Monday, April 6, 2015

A Sweet Surprise

Blessings can come in all shapes and sizes.
The best ones come when you least expect them...
...sometimes from the people you least expect.
Mike is the physical therapist that I have worked with for the past five years.
He's really a great guy and a fantastic therapist.
I manage the office and it's just the two of us there most of the time.
He's the kind of guy who never seems to have a bad day...
...always upbeat, talking non-stop, laughing, joking...
...and he makes every patient feel like they are the most important person in the world.
I could tell that he was feeling my pain...
...the day I came to work after Hunter died a couple of weeks ago.
He's a dog lover like me and about a year ago, had to have his Min Pin, Joey put down.
Okay...I lied...he did have a bad day that day and I'll never forget it.
He had told me that his wife was taking Joey to the vet that morning.
Around lunchtime, he was nowhere to be found...I looked all around for him.

Then I heard it.


His wife had texted him with the news...his beloved pet of 15 years was gone.
Here was this big, fun loving, always-on-top-of-the-world guy reduced to a blubbering mess.
So much so that he needed me to cancel the afternoon patients so he could go home.
So I say all of that to tell you the rest of the story.

Last Friday morning, I came into the office and found a bag on my desk.
Thinking that it was Easter candy, I sat it aside for a few moments while I got settled.
He soon popped his head in to see if I had opened it yet.
So as he watched, I opened the bag and to my utter amazement found this...

I was speechless.

He had this portrait painted from a photo of Hunter from my Facebook page.
His wife was acquainted with a local artist who specialized in pet portraits...
...and she had her paint one of Joey after Mike had lost him the year before. 

I think it is a wonderful likeness...especially the eyes.
The eyes are perfect.

Like I said, I was speechless...
...and it takes a lot to make that happen ;)
 It blesses my heart every time I think of his sweet gesture of kindness.

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  1. Oh how thoughtful! You are so blessed to work with such a man who has such a wife. You will treasure the painting.

  2. what a beautiful likeness of Hunter and a treasured keepsake.

  3. He really does sound like a caring and thoughtful person. We don't meet many that care this much ...he's a treasure! The painting is awesome! Hugs, Diane

  4. i got chills. what a sweet man and his wife. bless them.

  5. Such a special and precious gift. It's the love and understanding of other pet lovers that help us thru the difficult time of losing a beloved family member.

  6. That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a while!!

  7. Debby that is beautiful, such thoughtfulness :)


  8. Aww Debby, how precious. Your beloved Hunter was one beautiful friend.
    Your Co worker is a gem! My you are blessed in deed. He and his wife are quite loving to remember you in such a precious way. Bless their hearts.

    May your heart continue to heal on the loss of Hunter.
    Sweet blessings, Debbie

  9. That is a very thoughtful gift,obviously from someone who understands.

  10. How lovely! Such a thoughtful gesture.

  11. How wonderful, Debby, to have such a caring friend in your life!

  12. A beautiful portrait of your beloved Hunter, and an even more beautiful portrait of a sweet man.


  13. A treasured gift from a very kind and thoughtful guy! The painting is perfect!

  14. Sweet indeed! Love the portrait of Hunter. What a great guy Mike must be. :)

  15. How nice! What a great idea. You painting will always make you think of your loving dog-and your kind boss.

  16. If you want to know where I am, I am in the other room sobbing. This was so incredibly touching. Such a kind gesture from someone who knows what our furry friends mean to us. And yes, it's a perfect likeness of Hunter - and you're right - the artist truly captured him in his eyes. Continuing to mourn with you.


  17. Oh Debby I feel your pain, we lost our dear Anna (cat) a couple weeks ago, we had her for 18 years and it is the hardest thing to get through. That was so sweet of him and his wife to have that portrait done of Hunter and it does look so much like him, my sincere sympathy for your loss!

  18. Hi Debby! Oh my gosh. People are capable of such immense kindness and love aren't they? What a blessing to have this man in your life. And because of what he went through, he knew what you were feeling. I think you have a friend for life.
    I'm so sorry about the loss of your dog, I know they can be just like family.

  19. Oh what a sweet gesture! The portrait is beautiful and the eyes are very well done. You sure have a great boss! Hugs. Pam

  20. What a treasure and blessing. <3

  21. Oh, that kind gesture brought tears to my eyes! What a treasure that will bring back such fond memories. So sorry for your loss Debby - those pets are truly family members and we miss them so. Hugs to you...

  22. Oh Debby, what a touching, thoughtful, loving gift that was!! I am sure you treasure your portrait of Hunter and also the kindness of Mike and his wife.

  23. What a precious and thoughtful gift from your coworker and his wife!! A gift from the heart!

  24. Oh what a precious gift and what a sweet and tender hearted guy you work with. I know you will treasure this sweet portrait of Hunter. Have a blessed evening.

    Hugs, Vicky

  25. I am almost speechless at the beauty of their gift to you. What a great likeness. Oh my, you have a wonderful boss!

  26. Oh Debby, what a precious painting of Hunter! The work is so's like those eyes are peering straight into your heart.

    Your boss and his wife sound like a beautiful, thoughtful couple - what a blessing, my friend! Thinking of you!

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Enjoy your day!

  27. Debby, you work with a wonderful person, how very thoughtful for him and his wife to do this. It was certainly a gift of love that you will treasure:) I love hearing nice things about nice people . . . we live in a time of so much bad news about people filled with hate, your story is very refreshing.

  28. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! People who don't love dogs just don't get it, but they are family to us. It meant so much to me when people sent me the sweetest sympathy cards when Bridger, my GSD, died. Such a kind gesture.

  29. What a great gift. Love the picture!

  30. beautiful and thoughtful gift to be treasured.

  31. Oh, my, don't know what to say myself. You must work for a wonderful man...for him to do that for you. And so sorry you lost your Hunter.


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