Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wild, Wonderful Wisteria

Is there something you have seen that is so beautiful you can hardly stop looking at it?
That you take so many photos of it that your SD card is nearly full?
I have...I do...and I did.
It's wisteria.

~a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas

Upon opening the curtains
To welcome the day
You were standing there
Your head hung low
Your endless array of purple
Clinging to your slender limbs
You waved as the gentle breeze
Blew your delicate fragrance
My way
I love spring when you are in Full bloom
My beautiful magical plant

It started out as a single stick, probably about 8 or 10 years ago.
One of our patients at the clinic where I work had brought me a start off of hers.
During a conversation we had I'm sure I must have mentioned something about wisteria
and how smitten I was with this gnarled and tangled up mass of purple-ish pleasure.

I'm not sure about your area, but I never grew up seeing this in Ohio,
or even when I lived in Kentucky, for that matter.

For the past few years, it had gotten zapped with an early spring freeze and had little to no blooms.
It was a couple of weeks ago I noticed the slight hint of purple at the bottom of the driveway.

It starts out as these fuzzy little pods sprouting from the l-o-n-g, winding vines.

The vines will climb up anything close to this instance, what once was a small pine seedling.

Let me just say that they became very close friends that have pretty much grown up together :)

I actually think if you stood there beside it long enough,
 it would become one with you as well!

These photos were taken over just a few days...

...and once you see the first hint of violet, it's quite amazing the change the next day will bring.

We have seen many boring bees already buzzing around the house,
 but after the wisteria bloomed...

...I think just about every bee in the neighborhood was swarming around it.

I took my life into my own hands getting these shots :)

If I had to count them, I'd say there were...too many!
But I just couldn't stop myself...snap, snap, snap...

And just when I thought I was finished, I turned to go back up the driveway...

...and was mesmerized how the early evening sun had made these drooping beauties glow...
...snap, snap, snap...
Surely, there will be wisteria in heaven...there just has to be!
I will be heading to the sea shore tomorrow for a little spring break weekend with the grands!
YEEHAW...I'm so excited!
I'll catch up with y'all when I get back! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Miniature Spring Bouquet

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
It was a mix of overcast skies and drizzle here
 but spring is most definitely bursting out everywhere you look.
I was out walking around the yard on Friday just to see what all was popping up.
Some of the new growth is quite obvious...other things, not so much.
The wisteria was just loaded with these little baby clusters...

...and on the ground below, my eyes rested on these little beauties.

don't ever remember seeing them growing there before in all 23 years we've been here.
Google tells me it is bugleweed.

Let's see...I've got some purple, some blue...

...a little pink is always a good thing...and yellow is a must.

There were plenty of these and I also found a few patches of wild strawberries.

And not to forget what is more obvious than anything else growing in the yard... of my favorite things to welcome each spring, these tiny bluets.
They grow in patches all over the lovely and delicate.

I think that's quite a nice variety for my little bouquet.

  I had just the perfect vessel for them...
...if I could even get them in the house without them wilting in my hand.

So I plopped them down into this sweet little vase that my MIL gave me years ago.

I believe it's colored milk glass and I'm thinking it's pretty old.

I arranged and then tweaked a bit here and there...

...and was quite pleased with my cute little mini bouquet!

And here she sits on my kitchen window sill.

So a few days have passed and it no longer looks as perky as it did here.
But I am still enjoying my little touch of spring...
...every time I'm standing at the kitchen sink :)
What's blooming in your world? 
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Friday, March 18, 2016

Springy Fences

It's been almost like summer the past week in my neck of the woods...

...and tomorrow it's not going get out of the 50's with a cold rain.
 Sunday is only supposed to be in the 40's and down into the 30's at night!
It seems our beautiful spring is leaving us before it even officially starts...
...but only a temporary setback, I'm sure.

So on the way out to do my usual Friday morning shopping,
I drove through the country and snapped a few shots on this beautiful morning.

The redbuds are at their peak already...

...which is very early for it being only March 18th, but I'll take it!

The pond looked like glass with barely a ripple...

...and further down the road,
 I caught a glimpse of this beauty through the growth along the fence.

Sometimes I can see the most beautiful things on shopping day :)
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Have a fabulous weekend, y'all!

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Bluebirds are in the HOUSE!

YAY...let's hear it for the Bluebirds!
I'm sooo excited!
After many years (it has probably been close to twenty),
we are finally going to host a bluebird family in our backyard!

Isn't he a pretty boy?

Back when Adam was in middle school, he made a bluebird house in shop class.
He mounted it to a tree in the front yard and we had bluebirds in it shortly afterwards,
and if I remember correctly, we had them off and on for a few years.

After several years, the house fell apart and years went by without seeing any in our yard.
 So a couple of springs ago, I bought this one at Walmart and mounted on a tree in the back.

And just when I thought we may never get any birds in it...


About a week or so ago, I thought my eyes were deceiving me.
When I glanced out of the kitchen window, I spotted a blue streak coming from the birdhouse!
Could it really be so??

There is a Mrs. Bluebird too but I haven't gotten a photo of her yet.
I'm pretty sure she must be hunkered down on her nest for the duration...
I assume she has laid her eggs since I have only gotten a tiny glimpse of her a few days ago.

Mr. Bluebird guards their new home like it's Fort Knox!
He is never very far away except when he is gathering food.

I admit I find myself gazing out of the windows a little more than usual these days.


I'll keep you posted on the Bluebird Family as the events unfold :)
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