Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh, the stories they could tell...

Happy Day-After-Memorial Day!
I hope that you all had a nice long, enjoyable weekend!

Today I am joining up with Roan at Rubbish Tuesdays.
I love anything old and rusty!

I took these photos last summer and wondered how I would ever use them in a post.
Enter, Rubbish by Roan!

Most of you know that my hubby and I travel back and forth
between our home in NC to our home-away-from-home in VA...
...I know I mention it a lot...
...but there are so many more cool (and old) things in Fancy Gap!

Anyway, these old vehicles are on the property of The Mountain Man,
a general store of sorts, right across the NC border in Cana, VA.
(click on the link to get a look of what he has to offer)

There you can find everything from fresh peaches and other produce,
to country hams, fireworks, whiskey barrels...
...almost anything you could imagine...even homemade vittles!
I'm pretty sure that's just food...remember the Beverly Hillbillies used to eat vittles.

And believe me...this guy is a real, authentic mountain man.
I mean no offense, but I was actually petrified a bit afraid of him at first.
He's actually a very nice, Christian man :)

Anyway, like I said, these vehicles are all lined up next to the woods on his property.
I have admired them for several years and finally last year,
I got brave enough to ask permission to traipse into his field and snap some pics!

Can you just imagine the history behind them?

Who were the folks who traveled in them?

What were their stories?
Wouldn't you just love to know?

More than likely, their owners are no longer with us.
But if they could speak, can you just imagine the stories they could tell?!
 Stories of happiness...possibly stories of tragedy.
Maybe a little of both.

No doubt, at one time, they were someone's treasure.

Have a great week!


  1. what a great, rusty vehicle graveyard! :) i'd probably like the mountain man. just don't feed me possum or squirrel stew. :)

  2. Good eye! Loved the photos, and like you, I wondered about their history. I always wonder about old houses in much the same manner. Great verse with great truth too.

  3. You are a woman after my own heart! I LOVE antiques! Mostly because I am fascinated about the stories behind them. I wonder who held them, used them - what were their lives like? It's the same reason that I like visiting old cemeteries.

    I wish I could go to this place with you. Your photos did WAY more than justice to the beauty of these rusted-out old beauties.

    And Debby, that verse was a perfect last thought.


    1. Sharon, how about you jumping on a plane (or you can drive if you want) and come to see me and we will go up to the cabin in Fancy Gap. On the way, we will stop by the Mountain Man, go to a flea market ot two and have a blast!! I say this jokingly but wouldn't it be fun if we actually could??? Have a blessed day, my friend!

  4. I love that scripture in Matthew 6. Those old cars look a bit like decoration with all the greenery covering them up. Kind of charming in a way. How fun to live

  5. They make great subjects for photos! Does Mountain Man sell them? I have been so tickled by Rubbish Tuesday is it? I ha e been chuckling about it all day. Fun meme!

  6. I really like this rusty old graveyard. I suspect there were lots of stories of traveling, if no further than the marke ton Saturday where the kids had an ice cream at the local soda fountain. I would probably like the Mountain Man, as long as those vittles don't contain anything related to a rodent. Thank you so much for linking up. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I'm glad you had a place for these awsome pictures.

  7. Excellent capture of these old timer autos! Beautifully done Debby, and that mountain man... I would so enjoy meeting him. I would say he likely has many a story to tell himself.
    Your verse was beautifully chosen for this post.
    Bless you!

  8. I always think of rusty old cars when I hear that verse. Another great post my friend!

  9. Oh yes, it would be such fun knowing who owned them, where they traveled, etc. Such pretty photos! We will be heading to the mountains in a few weeks with the camper in tow...can't wait!

  10. These photos are sooo wonderful...

  11. Beautiful photos - I love the way the light is filtered, it give a really romantic feel to it.

  12. How neat. I'm sure most of them have a lot of work stories. Trucks were always a necessity for hard working men over the years! Great photos my friend! Hugs!

  13. Terrific photos for this blog hop. Wishing you a nice evening. I am trying to catch up after moving last week. Mildred

  14. This has got to be car heaven. I love these and oh the stories they must tell. I remember my granddaddy's old fishing car looked like one of these with the doors off. He had one that was for riding back and forth to town and to church and one to go to the pond. What precious memories I have of his old beat up car. I so need to take a trip 30 miles down the road and get some photos of the old pond and cabin. Your photos are incredible!

  15. So intriguing. They remind me of old horses that stand in the fields all day, just quietly lingering in the sunshine, their tired eyes gazing at the carpet of clover below their hooves - your antique autos buried in wild foliage - both old timers, simply waiting, in silence, until the sun goes down each day.

    Thank you for a most thought provoking post!


  16. Love this post. It certainly does look like what we see along mountain roads but you have turned the photos into such a nice post. I always think about the stories when I see old things. If they could only speak, what we would learn!

  17. Oh, these are great! I love to explore rusty old cars too. What a wonderful place for a photo shoot.

  18. Hi Debby! Oh, your snaps are just wonderful! How creative you've captured them - the rust and old among the green and thriving! Sounds like a cool place to visit. Maybe the mountain man watches Duck Dynasty! :) Thanks so much for popping in to see m.e
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Oh my!

    We need to visit this spot. My husband is a professional artist and he loves painting old trucks. They are wonderful!


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