Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beautiful Weeds

"I learn more about God
from weeds than from roses;
Resilience springing
Through the smallest chink of hope
In the absolute of concrete."
~Phillip Pulfrey


This earth which God created is filled with many things of beauty.
Some of my favorite things are weeds. 

Weeds. What word comes to mind when you think of weeds?
Aggravating? Surely they can be.
Stubborn? Yes, they are that as well.
Unsightly or maybe even ugly?
Well now, that depends on how you look at them.
Take the dandelion for instance.
If you love the look of a well manicured lawn as most of us do,
then you may not prefer to have them in your yard.
But just look how beautiful they actually are!

Look at all those little curly-cue thingys in the center...aren't they adorable?

And just look...even after the lovely yellow bloom is gone...what a feast for the eyes!

Their beauty is a sight to behold! You say WHAT???

 I came across this quote (I don't know the author) but it pretty much sums it all up for me:

"When you look at a field of dandelions, 
you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes."


What do YOU see?

And then there's the ever glorious Queen Anne's Lace...

...she sometimes takes my breath away...not because of being allergic,
but because of her beauty.

Look at the intricate design ... just like a delicate hand-crocheted vintage lace doily.

Even before she fills out completely, she is still beautiful.

and here she is in all of her glory!

Now, on to another beauty...

Thistles come in so many different varieties and most of them seem to be in the purple family...

...and although these are the same type,
look how unique they appear in different stages of their growth. 

Such beauty!

This little cutie pie is called flea bane.
I do not know this because I am a horticultural genius...
I know this because I just googled "weed that looks like tiny daisy" :)
I'm smart like that!
These grow all around where I live in North Carolina
and I'm pretty sure they must grow in many other places.

Such delicate little things...

...they look like tiny straw hats :)

Ah, yes...then there's the lovely and sweet smelling clover.
When I was a little girl, I remember pulling out the petals and sucking the sweet nectar from them. Good thing I was not allergic as so many are.
When my youngest son was just a little guy, he was just acting silly
and started rolling around in a field of nothing but this stuff.
He almost immediately started breaking out and gasping for breath...SCARY! :o
To this day, this beautiful little purple flower makes him dread going outside in the springtime.
Thank goodness for Zyrtec :)

Only God, in all of His wonder knows why something so pleasing to the eye can make one so sick! Maybe when I get to heaven I will ask Him that question. I doubt it :)

And now, for this last little beauty... 

I have no clue what this is.
I even googled "weed with tiny blue and purple blooms" and got nothing that looked like this.
What a breathtakingly gorgeous little gem this is!
If anyone reads this and knows the answer, comment please...
not that I really care about the name at all.
I am just in awe of  the splendor that our Creator has bestowed upon us, aren't you?

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of beautiful weeds!
There will be more to come...please stop by again soon!



  1. Came to your site because I was on "Did you bring your camera" blog and started blog hopping. I am always interested in another one that talks of photography and a love of our Lord. I always enjoy going to her site. Beautiful pictures and inspiration. Your pictures are very good. Enjoyed looking at them.

    1. Brenda,

      Thanks so much for visiting my new blog! I just put it out there 2 days ago and you are the first! I love the challenge of capturing the beauty in simple things...the Lord has blessed us with awesome "eye candy", hasn't He? I do not have an expensive camera...just like to play around with my little point & shoot...but I have fun doing it!. Like you, I also enjoy blog hopping and have found so many filled with such inspirational content and breath-taking photography. I started my other blog, Memories From My Childhood {and other blessings} a little over a year ago...mostly as a way to journal and share some of my favorite memories with my family and anyone else who might be interested. Again, thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comment!

  2. Wow Debby....all of your photos are beautiful!!!! I want to join this site but I can't find out how. Hopefully I can figure it out. Thank you for visiting me at My Ordinary Country Life...:) and becoming a follower! Oh and your heading took my breath away....I absolutely love it! I wish I knew how to do that! Can't wait to come back and see what else you have in store for us....:)))) Hugs.

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thanks for visiting! I have enjoyed reading your great blog and love your sense of humor too! You have such a cute place and I love your chicken coop. I LOVE roosters and all things country and raising chickens one day is on my bucket list! I haven't yet put a "follow me" button on my blog but will try to figure it out. I just learned how to make blog headers a couple of weeks ago using Picmonkey. There is a tutorial on one of the other blogs I have been reading and will see if I can send you the link...it is sooo easy but took me a while to figure out just how easy it is! This was my first post for this blog but I have another one about childhood memories that may bore anyone other than those who know me...lol! You are welcome to visit me there if you want... debbysmemories.blogspot.com. Looking forward to seeing your next post and thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Hi Debby!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog! You asked about other photography sites...and i wish I could help you. I recently had my computer crash and I have lost all of my favorite links including all that dealt with photography.I feel like i have lost a good friend. I might be able to reconnect by following people who comment on my blog. This is the problem with technology...when it works it seems simple, but when it doesn't...OH BOY!

    1. Anita,
      Yes, I remember reading about your computer... sorry about that. Thanks anyway for getting back with me. I am looking forward to your next post!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Here are a couple of sites I enjoy. http://www.lisa-gordon.com/ and http://www.behindthegateblog.com/

    Enjoyed your photos. It's a puzzle at times why some plants are considered weeds and yet contain so much beauty.

  5. Debby, your photos are beautiful. I, too, think most every weed I see is beautiful!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and posting your sweet comment!

      Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Hi Debby!
    Your photos are so beautiful. Weeds do make the best flowers.

    1. Wow...you dug down and found my first post! Thank you for your sweet comment....I do love weeds :)

  7. Debby, I think that the purply blue flower in the last photo is a blue vetch. Google it on images and see what you think. I looked it up in my wildflower books and then checked on images ... I do believe that's what it is!

    As always, your photos are absolutely breathtaking!


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