Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Than Meets the Eye...

You know, when your kids (or grand kids in my case) get older it's kinda sad...
...especially at Christmas time.

It can be a real challenge to surprise them.

It seems like we mostly give money or gift cards these days...
...but I always try to do my best to keep some element of surprise going. 

What do you see when you look at these?
M&M's, right? (actually, one of them is Skittles)

What you can't see is the secret compartment that holds something that everyone loves...

I first saw the idea on Pinterest using a pint jar and a toilet paper roll.
 You create a center compartment to hide the money, pour the candy around it and...viola!

 I was so going to do this and I was extra excited when I found these adorable plastic containers.
Dollar Tree...just had to get them.

One problem. The toilet paper roll was way too skinny and short...
...and I needed a TON of candy to fill the gap!

Do you happen to know how expensive M&M's are these days? 
Plus, I was not going back to Walmart on the Saturday before Christmas...just to get them!

So I rummaged through my cupboards... SOLO cups to the rescue!!

Here's what I did...

Cut a circle of white paper to fit the bottom and place inside the container.

I cut the white rim off the cup with scissors...the candy hides the cup better without the rim...
...then I cut a slit up one side to allow it to fit down in the jar.

Insert the money...or gift card...or diamond ring...whatever you want to hide.
The possibilities are endless :)

Turn the cup over...

...and fill with candies...or nuts...or whatever...
...these happen to be the Skittles :)

As you are filling, make sure to hold the cup in place so it doesn't shift on one side.
Jiggle the jar around a little so all the spaces get filled...clear to the top. 

Do you see a red SOLO cup?
I didn't think so :)

It only took about one and a half bags of candy to fill in the side areas.
Of course, you can always use a smaller jar and go back to the toilet paper roll if you want:)


 And there you have's better than Cracker Jacks...
...because you weren't expecting the prize inside!

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  1. That is a fantastic idea. I must put that on the sticky side of my brain.

    1. Lol! that's what I always do, Ruth...things don't stick to the other side :)

  2. What a fun idea ! Do you l et them know, or just wait until they discover it?

    1. Thank you! Oh never tell them but it probably won't take long once they start eating it. My thought is they first realize you put something in to take up room but maybe not that there is something IN the cup...surprise!

  3. That's a very creative idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Wonderful idea!! I know I would love to find that surprise...:) Lucky grand kids!! Merry Christmas my friend!!!!

    1. Thanks...Merry Christmas yo you and yours!

  5. What fun!!

    I'll never look at candy the same way!

    Debby, it's been one of my great joys this year to have "discovered" your blog - I so appreciate our friendship.

    May the Lord give you and yours an especially wonder-full Christmas. Looking forward to walking our faith journeys together in 2014!


  6. Love this idea and YES...M&M's are outrageous! Thanks for sharing sweetie!


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