Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I'm Dreaming of a White Medley

It's that time again!
Another Wednesday is about to be one for the books.
The past few days have say the least.
Now y'all know how much I love snow, right?
So last week our local weather stations began predicting what most of us here in NC
usually just take with a grain of salt.

Well, this time they NAILED it!
They were predicting up to 12" or more and we came very close to that!
This is what we woke up to Sunday morning...

...and it was only the beginning.

It snowed all day and then turned to freezing rain.

But Monday morning brought another inch or so and by the time it was over,
we had about 11 inches.

It was a winter wonderland, to say the least!

The birds were having a free-for-all at the feeders.

By mid-afternoon, our lights began to flicker and then there was no more...
no heat, no warm food, no hot water, no toilet flushing, no Christmas nothing...
...except for cold silence and below freezing temps.
We haven't used our fireplace in years and even if we could have, 
all of the wood was soaking wet and covered with snow.
The roads were impassable and there was no way that Aaron could have made it over 
to help us hook up the new generator that was actually snowed in as well, 
inside of our detached garage...the thing weighs a ton!
So...we mounded ourselves and the pups up with heavy blankets, lit candles and lanterns,
and soldiered on through what seemed like the longest. night. ever.
Twenty-six hours later, we were once again toasty and warm.
This was my Facebook post from Monday night.
⚡️I love electricity.⚡️

Seriously, I don't ever want to take it for granted again...easy to say, not so easy to do!
Okay...enough about that.
It's time for Wednesday Medley...

...where Terri, our friend from Florida, asks the questions and we answer them.
Hop on over, copy and paste the questions to your blog and join the fun!
1.  National Ding-a-Ling Day is observed across the United States each year on December 12.  Ding-a-Lings on this day call the people they haven’t heard from in a while.  It may be an old classmate, co-worker or neighbor from years ago.  Or perhaps a call will go out to the child who used to mow the grass during the summer.  How about that couple who carpooled for soccer. There are all sorts of people in our lives who manage to slip out of our lives who would love to hear the ding-a-ling of a call from you or me.  So tell us who you want to call today!

I have never heard of this before...I must be living under a rock! But now, since I have been enlightened, I could think of many people who have entered and exited my life over the years and the great thing is, due to Facebook, I've been able to look up and reconnect with a good number of's hard to name just one!

2.  Each year on the 12th day of December, people across the United States recognize National Poinsettia Day.  I am including this "National Day" too because my neighbor's poinsettia from last year is blooming beside their house!!  Have you ever tried to plant a poinsettia outside?

I think you could probably only do that if you live in a warm Florida. :) I do love poinsettias and always have a few in my home every year at Christmastime. I have never tried to keep one very long after they start to fade, let alone plant it outside. I do think it would be pretty awesome to do that, though!

3.  Do you believe in Bigfoot?  What size shoe do you wear and do you have trouble shoe shopping?

No...the only bigfoot I believe in is me. I wear a size 9, which may or may not seem big, depending on the size YOU wear. I don't seem to have any trouble finding shoes that fit...and cute ones at that. Here are a couple of pairs of boots I have purchased just recently. Cute, huh? Super comfortable too!

4.  What is one thing you refuse to share?

My toothbrush.

5.  Are you finding that this Christmas is stressful? More or less than last year? least not yet. I really try to keep the stress level down around Christmastime but of course, I'm not always successful. I don't think this is what the Lord wants from us at this time of year, especially...for us to get so caught up in the prep that it takes away from the joy of the season. I have to be ready by next Friday, the 21st, because that's when our Tennessee bunch will be getting here for our family celebration on the 22nd. (They will be leaving for home on Sunday morning in order to get home for Christmas Eve with the kiddos.) So, although there is plenty of preparation that needs to be done, I really hope to not let it stress me out. I remember a few years ago when I got super stressed out and the Holy Spirit convicted me so much that it led me to write this post. Click on the link if you want to read it.

6. Tell us something random about your week so far...

Well, it seems I already told you about all the excitement around here. I did get an extra day at home since the clinic was closed. But I can think of about 58 other things I could have been doing rather than shivering under a blanket. Although the timing was off a bit, I do consider it an early white Christmas! 😊

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful winter wonderland! But no electricity? Awful. I know it's taken for granted by us and the times it's been out for an hour or so, we just are reminded again of all the things we do that require electricity. Your pictures always amaze me. You and Ann are just so gifted. Nobody wants to share their toothbrush. Why didn't that occur to me? 😂

  2. Great answers Debby and I am so glad you survived the storm! Our forecasters always blow everything WAY out of proportion here in PA so the next time they are calling for a storm I won't listen and I am sure I will be sorry! HA HA!

  3. Shivering under a blanket is a high price to pay for loving snow. This is my suggestion: the obvious, get that generator up and ready. Short of that, purchase a Halo Bolt so that you can plug an electric blanket into it. My Bolt stays in my car and can be charged there. Once charged, it can be used as an electric plug. Just a thought... The snow sure looked pretty and the cardinal in the snow...your Christmas card next year! ☺️

  4. I am so glad you got power back and I know that had to be the longest time ever! Lord help me to not take for granite the things in life that surely bring me comfort! Beautiful pictures! Just love them.Great questions today. Let's see.....
    National Ding-a-Ling Day???? LOL! Like you I've never heard of it but I am surely not surprised! There is a day for everything it seems. Well, I keep up with most friends by FB or texting. Technology is a wonderful thing but it sure can keep us from actually sitting down and making that phone call or visit.
    2. Poinsettia's are beautiful to me and though I live in Florida where they seem to be easy to grow I have never tried my hand at it. I have had several live poinsettia's in my home but like a peace lily, I struggled to keep it alive. And I can be around a few of them but if a bunch of them is gathered together I will sneeze my head off! YEP...allergies!
    3. Bigfoot? LOL! I have three soninlaw's that all have big FEET! Oh my mercy! They wear boats for shoes! LOL! I wear a size 6 and some times I do find it hard to find cute shoes in my size. But just lucked up recently and found the cutest little pair of short black boots ever at Cato's!
    4. What is one thing you refuse to share? U'm with you girl. My Toothbrush! Well and some times my FOOD! LOL!
    5. Are you finding that this Christmas is stressful? I haven't been stressed and I am pray I don't allow myself to get in that fix! My goal this year was to have all Christmas gifts bought by Thanksgiving and thanks to Amazon mission accomplished. There are a few other things I need to pick up and will this weekend. I've really tried to stay ahead of the game as the week before Christmas with grandchildren involved in different things, staff party and etc. I will be a busy camper that week. So trying to keep things as stress free as possible.
    6. Tell us something random about your week so far...
    Tonight is our last Ladies Bible Study class until January and though I will miss the ladies I am looking forward to a little break...a little kick back time.

    Hoping you have a wonderful rest of the week dear friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. We were without power for four days when the last hurricane came so I know exactly what you mean about being grateful for it!

  6. Debby, I was craving snow until I read about your flickering lights... Being from Michigan, I knew what was coming.
    So glad you made it through the longest night. At least it got off to a great start with those beautiful photos.
    Love your Wednesday medley. Really look forward to it :)
    Stay warm and safe (& unstressed). Trusting your adventures in losing power are a thing of the past.
    God bless you.

  7. That is a lot of snow.The power going out is not a good thing.I have lived a week without power, many years back, but we had a trusty wood stove to keep us warm.

  8. Ugh. No heat, no water, no flushing. Sounds very Grinch-like. Glad the sad stare of affairs didn't last too long! (Although I'm sure it felt long at the time!)

    I have never heard of Ding-a-Ling Day either! Intriguing!

    I haven't bought a live poinsettia in years. Ron used to have business dealings with a company who always sent the most ginormous poinsettias you have ever seen. They were gorgeous. But even then, I did not try to plant them or keep them alive after the holiday season. That would be an exercise in futility.

    Merry Christmas . . . this last full week of preparing for your loved ones' arrival!

  9. Haha, toothbrush is a brilliant reply. So sorry for those hours without electricity. We've had some outages in the past that are epic. We really do take a lot for granted. How nice that your Tennessee kids are coming for an early Christmas celebration. I'm sure you will have what needs to be done, done and then just enjoy the togetherness! Blessings!

  10. To see the red cardinal surrounded by all that white snow made my heart sing, Debby. I loved your winter wonderland pictures today. And the swinging bench covered in snow, what a sight. I have another blog friend who took a picture like this....where the inside lights shown through the window, making it look like the tree outside had Christmas lights. It was such a cool picture, as this one is. What a beautiful close-up of the poinsettia and the colored lights.

    Merry Christmas Debby!


  11. Wow, wow, WOW! What a scary experience, my friend. I'm so glad you're okay and that everything is back up and running.

    Thanks for the fun post, sweet Debby. I always enjoy your answers {{smiles}} Love and hugs to you!

  12. I'm sorry you were without electricity during the coldest time! I still have a down comforter in our condo in NC...just in case we are there and this happens. I'm glad you and your animals survived it all. Your photos really show the beauty of the snow! Take care! Holiday hugs!

  13. Oh, my goodness, that was a LOT of snow for sure!!!! I can't remember the last time I was stressed over Cmas. But, I'm a huge planner and get things done way in advance and I think that makes a huge difference. Enjoyed post!

  14. OH MY GOODNESS, what a snowfall, and then freezing rain, and then no electricity!! Those must've been very long 26 hours, Debby!! I liked your photos of the poinsettias by your sewing cabinet. My daughter gave me a beautiful poinsettia this year and I was thinking about trying to keep it...we'll see? Yes, your boots are very cute. I'm like you, and could never share a toothbrush, although I hear people can do that...eek! Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend! xx

  15. Your snow pictures are gorgeous! They predicted snow here and we got none. UGH! So I am still waiting. I live in Missouri, so we will get some at some point.
    I have never heard on ding a ling day either. I loved your answers. Have a nice week.

  16. I have been in my share of winter storms, but never lost power for that long. However I now live in South Texas and just an inch of snow will shut down the city. Of course I then put on my down coat and take the dog for a winter walk. I love it.

  17. I get what you're saying about electricity! We lost it for 3 days last year and I thought we would die!! You really got a lot of snow. Have a wonderful week.

  18. I love that last graphic! Amen! Losing power, especially when it is COLD outside is horrible. Thanks for joining the Medley this week! I'm late getting around to everyone!! Hugs!

  19. Sorry that you lost electricity, but your snow photographs are so lovely, I'm pleased you shared them.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  20. Oh my goodness! I didn't even consider that you had no electricity. I was captivated by the snow. A few years ago, maybe you remember, we had ice that landed a tree limb through my bedroom. We had no electricity and below freezing temps and I thought we were going to freeze to death. I was honestly scared. You could hear the ice popping and limbs cracking. Give me snow any day but not without electricity. Bless you!

  21. LOVED your beautiful photos, as always, sweet friend. I trust the Lord will richly bless you and yours this Christmas season!

  22. I always love reading your answers...for all the trouble it causes, the snow is still beautiful!

  23. Love the Christmas lights reflecting in the window. :)


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