Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Pet Lovin' Medley

Hey ya'll and Happy Hump Day!

So how did it get to be Wednesday again so soon?
I know that time flies when you're having fun and we had a great time in Tennessee.
The weather was cold and rainy most of the time but it didn't matter one bit.
I got to walk across the bridge and into the meadow where the farmhouse is going to be.
I have to believe that this will happen.
I've got to keep the dream alive or it feels as though I'm giving up.
I won't do that...I can't do that.

On Sunday, Parker's 12th birthday began with a birthday doughnut.

I was blessed to be able to witness this precious boy's entrance into the world
and just can't believe that in another year, he'll be a teenager!
Please.....make it stop!!!

We ate lunch at his favorite Thai restaurant but I missed getting a photo of his birthday cake pie...
...Key Lime, to be precise...complete with twelve candles!
Our visit to see the kids in Tennessee was just what I needed.
So by the time many of you may be reading this, I will be undergoing my third biopsy.
I was impressed by the doctor I met last week...he was very kind and answered all my questions.
He said that it's not uncommon to do a third, fourth or even more biopsies in cases like mine.
He told me that too many times a doctor will send the patient away to return in six months
or so to get re-scanned after an inconclusive biopsy.
Many times it's too late because a tumor could grow drastically during that time.
Dr. Allen plans to do all he can to keep that from happening.
I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get a correct diagnosis so I can get on with
whatever treatment is needed...and get on with my life!
Let's do this!!
So let's get on with the Wednesday Medley, shall we?

Terri, our friend from Florida asks the questions on her blog and we answer them on ours.
Just copy and paste the questions, put in your answers and link up to her blog.



On February 20th, pet lovers everywhere observe National Love Your Pet Day. This holiday is a day set aside to give extra attention to and pamper your pets. This is a good day to focus on the special relationship that you have with your pets.

Did you know that most households in the United States have at least one pet? While there are more cats than dogs in the US, more households have dogs than cats, but not by much. Pets are not limited to the canine and feline categories. There are quite a few who prefer the companionship of birds, reptiles, fish or rats. Whoever your pet companion is, we are sure you will enjoy spending a little extra time with them on National Love Your Pet Day and reap the benefits, as well such as stress relief and lower blood pressure. So on February 20 (and every day) show your appreciation to your pets!

Bring your pet a special treat, take an extra long walk or give them more attention on National Love Your Pet Day.  Whatever you decide to do, spoil and appreciate your pets!  Use #NationalLoveYourPetDay to post on social media.

Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Love Your Pet Day.

1.  Have you ever had a special pet in your life?  Will you tell us about it? asked for it, Terri! My first reply to this question would be more like "When did I NOT have a special pet in my life?" The first pet in my life was our dog, Tippy. He was a Heinz 57 mix and basically a very sweet boy. I remember he had this very fluffy tail that curled over his back. 

There were several other dogs and a few cats as well but none of the cat's names come to mind. My mom didn't like cats much and they stayed outside, away from the humans much of the time. If I had to pick a favorite pet over another, Hunter would share the top of the list. Adam brought him to us when he was just weaned and what a smart dog he was! He was mostly Jack Russell with a little Feist mixed in. 

When Oscar joined the family as a wee pup, Hunter dominated but they got along well. Later on, they became best buds.

Hunter lived to be almost 13 and died suddenly and quite unexpectedly in 2015. We think he must have had a stroke and in a very short period of time, he took his last breath in my arms. So for a year, it was this guy who demanded all of the attention...

And then along came Tasha, very unexpectedly when we rescued her from the shelter. This is the day I picked her up. I'll never forget how timid and shy she was.

In a matter of minutes, they bonded....and the rest is history. 

2.  Did you grow up with pets in your home?  What did it teach you?

As I mentioned before, we always had pets but Mom never allowed them in the house. Occasionally one of the cats would slip in the door and she would quickly shoo them out. What did it teach me? It taught me that whenever I got big enough to have my own home, I wanted my pets to live inside with the rest of the family.

3.  Do you ever wonder what animals are thinking?

Yes, but most of the time I think I know. If you've ever had a dachshund, then you probably know that they have a way of being quite transparent.

4. Sometimes a pet gets out and doesn't return for a few days. What do you think happens to them when they go on a walkabout?

This happened when we had Hunter although he never ran away for that long. He was gone one time for almost 24 hours and I was absolutely beside myself as every scenario imaginable was playing in my head. I can't even tell you how many trips up and down the road I made as I was looking for him and calling his name, thinking at any moment I would see something white lying in the ditch along side of the road. That night, I slept on the couch in the living room with the blind pulled up enough at the bottom that I could see him if he came to the door, wanting in. He finally did show up in the wee hours of the morning to my great relief. There is usually another animal (or more) involved when they wonder away but all that really matters is that they do come home.

5.  With cats and dogs being the most popular pets, what is the most exotic pet you have personal experience with (didn't have to be yours)?

When I was a young teen, I had a chameleon named Cam. He would turn whatever color he was placed on and I remember him jumping on the living room curtains and blended in so well that we had a difficult time finding him. I also had a hamster who got lost outside during a photo shoot in my mom's flower bed. I never did find him, sorry to say.๐Ÿ˜ž

6.  Please tell us something random about your week so far...

I went to the grocery store yesterday when we returned home and I noticed that I parked next to an identical black Honda CR-V as mine. At the time, I remember thinking that whoever owned the car would most likely come out of the store before me and be gone by the time I came out. Well, wouldn't you know that as I was exiting the store, a lady walking quite a distance ahead of me was heading in the same general direction as I was. I went ahead and clicked my remote a couple of times to unlock my car (of course the lights would flash too) and I noticed she was heading directly towards my car and she actually opened my door! I then hollered a friendly "'ve got the wrong car!" and totally confused, she looked back at me and realized she had opened the door to my car instead of hers. Apparently she had clicked her remote at the same time as I did and when she saw my car (which was the closest one) she thought she was unlocking hers! We both got a good little chuckle out of it. How's that for random?

So I'll keep you posted...and I continue to thank you for your prayers.
I am just so grateful to all of you!

Much love,

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Heart-shaped Medley

Hello, my friends.
I can hardly believe that Valentine's Day is nearly upon us.
It seems that since the beginning of January, time has escaped me...
...but at least the weather is acting appropriately once again.
Remember those 70 and 80 degree temps I mentioned last week?
Well, this is what happened...too much too soon.
But beautiful, to say the least.

It has been cold and rainy ever since.
Oh is February, after all.
That's the way it behaves sometimes around these parts.
So I finally received the results of the second biopsy last Friday 
and it looks like I'm in for more of hurry up and wait.

The results came back as INCONCLUSIVE.

I want to pull my hair out.

Of course I'm very thankful that it wasn't positive.

I still want to pull my hair out.

I have an appointment on Valentine's Day with the 
Chief of Oncology Surgery at Duke University Medical Center 
to see what the next step towards a diagnosis will be.
If his skills are as good as his credentials, 
I am in the best hands possible...well, except for God's.
As soon as my appointment is over, 
we are heading for the hills of Tennessee for a long weekend.
Again, your love and prayers mean the world to me!
Okay, so let's get to the... see what questions Terri is asking us this week.
Of course you know they're all about Valentine's Day, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Valentine’s Day began as St. Valentine’s Day, a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus.  February 14th, Valentine’s, Day first became associated with romantic love during the High Middle Ages as the tradition of courtly love was then flourishing.  During 18th century England, this day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending Valentine cards.    

Get something special for your Valentine and use #ValentinesDay to post on social media.
Credit is traditionally given to Pope Gelasius for declaring February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day around the year 496 to separate the church from the Roman celebration of Lupercalia, an ancient pagan fertility festival which occurred on February 15th.
1.  I think St. Valentine's Day is for everyone, whether you have a romantic love interest or not.  I received a Valentine card from my sister (thank you Patti!) - case in point.  It is all about LOVE, not just romantic love.  What are your traditions for celebrating Valentine's Day?

I've always believed that Valentine's Day was a day to celebrate love, in general, not just the romantic kind. The hubby is always the best at giving me fact, I already received red roses yesterday since he knew the 14th was already taken up with a doctor appointment and travel plans.

They are usually accompanied by some candy but I already warned him not to get me any or he'd be the one eating it...that's a no-no for me right now. I usually make Jim his favorite cherry cheese cake...but this year he will have to "settle" for the black raspberry pie that I will make for him and Adam when we get to Tennessee. Our boys, be they little or big, always get a special bag of goodies (and the wives too)...of course, the grand kids too. Since we will be visiting the youngest grands this year, I will be able to give them theirs in person. This brings back memories of last year...we had our plan in place to do the same thing. Parker's birthday is on the 17th so we were going to combine the celebrations. Well, Jim got sick and they all did too so we had to cancel our visit. Needless to say, the Valentine chocolate was not quite up to par by the time we were able to get together several months later.

2.  When you were in elementary school, did you decorate a shoe box and deliver those little valentines to all your classmates?   Perhaps in Sunday School?
I have sweet memories of making Valentine bags in elementary school by decorating brown paper lunch sacks with red, pink and white construction paper and those sweet heart-shaped paper doilies. We would parade around the room with our Valentine cards until all of them were distributed and then dig into them as we ate cupcakes, cookies and candy. Do kids still do that these days? I always loved getting the candy conversation hearts. Many of you may have heard on the news that they didn't make or sell them this year due to the company being bought out. They say they'll be back next year. Can you imagine Valentine's Day without those darling little hearts??

3.  Do you enjoy playing Cupid?  Have you ever introduced a couple who really clicked?
Yes...years ago when we lived in Kentucky, we introduced a friend that Jim worked with who was a widower with a young son to a friend of mine that I worked with. She was divorced and had twin boys near the same age as his son. We went on a family camping trip...girls in one tent, guys in one and all the boys were together (including our two). They started dating regularly and not too long after that, wedding bells were chiming. They are still together today. WE DONE GOOD!
4.  Which traditional Valentine's Day gift would you rather receive:  Chocolate, flowers, or a card with a personal message?

As I've already said, I get my fair share of flowers (more than I deserve) and I always enjoy having fresh bouquets on my table. Candy is something I'd rather do without...but a card with a personal message always goes straight to the heart.
5.  What is the best movie to watch on Valentine's Day?

I really am not much a movie watcher but occasionally there is one that comes out and we make a special effort to go to the movie theater. I never have actually associated Valentine's Day with watching a movie at all. 
6.  Tell us something random about your week!

Not getting any definitive answers to what's going on inside me has kind of taken the wind out of may sails this week. The not knowing has got to be worse than the knowing...well, kinda...but I'm trying real hard to remember this....

In the meantime, I plan to leave my worries behind me, enjoy my precious family, breathe in some fresh mountain air and bask in the glory of God's magnificent creation! 

♥♥♥ Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday Medley: Food for Thought

Hello and happy Wednesday to you!

So the first page of the calendar has been turned over to a new month already.
Wasn't it just last week that I took down that Christmas tree??
As usual, time is ticking right along...way too fast.
Even though the calendar says February, it feels like it's already June here in North Carolina.
We went from having temperatures in the teens last week to the mid 70s this week!
Although quite a treat, I really prefer the weather to be seasonable...
...I know, I'm weird like that. ๐Ÿ˜
So here's the latest on what's going on with me...
The majority of my blood tests came back within normal limits with just a few things a bit off,
most likely due to some minor jaundice and malnutrition that I have been experiencing. 
You would never know it by looking at me but yes, apparently I'm undernourished.
I have dropped about 20 pounds recently...not in a good way but I am holding steady.
None of the results were red-flagged and all were published to my electronic MyChart account.
They don't release bad news until the doctor explains the results and I have not heard from them.
So far, so good...I think.
I did have the second biopsy last Friday and hope to be getting the results any day now.
This waiting is the worst part but I know sometimes it takes a while to get the right diagnosis.
Patience....ah, patience...I just don't have any it is not always my strong suit!
So I just keep telling myself that this must be God's plan for me...
...and I'm still waiting for the day (patiently?) that our plans coincide.
(I still like my plan better.๐Ÿ˜‰)

So let's get on with this week's Wednesday Medley...

...just hop on over to Terri's blog, copy and paste her questions and answer them on your blog.
It's a fun way to get to know a little more about our blogging friends!


1.  Today, Wednesday, February 6th, is Frozen Yogurt Day!  A cold dessert on what must be a very cold day for most of you reading this today!  Do you enjoy frozen yogurt?  Does it matter what the weather is?  Share with us your favorite flavor and/or topping, please!!

Well, actually, it's another day in the mid 70s here today so frozen yogurt sounds pretty good right about now. I do enjoy frozen yogurt and no, it doesn't matter what the weather is for me to have a frozen treat. I couldn't really name a favorite but I have a feeling it might involve chocolate...with no toppings. I am not really much of a "topping" kind of girl. But here lately, yogurt would most likely not be on my list of foods...only if it was fat-free and low sugar. With whatever it is that's going on in my tummy, this would most likely not go down too well.
2.  What food do you know you shouldn't eat but can't help yourself?

To tell you the truth, there are many...but these days it's pretty easy to pass them up.

3.  If your life was a meal, what kind of meal would it be?

Gee, I maybe should have passed on the Medley this week since it's all about food...HA! Let me just try to answer the questions the way I would have answered them before I got sick. Sooooo.....if my life was a meal, it would be a Thanksgiving turkey feast with all the trimmings and usual desserts...comfort food at it's finest. Comfort food comes in many varieties but it always seems to make folks feel better...thus the name "comfort food". I very much want my life to be a comfort to those I encounter along the way.

4.  Do you like spicy food?  Why or why not?  What is the spiciest food you have ever eaten?

I do like a moderate amount of spice but nothing too extreme. Even on a good day, really spicy food doesn't set well on my stomach and gives me indigestion. I'd say the spiciest food I ever had were some REALLY hot buffalo wings so I'm always a bit cautious around them.
5.  (Most of you know I have been sick with a cold.) What food do you eat or crave when you have a bad cold?

Whether it's a bad cold or my currently messed up belly, this is my go-to meal. Yep...good old Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup. It just seems to always hit the spot and has done so as long as I can remember.
6.  Please tell us something random about your week (and maybe it will involve food).

Another week of waiting on more test results and just trying to go about life as usual here. I would actually love it to involve food but nothing much appeals to me lately except the soup...and well....maybe these....

Enjoy the rest of your week, my friends!

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