Thursday, April 5, 2018

Has spring finally sprung??

Well, let me just say, "I hope so."
We have been having some really nice weather...finally.
It seems like with every passing day the color is getting more visible.
I was beginning to wonder if the leaves on the trees were ever going to pop out.
 But my fears were put to rest when I noticed that the lovely yellow powder,
 (which I lovingly refer to as oak dust)
had started accumulating all over my clean black car over the weekend.
I detest this wicked yellow powder.
 Ah of my most favorite signs of spring...NOT!
But as much as I have been complaining about the weather, I better be careful what I say!
These pretty little violets have started blooming and are scattered throughout the yard.
I don't see them every year so I imagine some of our fine feathered friends have helped them along.
They are tiny, actually about 1/2 inch in diameter.
And I saw a few of these...although very few...and they are miniscule, as you can see.
The most prominent, standing out from the stark, leafless woods are these favorites of mine.
 After weeks of being in a state of dormancy, these pretties are currently in their glory!
Sadly, my wisteria didn't make it again this spring. 😢
This photo was from two years ago.
If they make it next spring, maybe I will still be around here to enjoy them once more.
We shall see.
 So as the outside world is slowly but surely bursting forth in glorious hues,
inside in the dining room, there is/was some color going on as well.
I say is/was because those beautiful orange and purple petals are all but gone...
...a few are still hanging on for dear life.
Thanks to my dear hubby, I can always count on it being springtime on my table.
I rarely get tulips and I have really enjoyed these.

Y'all surely must know I really like getting up close and personal with my blooms.

These purple ones stayed closed up for a couple of days after he brought them home 
and I wondered if they would ever show their pretty faces.

They finally did, as you can see.

Certainly only our Creator could manage something as intricate as these.

And in other news, as we were sitting and watching TV the other night,
Jim glanced out the back door and saw something crawling across the top of our shed.
By the time I had gotten my camera, it had made it's way into the tree.
As I stood below, looking straight up at him, he posed for the camera like model.
Cute or ugly?
I say cute, looking at him from the front...

...but that long pointed snout leaves a lot to be desired for the profile shot.
I liked him a lot better after I found out that they eat lots of ticks.
Better in his tummy than on my babies, I say!
Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend, y'all!


  1. What gorgeous photos, do you use a camera (if so, what kind) or your phone camera? We are having signs of spring but had to turn on the heat this morning as it was 39 degrees. Ugh! Always fun to stop by and visit with you.

  2. A joy to visit and see such beautiful signs of Spring. I am ever hopeful, we woke to snow this morning which thankfully disappeared as quickly as it came.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love tulips. Well ain't that critter just too cute. Girl, you captures some beautiful photos. Great photography. I need to brush up on my photography. Got to where I am just plum lazy with my camera. Need a new lens but dang those babies are a pretty penny. Hoping you are having a good week. Weather here really nice today! Not hot and not cold. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Such lovely flowers! I’m glad of spring though it is still quite chilly here. We may have snow headed our way again on Saturday!

  5. Very pretty pictures. Your tulips are gorgeous. I remember your wisteria from the past. One of my favorites!

  6. Ugly as sin in profile and snarling, which is how my son found one we trapped in a Hav a Heart. He was pretty creeped out as was I. Winter has returned with a vengeance...bitter cold and horrid winds. More snow on the way. I am glad that you’ve been enjoying some warmth and such pretty flowers. It’s your photography that really makes them shine!

  7. He looks like a cute critter but they are not tame for sure! I love your Spring blooms. It's always amazing to look directly inside the petals and see all of the details. I still don't know what my flower is today! None of the guesses have worked out. Hugs!

  8. Is that bottom picture a possum? It is quite different in colouring to the ones we have here and looks leaner. Love your beautiful flowers.


  9. Sure is nice to see some spring flowers here on your post because I sure haven't seen any around here!!

  10. This is a beautiful post, filled with the loveliest of flowers.I like all the macros as well as the lens ball.

  11. Tulips are my favorite, and I love this post! You have done a spectacular job photographing them in so many different ways.

    I say "cute" about the opossum. We used to have one (or more, probably . . . how can you tell?) come onto our back screen porch through the kitty door in search of the cat food. Now and then, we'd see him looking in the French door into the kitchen. Cute . . . but a little scary!

    Oh, and their tails are definitely not cute. ~shudder~

  12. Ooh Debby, I love your photography of those beautiful tulips. Thank you for sharing their intricate inner beauty, as well as their outer!! I'm sure you're thrilled to see signs of Spring emerging on your property. As for that last photo...kinda makes me scared if it was looking at me!! Happy weekend, sweet friend.

  13. How very lovely! Such beautiful colour and cheer! Sorry that your wisteria didn't overwinter.
    I'm still waiting for spring to really start....the snow is ever so slowly receding, but it rarely even gets above freezing at this point. I bought daffodils to brighten the house...and I love all your tulips!!!!
    I know that the yellow "dust" is necessary, and I hope that the rain comes and washes it away often for you!

  14. Oh, my word! That possum picture is something else! I showed my husband, and he was telling me a story about a time he and his Dad and cousin were hunting and came upon a dead cow. His cousin sort of kicked the cow, and a possum ran out from the inside of it! Can you imagine? I can't stand those things...they give me the creeps! But, your photos are SO lovely, even of the possum! LOL! It is always so pleasant to visit with you, sweet friend. I hope you are feeling better and your health is improving day by day. Praying for you faithfully!

  15. So many wonderful flowers you have coming up...its only 38 degrees today and the buds are not happy...A lovely post with so many beautiful photos. About your Wisteria, when are you pruning it? Wisteria blooms on old wood so if you prune later iater in the season it will not bloom. I prune my Wisteria right after flowering in Spring. Wisteria also doesn't like to be fertilized...there's a saying the worse you treat Wisteria they move they'll love you.

  16. It was nice he--or she--posed so nicely for you. I can't believe how much farther ahead our spring seems to be than yours. I think almost all our leaves are in but thankfully the tree blossoms have been slow in leaving because of the cold. I think spring is in full force now, and yes, with the lovely pollen.

  17. Lots of gorgeous blooms there. Ours are being pelted by rain again and again right now. - Oh the Possum was cute. They are misunderstood animals and many people kill them for no reason other then they think they are ugly and carry diseases. When in reality they are a beneficial animal as you mentioned. I like how this one posed so nicely for you.

  18. Well, I'm glad you are finally getting some Spring weather, even if that does mean the "pollen menace!" I for one do not like opossums! I don't think we have them here in the desert, but we had lots of them in Oregon. They might become coyote or javelina dinner here!

    We may have just had the shortest Spring in history, as we are watching the temps climb quickly to the century mark! We've already had the air-conditioning turned on, and it's pretty early for that! The heat is putting our tomato plants on a fast-track....we already have tomatoes on the vine. Hopefully, they will have enough time to develop and ripen before we have "stewed" tomatoes on the vine!

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, Debby!

  19. You bloggers who take pictures are such a blessing to me since I love to see them. I take a few and they are always of my grandchildren which are the prettiest flowers in my garden. Your post calmed me...

  20. Such beauty!! I hope Spring is there to stay. Its been on and off here. Crazy weather! Those tulips are so colorful. Love! Love! Love!

    I hope you have a delightful week, Debby!

    Thinking of you...

  21. Love your gift of photography Debby! The first photo is amazing, love the unique perspective you created with the globe! And all the close-ups of the flowers are stunning! You are so right, how could anyone look at the intricacies of all of nature and not see that the Master's Hand in their creation! It always amazes me. I am sorry your wisteria didn't bloom, I just love the scent of wisteria! How are you feeling? I hope that all of the issues you were having have settled down. Blessings and hugs to you sweet friend :)

  22. Wonderful photographs you've shared, so beautiful.

    All the best Jan


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