginia
when his Aunt Thelma lived across the street from me growing up in Ohio.
We went way back.
Jim and he worked together in Ohio as well and wouldn't you just know that the Lord
placed us all together in the same town in NC...and even in the same church!
His dear wife became one of my besties and we worshipped together for many years.
They had relocated to SC about a year ago after retirement to live close by to their younger grands. Kinda like us. 
We just never know what tomorrow will bring, do we?

Our winter here has consisted of nothing much more than rain, rain and more rain.
To say that I am pretty sick of this weather is a huge understatement.
I must be perfectly honest and tell you that today the sun is shining brightly...but brutally cold!
I am biting at the bit to get out and return to my walking and exploring Haywood Hollow.
These poor little measly muscles of mine need help, y'all!

But despite all the rain, on those rare days when the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds,
you can rest assured that it will leave behind a treasure to end your day.

So who says Valentine's Day flowers always have to be red or pink?


RV living...gotta love it!
(maybe...maybe not)

So stay tuned...exciting new updates coming soon!
Here's just a little hint....

💗Love to all!💗

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