Thursday, April 9, 2015

Feelin' Quite Blessed

Good morning, friends!
Well, the anticipation has now been replaced with squeals of delight!
When the doorbell rang yesterday while I was at home on my lunch hour, 
it was the mailman bringing a package to the door that was a little too big for the mailbox.
When my hubby handed it to me, I knew right away who the sender was.

Who else do you know who would make sure that the outside was just as pretty as the inside?

Even the tape on the wrapping paper was the cutest ever!

Some of you may remember that I was the winner of Stephanie's last giveaway,
and I was beyond thrilled when I found out!
I can't imagine anyone reading this not knowing who she is...
...but just in case, she writes a lovely, inspirational blog at The Enchanting Rose...
...precious blog, precious young woman of God.
 I could hardly wait to dig into all of this loveliness!

The box contained so many beautiful things...
...a lovely apron (which is all covered up here...I'll model it later),

..a matching potholder and refrigerator magnet...

...these adorable teacup/mug mats...

...eight absolutely gorgeous gift tags, each one quite unique...

...and this precious card.
I was in awe of the lovely personal touches and embellishments on everything.
She had posted photos of her giveaway items...we all saw them,
and even though Stephanie is a wonderful photographer,
seeing them up close and personal was another thing all together!
 So pretend that I am tall and thin and tell me how you like my new apron...
...does June Cleaver come to mind?

Oh...that's right, I forgot my pearls!

It will make a colorful addition here...

...and the darling teacup/mug mat is ready for my morning coffee.
(I used it this morning!)
You know, I feel like we really do connect with each other through our blogs...
and most of us will probably never have the opportunity to meet face to face.
(although I think we need to find a central location and have a BIG blogger party)
 I am very thankful to have won this lovely giveaway...not just to say that I won it,
but because the lovely hands that made these things belong to a precious Sister in Christ...
...and they are blessed by the Father.

So therefore, I'm feelin' quite blessed myself!

Good friends are like stars...
you don't always see them but you know they're always there.
~Author Unknown


  1. I am grinning from ear-to-ear right now :) If I keep this silly smile on my face any longer it will probably freeze that way!

    Dearest Debby, I am so glad you were the winner of the giveaway! You are not only a dear lady that shares beauty and charm to her readers, but you are a precious friend and Sister in the Lord. I am richly blessed to know you through blogging and it's an honor to call you "Friend."

    I truly hope you enjoy your goodies. You look positively adorable in the apron! And the idea about meeting other bloggers face-to-face at a central location...I am ALL IN!! Can we please, please, please do that!? Oh, that would be grand :)

    Have a beautiful day, dear one. Love and hugs to you!

  2. you are too cute! you are a great model - even without pearls. :)

  3. So much fun in that package! Thank you for sharing the contents and your joy in receiving it.

  4. Delightful! Love it all...and you are every bit as adorable as June Cleaver. Stephanie does such a good job with her blog and her sewing and paper crafting. She is one talented lady!

  5. Congrats (again:) on winning Stephanie's giveaway. The prizes are lovely, just like Stephanie and her blog. Oh, I like the tape, too.
    p.s. I couldn't see if you had high heels on with your apron so not sure if you're a dead ringer for June or not, lol.

  6. Wow! Each of those items would be a wonderful prize to win. That apron looks lovely on you.

  7. Looks like a lot of love and joy went into putting that package together!
    I would LOVE to have that tape - so very cool.
    I always thought that it would have been fun to have been older in the sixties. I liked June and the other TV moms but getting dressed up first thing in the morning and with pearls .... I dunno, I rather like my leggings and t-shirts days. :)

  8. Congratulations! I didn't realize it was you who won Stephanie's giveaway! She is just precious isn't she? And talented too! Enjoy your new goodies...:) It would be so awesome to have a blog get together wouldn't it? How fun that would be! Have a lovely evening.

    Blessings, Vicky

  9. Congratulations on many pretty things there!

  10. What a fun day for you! I think there are some wonderful bloggers out there. I agree that it would be fun to get to meet people, too.

  11. Debby Ray, if you aren't the cutest little thing!! I zoomed in on your face modeling that apron and you have a darling button face. I could just take those cheeks and squeeze them! :-) oh dear, I'm sounding like a "Gamma"!
    I have a grandson with the sweetest cheeks and I love to squeeze them.
    I was so thrilled to hear that you were the blessed winner. Being Stephanie's Mom I know how it feels to be gifted with the work of get hands. You feel quite spoiled don't you?
    I saw your "Jesus Calling" book in the photo, isn't that one terrific inspirational book?

    I could say "ditto" to Stephanie's comment, you are one precious blogging friend, and I'm all in for the gathering in a central location. What a joy that would be.

    Enjoy your gifts dear friend.

  12. Oh What a nice package filled with love and great gifts!! And I was thinking, now where is that girls pearls? (That Rhymes)
    When I went to visit Stephanie, she made me some of those mats also, I sprayed them with some Scotch guard to help keep them from staining! Just a thought...
    Hugs to you! Roxy

  13. Oh my goodness! What a fun package to open...filled with beautiful and cheerful things ! And look how cute you look in your new apron! Enjoy your pretties! I'm so happy for you my friend! Stephanie is a blessing to us all, isn't she? Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. What a beautiful package of goodies! Stephanie is a sweetheart and so very talented. You look wonderful modeling your new apron! I'm thankful for blog friends and sisters in Christ. Have a good weekend.

  15. Yes, I do think a big blogger party would be amazing! You got a beautiful package there, with some lovely goodies. Love the picture of you modeling the apron.

  16. Debby, what a lot of fun to receive and unpack that lovely parcel. And you look great in your apron. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


  17. Oh my, Debbie! You look so lovely in your new apron! What a special person dear Stephanie is - when I received my sweet package (I won one of her giveaways some time ago), I was so overwhelmed with how beautifully she not only packaged each little item, but how she decorated the front of the box!
    I love the quote you shared about very true! And I am very, very thankful for the wonderful friends I have made through blogging!!
    Thank you for sharing your joy with us today - you've brought a great big smile to my face!
    Enjoy using your lovely new coasters each morning:)
    Hugs and much, much love to you!

  18. Stephanie is a multi-talented lady, and how lucky you are to have won her amazingly pretty and practical giveaway; congrats!

    P.S.: That lovely apron looks wonderful on you, Ms. Debby!

  19. You look very spiffy in your new apron, Debby! And these teacup/mug mats are just darling. Good for you.

  20. Your post today just made me smile. You look lovely in your new apron!

  21. Hi June! Oh wait...Debby! Congrats on the giveaway, of course I know who Stephanie is :)
    You look so cute in the apron! Its nice and big too, your clothes will be safe from your fast and furious cooking and baking. The little mug coasters are so cute too. Did you say they had magnets? So they double as a decoration too. That Stephanie, she is so resourceful!
    Yes, blogland is a fun place to visit, isn't it? You are a big part of why I love it here :)
    Happy Weekend!

  22. Yay!!!! Congratulations on the giveaway!!!! Your apron looks perfect on you! I think Stephanie's crafting is amazing!!!

  23. What a neat gift!! So many fun things, colorful and useful! I'll have to visit Stephanie's blog, I have never gone over there before.

    And yes, June Cleaver came to mind...or maybe Donna Reed. Either way, you're one of the cutest *apron girls* I have ever seen, just sayin'...

    XO and GOD BLESS!


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