Thursday, February 26, 2015

While I was sleeping...

I'm sharing this today at Good Fences.

This is what I woke up to this morning.
I know this is probably the last thing you want to see right now...more snow.

Let me just say that I have totally suffered through enjoyed your many lovely snowy posts.
Yes, I confess...I was jealous.

But please bare with me as I share my joy with you.
It was hardly even daybreak before I was out trudging through it and snapping away.

I have lived here for twenty-three years and have never seen a snowfall this beautiful.

Please indulge me if you will for a moment while I share a few more.

It was so quiet and peaceful!

Some of the limbs hung down to the ground.

As I wondered around the yard and through the woods, 
I came upon what is left of this old dog lot that was hidden among the trees.

Do you folks in the north use that term too?
It's a good thing the dogs in it weren't pit bulls or dobermans.
I don't really think this puny little fence could have kept them in...or out for that matter.

I remember my son had built it for a litter of puppies and their mommy.

It normally just blends in with the surroundings.
Isn't it funny how some clingy snow can turn it into a piece of art.
Well, maybe not art... 
So anyway, it's been a while since I've posted any fences so I thought this might suffice.
Plus...yeah you guessed it...I wanted to show you my snow!!

Needless to say, the little birdies had to dig for their breakfast :)

So, it is now the afternoon and much of the lovely white stuff has dropped off the trees
and is melting as we speak.

I got my snow fix...I'm all good now.


  1. Your snow images are pretty! It does look pretty on the trees. I feel sorry for the birds though! Have a happy day!

  2. we had about 3 inches of fluffy wet snow here in texas yesterday, too. then a quick mostly-melted afternoon. :) that's the perfect way to enjoy snow. :)

  3. you got some great images too and the fence is totally gorgeous.

  4. Love your snow! Really beautiful pictures. We got it here in Tennessee, too, and I'm right there with you...I'm good now, too. Ours is melting somewhat. :)

  5. Ours a bit south of you didn't amount to much at all but the inch of white slush is was so dense that it is taking a long time to melt. So we hear rain drop type sounds coming off the roof. I know the school kids, out today, were disappointed in not more to play in.

  6. One day like this would have been plenty for me too :)
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful snwo pictures,
    since I only had a few flakes this winter :D
    Have a fine day

  7. Well...I'm glad you are happy now. LOL! It's melting already? We are still dealing with the same snow from a couple of weeks ago. It has been too cold to melt. The critters and I are starting to go a little stir crazy.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  8. Beautiful snowy photos Debby. I'm glad for you that you got a pretty snowfall. I love how it landed on every surface. We usually get wind that blows it off. Enjoy!

  9. Lovely, my dear. That's a great photo of your home for Christmas cards, too. Dog lot? No, I have not heard that term. I'd call it a dog run. Hope that it's all gone for you soon.

  10. Beautiful snow photos...a winter wonderland! Thanks for sharing. This Florida girl truly enjoyed them. Have a blessed evening.

  11. Beautiful snow pictures! I love when it even clings to the branches and turns everything into a winter white snow scene. I feel for the people who are so "over" all their snow but for us in the PNW seeing a bit of snow in your photos is magical.

  12. I think snow is very beautiful. Maybe I am all, "beautied", out right now! lol

  13. I'm so happy you got your snow Debby. Your photos are exquisite and the old fence has been turned into a work of art. I love it as I do all your photos. Have a great weekend :)

  14. I'm so happy you got your snow Debby. Your photos are exquisite and the old fence has been turned into a work of art. I love it as I do all your photos. Have a great weekend :)

  15. I live up north and that kind of snow always makes me smile.I love a good snowfall.Your pictures are gorgeous.

  16. Ahhhh...such lovely snow scenes! And you have captured it all beautifully!! I love how the red trim on your house and garage stands in contrast to the white.

    I am glad that you were able to get your snow fix...and that you shared it with us! :)

  17. The old dog fence is totally awesome!! I love how the snow is gently lying on the wire....Wonderful.

  18. I love snow and I love seeing your beautiful photos!

  19. We haven't had our regular white stuff this year in Utah, and your post made me almost want some. You captured some beautiful shots of nature's loveliest winter wear. Beautiful.

  20. Beautiful snow scenes! I love the blue light in the early morning shots.

  21. Looking at these pictures and feeling like it's Christmas once again. Great shots. :)

  22. Great fence shots. Love the snow and Cardinal. Your title is my favourite film

  23. Oh my! Such beautiful, beautiful snow photos, dearest Debbie! Now I'm all jealous - we don't ever get snow in this part of South Africa:( Sometimes on the distant mountains, perhaps, but that is all!
    Praying your day will be so lovely!
    Hugs, always:)

  24. Hi Debby. Your snow photos are so pretty. I love the solitude of walking around the yard in the snow. We had ice last week and then a little snow this week. I have a new blog and hope to get back into the swing of things in blogland. Mildred

  25. Wow, how pretty! I love the red that pops against the white- It is a welcome surprise as one scrolls down the page.

  26. That snow is really pretty,Debby! Sorry but I have NO SNOW to brag about. Here we don't get much or often, and that's fine with me. I'll enjoy the photo's others post.
    Have a good warm weekend!

  27. Gorgeous snow. I'm a wee bit jealous because we haven't had any this year. None. I keep hoping....

  28. Really beautiful, beautiful shots. I keep waiting for a snow that clings...and it is snowing now but not sure if it will be the clinging kind.

  29. Hi Debby! I'm so glad you enjoyed your snow! My daughter sent me photos of her snowstorm today, they don't get much where they are either. You sure make it look beautiful, that's for sure. Me? I'll be happy for Spring :)

  30. It is lovely from a distance! I'm glad you enjoyed it...I'm almost to the point where the only beautiful color now is green. ;)

  31. Our latest one was like that....when it clings to the trees and bushes it is lovely. You captured it all wonderfully! :)

  32. Our latest one was like that....when it clings to the trees and bushes it is lovely. You captured it all wonderfully! :)


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