Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Next Stop: Christmas Memory Lane

It's that time again...time for my annual trip.
I travel there every year about this time and don't even need to pack a suitcase.
 I'm going on yet another excursion down Christmas Memory Lane.
Wanna come with me?
I'm not really sure how old one has to be to consider themselves "vintage",
but I'm pretty sure, I fit the bill.
 This post is chock full of vintage things and people :)
While reading this post from Dayle a few days ago,
one of her photos instantly transported me back in time..
It was of a beautiful vintage cardboard nativity that had been in her family for 75 years.
As soon as I saw it, an image from an old family photo album came to the forefront of my brain.

I realize you can barely see it in this old black and white snapshot but I think you get the idea.
I imagine that it was really quite beautiful in it's day.
I can't say whether or not that I actually remember the cardboard nativity, itself,
 or just paging through the old photo albums and coming across it many times.
Isn't it funny how the memory works sometimes...or doesn't?!
As I was reminiscing, a good dose of nostalgia set in as it always does...
as I remembered the sweet simplicity of my childhood Christmases.
One memory led to another...and to another...

Anyone ever have any trees that resemble this fine one?
And get a load of that TV set, would ya!
It was all that poor tree could do, to support that angel-on-a-cloud tree topper...

(Look, I found this one on ebay!) weighed a ton, or at least it seemed like it did when I was little.
One of my sisters still uses that old tree topper, today :)

The tree looks as if it's doing a hula dance...or maybe even a ball juggling act.
And then there were years we went to the other extreme...

That tree just is w-a-y too big for that desk.

Looks like Santa brought someone a new doll baby and stroller!
These are my sisters, Janet and Barbara.
Little Debby wasn't on the scene yet I guess...unless I was lying in a crib somewhere.
I hope they kept a better eye on their little sister than they did that poor little baby doll.
Quick...someone grab her before she slides out!
They certainly don't make baby items like they used to...thank goodness!
Below, in the back row are siblings, Jerry and Ruby
and that is Janet and Doug in front.

And then a few years later, here's me and my oldest sister, Lois,
who was pretty much my second mother.

She spoiled me rotten.

Everyone was fun too...
until I started getting blamed for everything...because...well, just because :)

"Thank you, Santa!"
Below, several years later, sis Barb and I digging in to the presents.

I can tell this photo was taken with my dad's new, state-of-the-art Polaroid Instant camera.
Remember those applicators with that smelly liquid that you had to apply to "set' the pictures?

Ah, at it's finest!

And one last photo, if you are still with me...
 of my brother Jerry standing in front of our elaborate Christmas lights display.
Those were the days :)
Well, it's almost here and I've still got tons to do!
I'm not sure how much I'll be hangin' out in blogland, but we'll see.
Happy Christmasing, everyone!

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  1. Did I live next door to you? These photos look so familiar. I don't have many but I think I'll do a post of what I have soon. I love that big doll in your lap and that Christmas tree. We used trees cut in the woods and it looks like one we had. Love those lights strung around the door too. What wonderful memories! And of course I love your banner. I think I've tried to copy it. I should try again! lol Hugs, Diane

  2. Oh Debby, So many of these things look familiar. The dolls, those Christmas trees, your sister's rolled up jeans. Sure wish I had a few family Christmas pictures. I don't remember ever seeing any Christmas pictures of my family. This was a great post!

  3. Merry Christmas to you, in case I don't see you again before the day. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  4. Isn't it fun to take that stroll? A few laughs, and a lot of warm memories!!

  5. Oh I have chuckled with this one...the juggling tree and the lights display. I don't think our moms had much to go slick magazines showing all the possibilities and certainly no pinterest. What I see is how happy and content you all look. Your parents worked hard to provide. God bless them!

  6. Fun memories. I am thankful that photography has changed since way back then.

  7. Oh, my! A great post. You are a good writer. I love looking at those old photos, especially the backgrounds. Thanks for a nice stroll. Merry Christmas to you!

  8. These photos take me back. I remember my mother hanging the tinsel, one strand at a time, on the tree. Such patience. Great photos and memories, Debbie! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. A lovely stroll down memory lane and a beautiful stroll it was too. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas.

  10. Sweet memories. It looks similar to my childhood--what was with those spinely trees? Maybe they showed off the tinsel better. And yes, it was one strand of tinsel at a time. Enjoy all your preparations!

    1. Those are Charlie Brown trees for sure! It must be where he got his too...from the 50'!

  11. Hello Debby, what a wonderful trip down memory lane. I enjoy looking at your family photos. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  12. Fun memories! Seeing your tree with the silver tinsel brought back memories for me. That's how we decorated our tree when I was a little girl. Coincidentally, my blog post today is also about a special Christmas memory.

  13. oh my goodness!!Seeing the pictures you posted made my day!!! That was exactly like our "Christmas look" lol... the tree and especially the angel topper... we had that exact one!! I just sat here and stared at it.... happy memories... My Mom is now 92 years old ... and we still have a lot of her original ornaments, etc. ... but sadly the angel topper is not still with us... lol!! Thank you so much for sharing these precious family photos of Christmas past with us!!!

    1. Hi Lisa...thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I can't believe you had the same angel tree topper...oh my goodness! I never knew of anyone else to have had one but realized that they must have been a popular item back in the day...ebay has seveal of them and they aren't cheap! I'm so glad we were able to keep ours in the family, as my sis still has it. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Oh what a precious post of memories. I've got to drag out the old memories now. They are in my head but I'm not sure I can find the box of photos. I didn't find all my decorations this year. I did throw some stuff away when we moved. Yes, we had all of the above.

  15. It was taking the stroll down memory lane with you. : )

  16. Oh, Debby you were such a cute little girl! I really did enjoy these.

  17. Lol! Oh Debby you had me in tears laughing. :-) Each photo got better and better, and oooh I could so relate.
    I remember one year when my mother decided to make soap snow and cover the tree with it out in the front yard only to find that she had a HUGE mess of bubbles everywhere when she hosed it down in order to remove some of the thick snow, I mean soap! I guess that was a thing back then, now you can purchase those fake trees with the branches covered with fake snow. WOW!
    And those Christmas lights...quite the nice job of hanging them... Giggles
    I had fun with your memories, Debby.

    Merry Christmas~ Debbie

  18. This is wonderful! You should reenact one of the photos. i.e. The girls sitting in a row or the four in a picture (then and now) :D

  19. Debby, I love this post. Thanks for the visit to your past which is quite similar to mine - minus the number of kids and big tv set. The tree sure looks similar but ours was full size loaded with icicles and foil covered bells and special glass ornaments up high. I don't have any photos from Christmas as a child other than in 1953 when there were 4 of us kids. I too have a 'bigger' sister 8 years my senior who did a lot to 'raise me up'. Wonderful photos and post!

  20. A wonderful post, Debby. I loved looking at your photos and hearing the stories.
    Happy holidays,

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. What fun memories you shared! Yes, that first tree looks like a Charlie Brown tree... Did it ever tip over? I just love looking through old photos. What fun! And black and white are still the best ever!
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Debby!
    Hugs, Amy

  23. Your trips down Memory Lane are always so enjoyable, and I'm so glad to come along for the ride! I agree with Amy (above comment) - I thought that first tree looked a bit *Charlie Brown-ish* too! It was so fun seeing little you, and all your siblings! I don't know, it just seems like times were simpler then, and Christmas still had *magic*. I'm trying to recapture that feeling this year. Although, just remembering one tiny baby in a manger restores every single moment of wonder and joy!!

    Merriest Christmas to you and yours, dear friend.


  24. Oh how I love these photos. So similar to my memories....we don't have many photos from childhood. Sending love and Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours.


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