Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Beau-TEA-ful Box of Goodies

Hello everyone!
Can you believe it's November already?
And it still feels a little like summer here some days...what's up with that, anyway?
But more importantly, it's also time to reveal our teacups and other goodies from

I can't say enough how much I appreciate this girl!
Thank you so much, Stephanie, for everything you do to bring us these fun exchanges.
So...without further ado, let's get on with it!
 I will start out by sharing the package that I sent to my recipient,
none other than delightful Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen.
What a sweetheart she is!
 I learned that Kitty likes a lot of different colors so the options were many.
I found this pretty blue and white floral pattern teacup and saucer with a dainty little spoon.
The shape was quite different from many teacups I've seen.

I also came across this darling creamer from the Pioneer Woman.
After seeing that one little blue flower, I knew right away that it just had to accompany her teacup!
 Of course I included a variety of yummy teas and some sweet treats as well!

I was so excited when my package arrived from Kelly who blogs at Dreaming of Vintage.
I was not familiar with her blog but soon found out she is one talented lady!
She creates some of the most beautiful cards and paper crafts that I have ever seen!
Unfortunately back in April, Kelly had to take an extended break from blogging
 as a result of her father suffering a stroke.
From what I have learned, he has recovered some but will need ongoing care.
We just never know what each day may bring into our lives, do we?
Kelly hopes to return to her blog soon and get back into some card making as well.
She also looks forward to Stephanie's Tea Cup Exchanges and wants to keep being a part of them.
Thank you once again Kelly for these gifts and sending prayers to you and your family!♥

So it was a box within a box and it was packed to the brim!
Isn't this just the cutest box??

As I dug into my box of goodies, it seemed as though it had no bottom.
Everything was wrapped individually and by the time I was finished unwrapping,
it seemed like Christmas morning had already arrived!

There were oodles of yummy teas, beautiful silver tea accessories, a darling bobble head owl...


...a few darling felt flower bows and floral print ribbons...

...a sweet mini doily, rooster kitchen towels, tea bag holders, yummy cookies...
(that's not all...give me a second to catch my breath here)

...this aDORable little book... 

...and these precious little tea time charms.
Ever since I laid my eyes on them, the wheels have been turning.
Hmm...how shall I put these lovelies to good use?? 

I finally reached the bottom of the box and there it was.

It was gorgeous...beautifully embossed in a harvest pattern with pumpkins and vines.

I've not seen one quite like it.


I was thrilled with this lovely box and all of the wonderful things it contained! 
It was also quite a challenge to get everything in one photo...

...and this is the best I could do.
I wonder how she got it all in there anyway??
Good job, Kelly...

 ...and your generosity has blessed me so much!



  1. Whoa you made out like a bandit. Your goodies to Kitty were very pretty too.

  2. A really lovely exchange - both ways!

  3. Oh my Debbie, makes my humble offering from last spring seem tiny. That package you received is a dream! So many wonderful and darling items, so happy for you. The package you sent was perfect, I love that you added the beautifully colored creamer to go with the beautiful blue/white tea cup. You had a great fall exchange! Bless you Dear Friend, Cindy xo

  4. Oh my! That was one amazing box. I imagine that Kelly had a lot of fun selecting these gifts especially fo you. I love that your recipient was Kitty. That is a wonderful tea cup and adorable PW creamer and that one blue flower pulled it all together.

  5. What wonderful exchanges, given and received. The tea cup you sent is exquisite! Kelly had my name in an exchange once, and I received a box as big and stuffed full as yours. She is a sweetie. As is Kitty, who must be thrilled with her package.

  6. Wow! You were blessed with a box full of lovelies! :) So glad you enjoyed the exchange. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy week to you my friend.

  7. Such beautiful tea cup exchanges! I love the cup you sent and the PW creamer is one that I've had my eye on. I love PW's kitchenware. The tea cup you received is just gorgeous. Enjoy your tea time!

  8. Oh my, the owl is just too cute, my friend! He must put a smile on your face everytime you see him :)

    Sweet Kelly certainly blessed you with a beautiful tea cup package. The tea cup is very unique and incredibly charming with the pumpkins. And the extra little gifts are simply delightful!

    And speaking of blessings...I have no doubt that you blessed Kitty with the tea goodies you sent her. Everything you you gave is wonderful, my friend. It's such a joy to see how much love and care each lady puts into the package they send.

    Much love and sweet hugs to you!

  9. {{Smiles}} upon {{smiles}}
    Oh Debby, what a delightful package filled with much love, wow!
    Kelly certainly enriched your life with her gifts and a very beautiful tea cup, so unique.

    Your gift to Kitty is precious, as she is. She was the first lady I exchanged with when these exchanges began, and I love her to pieces. She is a very special lady.

    The Lord bless you~~

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  12. Dear Debby! OH! What a wonderful post of tea time happiness! Oh, I had such fun admiring the goodies you sent to dear Kitty and everything that Kelly sent you! I must pop over to her lovely blog...it is not everyday I discover someone with the same name as mine! {{Smiles}}
    Ooh, she surely gifted you with a most beautiful teacup...just look at the detail! I am sure it has a special place in your collection now...and ah, all the gorgeous other lovelies she popped into your pacakage are wonderful indeed...those charms!!
    And I am certain that Kitty was thoroughly touched by the kind gifts, teacup and goodies you sent her! I must pay her a visit...been too long! :)
    I'm so glad you could participate in this exchange, Debby...sending big hugs and love your way!

  13. What a wonderful exchange. The gifts were beautiful and so thoughtful, very generous too. The charms were a joy, hope you share what you decide to do with them. Take care.

  14. Where to begin, so many pretties. Those little tea charms are adorable (I wonder what you will do with them?) as is that pretty little tea book. Such a pretty teacup. It must have taken an age to take each wonderful little gift out from the box. Your gifts to Kitty are lovely too.

  15. Oh, what a blessing! Both what you gave and what you received!!!! I just love every, single thing on here, and that tea cup! Oh, my!!! I have never seen one like it, either, and I just instantly fell in love with it! What a dear blessing sweet Stephanie is to us all...I just love doing this, and am ever so grateful. Thank you for sharing this lovely post, sweet friend. Many blessings to you!

  16. love both cups! the pure white embossed is really lovely.

  17. I was truly blessed by your lovely gifts, dear Debby, and you were blessed in return by Kelly. I don't know which is better...the giving or the receiving of the gifts?! Our sweet friend, Stephanie, is such an angel for organizing this amazing event. Thank you, again, Debby, from the bottom of my heart, for all my thoughtfully chosen gifts.

  18. Those are all such sweet little treasures.

  19. Wow! It was a bottomless box! Love the teacup -- perfect for this time of year. So many wonderful goodies. I bet you're still smiling! Enjoy the tea. .....

  20. I love the little tea charms! So sweet. And the rest of the package is just lovely too.

  21. Oh Deb, oh my your treasures both coming and going are AWESOME!

    I adore every single precious item!

    I especially love your new teacup - it's subtle and usable and awesome. And those little china pieces? How much fun are they!??

    Wasn't this a really fun exchange?

    Hugs! ♥

  22. I've enjoyed seeing the lovely goodies that were received in the tea cup exchange. Wow. This is so nice. The cup and saucer is sweet. Lucky you!

  23. I think you may just have received the most bountiful tea gifting ever, my goodness, it must have just been like Christmas as you opened each precious gift to you, and I agree that tea cup is unlike any I've ever seen! Your gifting to Kitty was simply delightful, and I loved her tea party setting with it! The card you made her was gorgeous too! Hugs to you today dear Debby, I am enjoying the tea partying today, so fun! :)

  24. What a wonderful package of goodies! I love that pumpkin tea cup!! The charms are darling and I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Happy sipping!

  25. Oh my Debby, a full box of loveliness and the teacup is perfect timing for your Thanksgiving.
    Such fun friendship visiting everyone in the exchange.

  26. You really hit the jackpot here my friend! And how thoughtful of you to remember that your recipient really liked patterns. This exchange is such a lovely way to bond bloggers isn't it?

  27. Those charms are just adorable! What an amazing package you received! :)

  28. What an amazing box of goodies you received. Loving the cute bobble head owl. - It is so much fun to join in on the fun of this exchange.

  29. Oh my, what a generous box of goodies you received. Honestly, it is like Christmas when I get these packages. The tea friends in blog land are some of the kindest sweetest ladies out there! You will love getting to know Kitty. She is a sweetheart, and I let her know that you are too! That cow creamer is adorable! Enjoy your treats, dear friend! xo Deborah

  30. Oh my, that white tea cup is pretty, and the blue one is too. I haven't participated in Stephanie's tea cup exchange yet, but I love looking at all the goodies that everyone gets. I really like that quote "keep calm and drink tea."

    Happy November, Debby.


  31. Wow you hit the jackpot. Actually, we all did. That cup is darling and those charms are really cute.

  32. Oh, what a fun exchange! I love Twining's tea, especially English and Irish Breakfast tea and the tea and saucer set you received.

  33. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  34. Such a gorgeous box of goodies! I love your header collage, too.
    Happy November!

  35. I was admiring Kitty's teacup on her blog, and that little cow creamer is so cute! What an abundance to tea finery you received from Kelly! Maybe the box is bigger than it appears in the photo? Beautiful items, lovely teacup (white on white is always so elegant), and fun extra bits like the charms. I would want to think of something extra special for those as well. You were well blessed with such fun stuff ;)

  36. Debby, how fun! Love the loot, sent and received! Thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us.

  37. Oh, that looks like such fun! I love the teacup you gave. And you sure got some lovely items.

  38. The goodies in the packages that were sent and received are all delightful. Sweet Kitty was one of the first friends that I made in Blogland.

  39. This must have felt like Christmas!!! The tea cup is gorgeous - such a beautiful design. I like that is has just one color, it will go with everything. Oh, and those charms!!! They just inspired me for my daughter's advent calendar.

  40. So lovely.
    Great to see your pictures here.

    All the best Jan

  41. The package you sent to Kitty was very nice - the mug is gorgeous! The package you received is really great. Looks like it was quite the experience to open all that! :-) I'm glad you could participate in the exchange. Stephanie does a great job. :-)


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