Tuesday, May 19, 2015



: something that happens by chance 
Sometimes, just when I think I don't have much of a green thumb,
I still don't.
But even though I don't put much stock in luck, I do believe in happenstance.
Many times, we don't have to do anything to make things grow...they just do.
Take clover for instance.
But as annoying as it can certainly be, especially for those allergic,
you must admit that when you get up close and personal, it's kinda pretty.
Yep, I was down on  my belly snapping these.

Sometimes we get a little help with our spring planting...
...from our furry and fine feathered friends.
Sunflowers started growing in my flower boxes.
The squirrels must have been hiding them there for safe keeping.
And the seeds that I actually planted on purpose, those little buggers dug up!
Every. Last. One.

So, I transplanted these into pots because the sunniest place is here on my deck...
...I don't think there is enough sun anywhere in my yard for them to grow that well.
I read on google that you could grow them in pots.
To this I say, convince me, Google!
And look! I have baby tomatoes!
I actually have been known to grow them successfully at times.
I am waiting with bated breath for a few green ones to get big enough to fry!
Do you like fried green tomatoes?

Saturday, some friends and I went to a wonderful farmer's market.
Among all of the lovely produce, they also had so many gorgeous flowers...
...too many to take photos of all...but I did snap a couple.
Of course these have nothing to do with my greenish thumb or the lack thereof...
...just thought I'd throw them in :)

The lovely orangey lantana took my eye right away but I had never seen this purple one before.
Look... it's got little white flowers within the flowers!
Isn't it pretty?
Now I had nothing to do with growing this fuchsia either...
...but...once you spend the money, it's kinda nice if it lives.
And speaking of spending money,
the day after I paid $13.99 for it at Lowe's, they went on sale for $9.99.
Oh, but I do love these stunning blooms!
They look like little ballerinas in tutus dancing around.

And I have decided that this cactus just cannot make up it's mind what kind of cactus it truly is.
In previous years it bloomed around Halloween or Thanksgiving...
...and then it started getting buds on it back around Easter that never opened up.
So, this year, I am calling it my Memorial Day Cactus...
...and it's blooming right on time!

This cactus and the African violet below are plants in my work office.
I inherited them when a lady who used to work here moved.
I basically ignore them and water them only when I remember to...
...which isn't very often.

It's probably been about five years since these plants have been in my custody.
The violet goes through it's cycle of blooming pretty regularly.
Not with any help from me, that's for sure!
And lastly, this is one of those tiny little dwarf rose bushes from the grocery store.
Jim had given it me for Valentine's Day and it was so pretty.
Well, after all of the blooms died off, the whole plant started looking really bad...
...I never have had any luck getting one of these to bloom again.
So thinking I would probably be throwing it out, I just sat it out on the deck this spring.
And look what happened.
Now, that's what I call happenstance!
What kind of happenstance do you experience in your life??

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  1. you're an accidental gardener! :) glad things are doing well. that purple one is like an exotic bougainvillea plant with multiple white blooms! have never seen that before!

  2. Oh Debby, you are so funny! I so think you've got a teeny tiny tip of a pinky that 's green! I love how that little rose is in bloom!, just simply beautiful! I've always loved African Violets, my grandmother grew them and had them even under floral lights, oh she was a serious gardener! Friend green tomatoes, I love, love them! I'll head over when you fry your first batch, but don't turn around while I'm around them or they will be gone in a heartbeat!
    Have a great day~

  3. Hi Debby! I love that your roses are back! We have a couple of knockout bushes that have not done well. Some years they bloom, some not. Always a surprise!
    I grew sunflowers one year, they were so tall! The squirrels took what you planned, but God made sure you got your plants after all. That's happenstance, as you said. I hope they grow tall and strong my friend, with plenty of seeds to ensure future plants too.
    Love the flowers and the colors they have...what beauty.
    Tuesday blessings,

  4. it's an extra special surprise when you find blooms appearing out of nowhere!! Wonderful photos which brightened my day!

  5. Hello Debbie, it is nice to see surprise blooms coming up! I love the fuchsia and your cactus blooms. Lovely rose mosaic! Have a happy day!

  6. Great post with some wonderful photos. I am a fan of fried green tomatoes, I also like green tomato chutney.

  7. How pretty everything is! You earned your reward for getting down low. I don't know whether your cactus is a Thanksgiving one or a Christmas one because of the sharp "teeth" on the leaves. Easter cactus leaves are smooth and rounded. Memorial Day cactus sounds great! =D

  8. My favorite happenstance moments are when we get wildlife visitors! Just yesterday we looked out our window and saw a new visitor to our salt lick - a young male deer with two little fuzzy antlers! He came twice yesterday, and just this morning he's outside again - just lying down and soaking up the sun rays!

    By the way, you take photos of flowers like no one else I know. Just beautiful. And I truly appreciate them because I have two black thumbs!!


    p.s. Never tried fried green tomatoes, but they sound delicious!

  9. A pleasant surprise to see your new blog look and updated photo which are very nice. I haven't put one of me on wearing my glasses as I usually take them off for photos.
    I've never had any luck with miniature rose bush gifts planted in the garden so it's a bonus that your has the will to survive just on the deck.
    I love fried green tomatoes!
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Debby.

  10. Debby, there is so much to have to know about plants that I sometimes kill them, too, but I have to say yours all look wonderful. I'm totally jealous of that little green tomato! Mine are just now blooming. We love tomatoes and wouldn't want to spend a summer without them. And I'm crazy for fuchsia, as a matter of fact I'll be on my way to Lowe's hoping they still have some nice ones left later today. I do hope your sunflowers do well in the pots.
    Hope you're having a great week!

  11. Hello, I do like that word, so glad you shared it! Because we can at times see the effects of happenstance in our lives. But we all know nothing is random, His picture is so much bigger. I did get a chuckle seeing you in my imagination, laying on your belly getting those up close shots LOL
    Hugs, Roxy

  12. I love how you arranged your photos for each flower....you are so talented! I'm always so happy to come here and see what you have done next..:) I love working in my flower beds but this year they are covered in poison oak and privet hedge since I have neglected them so. Oh the woes of a working woman.....(it's my excuse for everything you see). Hope you have a great day my friend!!

  13. What an enjoyable and uplifting post! My green thumbs have turned somewhat brown,but I still keep on trying.Love the roses you showed.Oh,I just loved the whole post,made me smile.

  14. Isn't that nice for your miniature rose bush to give you a smile just as you are thinking of tossing it? Obviously it wants to stay around a bit. Love your photos from down low--they are well done. Yes it's interesting to see where the squirrels and birds think things should grow in our garden! Lots of surprises. I think your header is new? Just as pretty as ever so not sure ...

    1. Dotsie, it's an old header that I used for a season last year. I reuse some of mine...do you?

  15. Seems like as a child, I would make clover bracelets??? Your photos are all beautiful. Such unique flowers, so detailed. I do love fried green tomatoes. I remember one time my nephew invited his bride to be for dinner and requested that I made fried green tomatoes.....then, he complained that the house smelled like fried food!!! duh!

  16. Honestly, Debby, if anything grows and thrives at my house, I have nothing to do with it. No green thumb here. So it's all happenstance. (Fortunately, my husband's thumb is greener than mine.)

    You have some beautiful plants there!! You have even made the clover to shine in your photos! And, oh, that rose. Good thing you didn't throw it out! :)

  17. I don't have a green thumb either. My African violets and Christmas cactus survive on benign neglect! And mine never blooms at Christmas either -- it's Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.
    Those fuchsia are gorgeous!
    Love your clover photos. Picturing you getting those shots . . . :)

  18. What a lovely garden. So colorful and pretty.

  19. Gorgeous pictures, that is great your plant is coming back, same thing happened here, my miniature rose plant had those tiny bugs on it and they were eating it, all that was left was stems so I put it out on the deck table outside and it has new leaves on it!

  20. love your bloom mosaics.

    I'm laughing at you on your belly. I like to do that too.

  21. Oh, you are a true inspiration, dear Debby! Lying on your belly to achieve gorgeous shots...? I can so relate! You captured some goreous floral beauty!
    Have a beautiful day and much love to you!

  22. I love the vividness of the colors here. So crisp.

  23. First of all, I LOVE fried green tomatoes! Do you ever freeze them? Or can them? I used to can them but can't remember how I did it, but they were tasty in winter.

    Anyway, love your shots...I love fuchsia, too.

  24. Beautiful! Our weather hasn't been warm enough to get fruit on our tomatoes but we do have flowers and I do have baby peppers in the greenhouse. Such beautiful pictures (as always!!).

  25. Beautiful! Our weather hasn't been warm enough to get fruit on our tomatoes but we do have flowers and I do have baby peppers in the greenhouse. Such beautiful pictures (as always!!).

  26. My dear Debby, how you make my smile :) Thank you for the effort that you put into taking your photos - it is appreciated and well worth it! The flowers are simply beautiful!

    Thank you for joining Roses of Inspiration. And thank you for the precious comments on my blog. I am so grateful for you! Love and hugs!


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