Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fog on the Mountain

This past weekend, we were blessed to spend time with all four of our grand children. Since the youngest two of them live in the Nashville area, it is not that often that this happens, with an eight hour drive separating us from one another. Our youngest son and his sweet family were able to meet us at our cabin for the weekend, which is only a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our older two grandsons, who live close by to us in NC, were also able to join in the fun! They didn't mind at all having to take a day off of school so they could go with us!

The mountain air was crisp and cool and the cousins had a wonderful time with each other. Saturday, we all headed out to the Parkway to take in some fall color. Just a few miles after we entered on to it, we noticed a pumpkin patch over on one of the other roads. PHOTO OP!! So we turned around and went back. The day was quite overcast, which can actually be great for taking photos so we rounded up all the kiddos and started snapping a few. In just a few minutes, we could actually see the fog moving in and by the time we were finished, it had gotten quite thick. It actually made our photo shoot all the better!

The fog became an awesome backdrop for this great old house that was sitting just off the road. 

More photo ops...everybody out! 

A few minutes later an older gentleman pulled up and warned us not to get on the porch...
...for fear of someone falling through.

Oops...too late. The good news is no one fell through (actually, it seemed to be quite sturdy). 

Oh the porch and onto the wood pile, the fog creeping in all the while.

Back on the road again and the fog continues to envelope us.

By the time we made it to the roadside park overlooking Groundhog Mountain, 
a place where everyone likes to stop, we could barely see 20 feet in front of us.
That didn't keep anyone of them from having some fun!

I have never seen the Blue Ridge Parkway quite like this. 
Although the dense fog was blocking out the brilliance of the leaves, 
there was this haunting, eerie kind of beauty that had been created by it.

Then my daughter-in-law had this brilliant idea.

There...out of the fog...came the zombies! All that was missing were the tombstones.

I think my son, Adam, should win the award for the best zombie impression, don't you?

We had a blast making memories on that foggy day in the mountains :)


  1. What beautifully haunting photos. The fog added such an ethereal quality to them. I really liked them a lot.

    And, your grandkids are adorable! Even when they're being zombies! But yes, Adam wins the prize. He'd make a decent scarecrow, too.


    1. Thank you, Sharon...they are sweeties! I too, think the fog added a neat touch to the was a fun time!

  2. Hi Debby! How fun to spend so much time with family! My two children live very far apart, so this is a dream for me someday. Love the pumpkin patch shot, and the "too late" one too :)
    Enjoy! I am off to visit my son and his family tomorrow. Can't wait!

    1. It was a fun time, Ceil! I sympathize with you about your far apart children. It sure makes family get-togethers very hard, doesn't it? Have a GREAT visit with your son and family this week!


  3. These pictures are so beautiful. The fog gives them a very special feel and look.

  4. Your photos are fantastic, and the fog does lend a very special effect. We rarely if ever get fog here in the desert. Your grands are darling -- they look enough alike they could all be siblings instead of cousins.

    1. Thanks,'s funny you should notice a many who know them say that too, mostly because they act alike! The fog was really cool but it sure does not make for a good hair day...that's why I didn't put any on that I was in!

  5. Gorgeous usual! Love, love the zombies!! But you are one lucky lady to have grandchildren and beautiful ones at that!!!! Love you my friend!

    1. Awww....thanks, you too!

  6. Fun post Debby, and thanks for your comments too.(o:

    1. Thank you Anita...I pray you will be feeling better soon!

  7. Wow! Your photography is incredible! I guess it's fun having a daughter in law to give you tips or do you give her tips?! The old house is incredible! I think old houses and barns, anything with old wood makes a great backdrop. All of these were great, but enjoyed the kiddos the most!!! What precious babies! Your son, like mine, is the biggest kids of all, huh? Thanks for sharing this post with me.

  8. Hahahahaha...that is too funny! Loved your fence photos in the sunshine, too!


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