Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Teacup & Mug Exchange Reveal

It's that time again...
...time for us to reveal all of our lovelies from...

Stephanie's Fall Teacup & Mug Exchange

This makes the fifth exchange that I have had the joy of participating in.
Each time I have eagerly awaited for Stephanie's email to arrive
 with the name of the lady that I was to send my package to.
I immediately click on their blog and do some snooping familiarize myself a little with who they are.

I was delighted to find out that I was to send my package to Dee at Traditional Simplicity.
I was unfamiliar with Dee but found out she has been blogging since 2006!
Wow...I don't even think I knew what a blog was back then!
It was fun getting to know a little about her on the sly and shopping for her teacup and other goodies.
This is what was in the box of goodies that I sent to Dee.

She favors soft pastel colors so I found this lovely teacup set with matching spoon...

...pretty tea party napkins and plates, a variety of gluten-free yummies, a 2018 datebook,
a couple of vintage doilies, some of her favorite mint teas
and a darling set of Pioneer Woman love bird salt & pepper shakers.

Now, on the other hand, I found out who was sending a package to me right away.
She even sent me an email, introducing herself and telling me to be expecting my surprise any day!
That delightful lady was none other than the sweet Lauren at Wonderfully Made.
Let me tell you, everything contained in my box of goodies had her special and unique flair,
with so many personal touches, right down to the packaging.
 I had to take photos during each step of the "unveiling" since it was so beautifully done!

There were three separate boxes inside the big box plus a darling hand made card...

...and this beautiful bookmark, also hand made.

What a treat it was to open each box, finding such lovely and unique items inside.

This box contained a wonderful array of loose teas.
 Printed on a label inside of the box lid was a description of each one...
including the ingredients, how long to steep them, and even the caffeine content!
Then there was this cutest bundle of...well...sticks of some kind and after I opened the plastic,
I still wasn't sure what they were but I had an idea...

...and that's when I got the brilliant idea to send Lauren an email and just flat out ask her!
We had a little chuckle over me not knowing and her forgetting to mention what they were.
I have to admit that I am still somewhat of a novice when it comes to tea-drinking.
Most of you probably know that they are straws filled with different flavored honey.
You just snip off the end and squeeze it into the tea.
I can't wait to try them!

On opening box #2, I found this beautiful silver spoon adorned with a vintage chandelier crystal...

...a lovely vintage linen hand towel
and a package of decadent buckeye chocolates.

These candies are also a favorite of Jim's and he didn't hesitate one little bit when I offered!

Being from Ohio with the buckeye as the state tree and the Ohio State Buckeyes a favorite team,

our families have made these yummy peanut butter-filled chocolates often.
In fact, every year at Christmastime, they were on Jim's wish list.

Talk about delicious!
So when I finally got to the last box, I unwrapped this exquisite and most elegant teacup.

I just love the soft pink roses, the gold edging and it's beautiful shape.

I feel so blessed to have received this delightful package.
Lauren most definitely is one talented lady...just look at her beautiful blog!

And what a precious heart for the Lord she has which is quite evident.
She and I have become Facebook friends as well.

But of course, none of this would be possible if it were not for our dear Stephanie.
It has to be a full time job for her with all that she puts into these exchanges.
Thank you once again, dear Stephanie for all you do to make these exchanges possible!

You are precious blessing from the Lord, my dear.

We will be traveling on Thursday to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with our Tennessee bunch.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Until next time....


  1. WOW!! Gorgeous, Debby!
    Lauren certainly took her time and so beautifully packaged a gift box together for you.
    My... that tea cup is stunning and your photography makes everything POP!
    A few exchanges ago, my mother received some of those yummy honey sticks and I remember on the day her package arrived her and I were in our glory trying each and every one, oooh, they were so good. You will enjoy them for sure.
    Your gift to Dee is beautiful as well.
    I had the joy of gifting Dee a mug and I so enjoyed shopping for her.

    Have a wonderful early Thanksgiving ♡

  2. Dearest Debby...
    Oh my...what a beautiful post filled with tea, treasures and blessings! {{Smiles}} I am in love with the elegant teacup you gifted Dee with ~ I know she was beyond delighted to receive such a beauty! Oh and the treasures Lauren sent you are so, so pretty...a box of delicious teas...honey straws {what a marvelous idea!}....and of course, the most beautiful teacup! I am so glad to know you were blessed, dear Debby! Thank you for sharing these beautiful gifts with us! This exchange is so wonderful...Stephanie is such a dear to host! {{smiles}}
    Love and hugs to you...I loved stopping by for a visit ~ it has been much too long!

  3. Oh, what lovely gifts!!!! I loved seeing all of the amazing photos of the beautiful things you sent and received! I tell you, this mug/tea cup exchange has really become a ministry to all of us. it is such a joy in every way, and it is such an opportunity for us to show the love of Jesus to one another. So thankful you were so abundantly blessed, sweet friend, and so grateful for our dear Stephanie who works so hard to make all of this possible. Sending hugs to both of you today!

  4. Well Miss Debby your photography took my humble gifts to a whole new level!! I take terrible pics and I have been trying to copy other's photos to improve. I am SO pinning these photos to my photo board on Pinterest because you did such a great job!! I loved putting the package together for a fellow "Buckeye"! I make buckeyes every Christmas too and if I don't, Heaven help me because there will be a revolt!

  5. That looks like a wonderful exchange, Debby! And lucky Dee!! All those gluten-free items arriving in her mailbox. I didn't even know that Walker made GF shortbread. I'm going to be on the lookout for that. Their shortbread is amazing, made in the far north of Scotland! These are all fun gifts and thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Oh my goodness! What you sent and what your received was wonderful! I love it all. I still use my precious tea cup that you sent to me at our last exchange. I am so grateful that we became such sweet friends and only because of the exchange. I have enjoyed this as well. Love the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Oh my, what happy exchanging going on! I've enjoyed reading the posts about the teacup-plus exchanges.
    I especially love the unique pastel one you sent away!

  8. First I pray that you will have safe travel for your early Thanksgiving. Oh, I love the pkg you sent and the one you rec'd. Beautiful box of goodies! xoxo

  9. I just love those honey sticks! Yes, Stephanie is amazing. It must be a logistical nightmare, but so much fun for you gals that do them.

  10. What a lovely post, Debby! I truly enjoyed seeing the beautiful teacup and goodies you sent and the one you received. I've never done the teacup exchange, but I do think I would very much enjoy it....maybe the next one.

    I hope you have a wonderful early Thanksgiving and safe travels.
    Hugs, Carol

  11. Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh.....that tea cup! GORGEOUS, my friend, absolutely gorgeous! I so enjoyed seeing the delightful items Lauren sent to you. Isn't she justy precious!? And when I saw the Buckeye I said to myself, "Ah, so that's what a buckeye looks like in the middle." I've never had one {{smiles}} They look oh-so-tasty!

    The package you sent to Dee was truly beautiful, my friend. I just loved how feminine and sweet everything was.

    Thank you for participating. Love and hugs to you!

  12. I had the pleasure of having both you and Lauren that sent me packages, and I always think of you when I use your teacups! Your recipient was one lucky lady, Debby, and you were indeed spoiled by our friend Lauren! This ministry of Stephanie's has certainly connected so many of us, and all through a teacup! Safe travels, dear Debby!

  13. Wow, you got an amazing package! And don't feel bad...I wouldn't have known what the "sticks" were, either, and was really hoping you would say. ha, ha! I learned something new today! Enjoy it all! :)

  14. The teacup you sent was so pretty - especially for someone that likes soft colors. And of course everyone loves pioneer woman! That was a nice addition. I love the teacup you received and all the little extras. What a darling little spoon. Oh I didn't know those honey sticks were for tea. We just snip and eat them. Yum.

  15. Oh, Deb, your post is so well written - I think it's the best one I have read so far.....so full of class and charm and gratitude......I knew I loved ya way before I knew you were Buckeyes.....and every single time I visit your blog I feel so blessed to spend time visiting you.

    I do look forward to a day when you come to Ohio and we can take tea and cake together. I know when there's a will there's a way.

    Your treasures coming and going and awesome - just beautiful.

    Have a fabulous weekend. GO BUCKS! Beat Michigan State Spartans!

  16. Oh, I like to see Stephanie's tea cup exchanges. And you make the pictures look so pretty. That's a very nice tea cup that you sent your friend, along with all the goodies, and the tea cup you received was lovely as well. Nel has been sipping on Rooibos tea lately. I haven't tried it yet, but curious now. The peanut butter-filled chocolates look Yummy. Oh, this is a wonderful thing that Stephanie does each year, and she is one of the sweetest gals in blog land, I love her. Your pictures are soft and charming, Debby. : )


  17. How exquisite are all your pretties, Debby. Isn't that teacup darling. There is nothing so wonderful than opening a box with each gift so beautifully wrapped. The gifts you gifted Dee are beautiful as well. What fun Stephanie's teacup/mug exchange is.

  18. I'm loving the beautiful teacups that were sent and received. The tea sampler box is also very clever. Your package from Lauren is definitely "wonderfully made"!

  19. Truly so many blessings coming and going! I just love the adorable teacup you sent to Dee with the matching spoon, my goodness it is darling! And the gorgeous package you received from sweet Lauren is just amazing too! You took amazing pictures of each package, and I'm glad you shared about the buckeyes, because I've never seen the inside of one either, and anything with peanut butter and chocolate has to be amazing! Enjoy all the new teas that you get to try out in your new teacup, along with the flavored honeys, what delight! And sweet Stephanie is just a treasure, all the work that she goes to, to make sure that we enjoy such a blessed exchange!

  20. My what a pretty cup you received and those chocolate balls look so delicious. It is grand fun to participate in this event and meet new friends.

  21. It's so much fun to see what everyone has given and received!I have a friend that raises bees and she sells those honey sticks!

  22. Hi Debby! I remember this exchange very fondly. Such a great way to connect with other bloggers, and to discover how generous the blogging community is. (I love Buckeyes!) Thank you for sharing so many photos of the packages sent and received, I love that teacup and matching spoon. You don't see the spoon very much, it makes the tea experience complete!

  23. A teacup exchange sounds like so much fun! The teacup you gave and received are both lovely!


  24. Loved seeing what you sent and what you received. There's just not much better than peanut butter and chocolate. Yummy buckeyes! Everything represents a lot of thought and that's what makes the exchange so much fun. Blessings!

  25. You received some wonderful treasures for sure! Thank you for sharing about the buckeyes because, being from Canada, I'd never heard of them.


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