Friday, October 25, 2019

Scenes from Haywood Hollow

Hello dear friends!

Although it still seems like we are on an extended vacation,
the fact remains that we are NOT!

This being retired business feels pretty strange too.
Among other things, I'm getting used to not getting up and getting myself all prettified for work.
Geesh...I used way too many gettings in that last sentence, didn't I?
See what happens when you retire?
But on the the upside, think of how much $$ I'll save on makeup!
And, I'm learning how to sleep in...
...instead of getting up at 4:30, I now sleep until 5:30...even 6:00 one day!
That's saying a lot since we are on central time and it was actually 7:00 eastern time.😁
And these guys certainly look right at home, don't they?

They don't care where they go as long they are with us.
And they also have new cousins (cousins???) to play with.
This is Millie...

...and this is Dolly, the two newest members of the family.

These sweet dogs were evidently dropped off down the road and hanging out together.
Dolly, an Australian Shepherd mix, is unrelated to what were three German Pointer pups,
including the one now known as Millie.
Adam took them all to the vet where they were checked out, vaccinated and the females spayed.
And they are now living the good life, getting lots of food, water and plenty of attention.
The other two pointer pups were also adopted very quickly.
So one beautiful but chilly morning this week while Jim was taking the kids to school,
I decided I needed a good, brisk walk so I donned my chicken boots and flannel jacket...

...and proceeded down the 1/2 mile plus decline to the bottom and then over to our land.

There was no frost up top but quite a heavy one down below.

Bonfire, anyone?

I could have used one right about then since the sun had not yet peeked up over the hill.
Too bad I had forgotten my matches. 😏

Some fall color is finally beginning to show it's beautiful face.

It's kind of amazing to see these lovely little wildflowers still blooming...

...among these dried up thistles.

I'm not sure what kind of tree or bush this is...
the branches were heavy laden with these clusters of berries.

But I do know what these (below) are and believe me, they are plentiful.

I am envisioning fresh blackberries included in many recipes next summer. 😋

Just a little nippy for swinging...I think I'll pass.
Time to trek back up to the "house"...

On my way back up the steep incline, my eye was drawn to this huge but familiar tree.
Adam, Carrie and the kids carved their initials into it when they first bought this land,
long before they built their lovely home.
But I think this was the first time I noticed that the tree had legs and a...crotch.

Well, what else would you call it? 

And this is a super cool way that the neighbors below get water for their livestock...
...the spring coming off the side of the mountain drains through this pipe under the gravel road
and empties into a hose that fills their watering trough below...pretty smart!😉

Up, up, up...

...finally I made it to the top.

I was tired...but it was exhilarating!
Just what I needed.
Such is life in Haywood Hollow...I still can't believe we're here...
...and as I always say, God is GOOD.

Friday, October 11, 2019



tran·​si·​tion | \ tran(t)-ˈsi-shən

passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another CHANGE

a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another

Twenty-seven years of Ray Family history took place behind and beyond these doors.
Bittersweet is the only word I have in my vocabulary to describe how it felt to leave here.
Leaving behind our beloved son, a precious daughter-in-law, and three grands ain't easy, folks.
But it was time...God's perfect time.

These photos were taken just moments before our 5-vehicle caravan pulled out of the drive.
Adam drove truck #1, Jim drove truck #2, I was behind the wheel of my Honda, #3,
grand #1, Dacey was #4 in his Jeep, and finally grand #2, Dylan brought up the rear in Jim's car.
Did you get all of that?
Those two grandsons worked their little hineys off...well, actually everyone did.

And you may remember these sweet babies... don't know how tempted we were to take a couple of them with us.
The lady who treated our well water actually wound up adopting the tiniest one
and our former next door neighbor has been helping feed them all along so they will be fine.

But if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's this...
...if I never have the opportunity to read the back of  U-Haul again, it will be too soon.
Ask me anything you need to know about U-Hauls...
...I can quote you word for word all about their Built-in Value. 😏

It still doesn't seem real yet...
...aren't we really just on vacation and camping in Adam's backyard??
Oscar and Tasha have made themselves right at home, as usual,
but they have no idea they will never see the only home they've ever known again.
They will probably be better at this transitioning thing than we are!

And even though there is no house yet, we received our first housewarming gift!
Jim's sis and her hubby in Florida are always so very thoughtful.


BUT...we do have a mailbox!

Below, I'm standing near Adam's mailbox on the other side of the road looking down towards ours,
just to give you an idea that we won't be breathing down each other's neck.
That is, after we get moved down the mountain.😉

No...seriously, it's not like that at all but it will be nice to get over on our side of the road.

Temporary power pole for RV...

And that tiny light blue dot in the field to the right of the fence is Jim sitting on the "porch". 😄

Anyone have any great ideas of what I can do with this livestock feeder??

The creek bed is currently dry but as I write this post, it is raining cats and dogs.

It has been an unusually hot and dry summer here...high to mid 90s for weeks on end.
Adam says no worries...the creek always fills back up.

I do actually hope we get lots of rain so I can get my boots muddy. 😊

So it in the country.
God is GOOD.

Until next time...
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