Monday, January 26, 2015

Beef Stir-Fry...from Leftovers

I think I have told you this before, but I really do like leftovers.
I mean, it nearly hurts me to the core to throw out good food!
When I think about throwing out food that is still good to eat,
I don't necessarily think about those starving children in Africa or India... know, like your mama would tell you about if you didn't eat your dinner.
(actually, if I recollect, I think I was told the children were in China)
But I immediately envision the homeless folks who basically live right in my own back yard.
They would give anything for a hot meal.
I just won't throw out good food...which leads me to write this post.
So what can you get when you take a little piece of leftover grilled steak,
(you can see a few sauteed mushrooms and peppers too)

some leftover Chinese take-out...rice and still a bit of broccoli,
(I ate all of the chicken out of it) 

 some frozen veggies,

and a few seasonings?

How about a beefy stir-fry over rice...of course!

Sometimes food gets better the second time around.

Or the third.

Don't you think this would also belong under the category of...
Y'all know how I love to repurpose!

P.S. Please know that I am not judging anyone who doesn't like leftovers :)

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  1. looks yummy to me and no we don't throw out good food either. seems like a sin to me.

  2. looks like it was very yummy. :)

  3. Haha.great idea Debby! I like to repurpose food too, but never thought of calling it that. Love it!
    I save bits of food in the refrigerator, but have to keep them in the front or they can become a science experiment if forgotten too long. Lol

  4. Your "repurposed" dinner looks yummy!
    (I have to say that I have found too many of those "science experiments" that Judy of Cranberry Morning was talking about. Eek!)

  5. Hello Debby, I saw your blog on Felicia's sidebar and, as I love leftovers, I thought I'd pop over and have a visit.
    You made a delicious looking meal out of yours. I absolutely agree, leftovers definitely gain in taste. When I cook spaghetti bolognaise, I leave it in the refrigerator (we call it the frig :D)) overnight for that very reason.
    Cheerio now and thank you for a great post :D)

  6. You are making me hungry!!!! Looks delicious.

  7. Love the way your leftovers were repurposed, Debby! I feel the same way about food. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I love left overs, too. I need to look for those stir fry veggies...yum! We like to freeze our leftovers, too. We made a BIG pan of lasagna and divided it into 3 meals and froze 2 of them. Last night we had one from the nice to have a good meal that just needed thawed and heated. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  9. O, I never, ever throw out good food....many times, I do as you did here...or if I have only bits and pieces, I put them in a freezer bag and before I know it, I have the makings of a fabulous stew..or casserole. I try my best to make a couple of casseroles at a time and freeze one. And, I keep pieces of pie and cake, along with stray cookies in the freezer...

  10. Very smart, scrumptious, and both a time and food saver, your stir fry is a savoury success! Thanks for sharing and yes, I would definitely count this as 'repurposing' - for the palette! Enjoy!


  11. Hi Debby! My, how I love how you repurpose!! That meal really looks great my friend. And it is all good, and so healthy too. (I am not a broccoli fan) You take great photos of food, right along with nature!
    Happy Tuesday :)

  12. Looks good to me! Is is shameful how much food is wasted in our country.

  13. Love! My husband hates left overs so I have to get creative and he never knows:) My favorite thing is to get a rotisserie chicken and get three meals out of it. The first night we eat it hot. The second night I make chicken salad and the third night I add some fruit to it and it tastes completely difference.

  14. Debbie, when hubby and I BBQ a steak I always have one leftover. We buy a half been and they package them in three. I love it and the next day I either make stir fry, fajaitas, or steak and everything. Tastes delicious and the meat has fabulous flavor!

  15. Your leftovers look delish! We're big fans of leftovers in our family. Most of the time we *repurpose* them without even reheating!! Cold pasta, pizza, meat, rice - you name it. We like it cold!!

    Leftovers get a bad name sometimes. Maybe we could rename them, "Meals, Part Two."


  16. I like to makeover leftovers, too. A couple of days ago, I chopped up wimpy celery and the leftover part of an onion and sauteed in butter. Then I put it in the little crock pot with my left over mashed potatoes. Lunch was ready a few hours later. Everyone loved it.

  17. Oh girl, you definitely repurposed your food! And yes, food can most certainly get better the second time around....or the third :) Your stir-fry looks delicious and now I'm going to go raid my refrigerator and see what I can come up with.... Hugs to you!

  18. Looks delicious! I'm always "re-purposing" food, as I too hate to throw good food out. My lunches are always leftovers, and I love them much more than a sandwich, etc.

  19. I'm not sure why my hubby and I always cook two steaks-because we never can eat them both! Usually he just takes the leftovers to work the next day-but what a delicious idea you have for making it into something scrumptious!! Thanks for the idea!! Have a great weekend! BTW-Love your blog!!! :)

    1. Thank you! My hubby always does that never have to worry about leftover steak when he's around! He's not into the stir-fry stuff much so I made it just for me :) Have a good evening and glad you stopped by!

  20. Debby,
    Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!!



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