Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Paint is GOOD

So this cute little sign came across my facebook page the other day.
Knowing what my next project at hand was going to be, I thought how appropriate!
When I last posted, I was about to embark on a journey.
A journey to a "new" kitchen, so to speak...
...and the dreaded, yet oh-so-exciting road ahead.
Let us first take a peek at what once was.

This was my kitchen about a year ago.
(please excuse that glaring light in the ceiling, if you will)

Actually, I had removed all of the fruity things and replaced them with a few roostery things
when I brought all of my chickens home to roost after selling Ray's Roost,
our beloved cabin in Virginia last September.
(Man, that was a lot of roosts in one sentence!)
So many of you have wondered how my cabinet painting has turned out.
Let me just say that this Nuvo Cabinet Paint by Giani has really impressed me so far.
It went on smoooooth like butta and dried (quite quickly I might add)
to a silky satin finish.

{It seems to be really hard to get good photos in here without a flash
so I apologize for the quality of some of these.}

By the time you paint your first coat on the area you are working on,
it's ready for the second coat...not even tacky.
My goal for last Friday was to get this part of the "L" completed of this L-shaped kitchen...

...and I reached that goal.
I removed all hinges, numbered them relating to the doors in the proper order,
and spray painted them along with the screw heads (I stuck them all down into cardboard)
with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.
I had already replaced the knobs when I painted the counter tops so no update needed there.

BUT...I had to have these new cup drawer pulls!
I really like them a lot and just had to try them on as soon as the paint was dry.
Now, please don't go looking at that ugly green tile floor.
It was already ugly and worn out and the new paint just made it scream...

Oh well, I'll only have to live with it for a couple more months... wood flooring will be a much welcomed replacement!
So now...........drumroll please............

I am a happy woman...
...tired...but happy.

I am amazed at the brightness.
It's like someone put a 300 watt light bulb in the ceiling fixture.

It also makes that old almond colored stove that came with this 30 year old house,
look pretty ratty too.
It's a great reason to go out and get that new black smooth top I've been wanting :)

Oh, and I do need to tell you that I hit one small road block on my journey.
I ran out of paint...right before I got to those final two little tiny cabinets above the fridge...
wouldn't you just know it?
I didn't realize until later that I didn't need to apply the paint so liberally...
...oh well, another quart is on the way to finish the job and have some to spare for touch-ups.
So there you have it.
I really do think change is good...
...and you can really change things with paint.
Therefore, paint is...yes...GOOD!

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  1. Wow, very impressive. You have done a brilliant job, it doesn't look like the same kitchen, well done.


  2. Stunning transformation that's better than's GREAT ! You did a super job Debbie and I so admire your patience for undertaking such a big task! It's all coming along just fab!
    Blessings for today !

  3. I love it! I am impressed with all your hard work. I love how much lighter the change is.

  4. Oh my everlasting amazement, what a gorgeous kitchen. Wow. I would love to do that in my kitchen as I loathe the shade of my cabinet stain, but I'm too scared. You're a brave woman.

  5. Wow, what a change! Your kitchen looks great, and I'm sure you're enjoying spending time in this happy space!

  6. I love love LOVE it! So pretty! I know you're tired but wow! Isn't it worth it! Enjoy your new kitchen.

  7. Isn't it amazing what paint can looks fantastic!!!

  8. What a wonderful, amazing change!! Your kitchen looks brand spanking bright and fresh!! Now you just sit back and prop your feet up until the rest of that paint comes in. Or are you busy cooking in this inspiring new space?

    Well done, Debby!

  9. looks really nice! you did great!

  10. It looks AMAZING! Brand spanking NEW! I know you'll love it and I'm sure it was quite an undertaking. But how nice it turned out. I have white cabinets and black counter tops and love it. You can decorate so many ways. And it's bright and cheery too! Kudos to you my friend! HUGS!

  11. Love it! It is truly transformed! It will look great with wood floors, though I didn't notice the old flooring until you said something. But it is true, once you spiff one thing up, it can lead to more! Enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

  12. Hi Debby! I have been looking forward to the 'big reveal', so this is so much fun! Your kitchen truly does look brighter. I'm so happy for you! (Floor? What floor?)
    The new drawer pulls are so classy, and I like the finish on them. Just a little different, makes the room look classy :) I am so proud of your work, and I bet you are tired! You need a rest from your busy holiday weekend...hope you get a nap or something.

    You didn't have to point out the cabinet you didn't get to, I probably wouldn't have even noticed. i'm glad you can get more paint though. It will be nice to have a 'touch up' can.
    Thanks for all the photos!

  13. Wow!! You did an amazing job!! It looks beautiful. I love the new hardware, too.
    And painting one thing always leads to another, doesn't it? . . . but you'll love your new hardwood floors. Wonderful, Debby!

  14. It looks fabulous! So cheery and bright. You did a wonderful job. (The paint sounds like very good stuff.)

  15. It looks fantastic! Was it a lot of work to do the prep on the cabinets?

  16. Wow oh wow!! What an amazing difference a lick of white paint can do!! I love your 'new' kitchen, it is so much brighter, cleaner and cheerier. Those drawer cup pulls are perfect. Well done, Debby on the perfect kitchen transformation. I love it!!

  17. Looks amazing.Can I hire you to do my kitchen next? :)

  18. This is a lovely transformation :)


  19. Debby, your new kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! Of course, I'm partial, (red is radiant!), and when paired with crisp and clean white, well, it's pure joy! I love roosters, too, (who doesn't?), and yours are adorable, wherever they appear! Kudos on a stunning transformation, and a pat on the back for all that elbow grease - I'm sure it's worth the result!


  20. Debby, your new kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! Of course, I'm partial, (red is radiant!), and when paired with crisp and clean white, well, it's pure joy! I love roosters, too, (who doesn't?), and yours are adorable, wherever they appear! Kudos on a stunning transformation, and a pat on the back for all that elbow grease - I'm sure it's worth the result!


  21. Debby, it looks wonderful! I love everything about it. The truth of the matter is, I think I would love the tile from what I could see of it.

  22. Oh my, this is gorgeous! A whole new kitchen. That you made yourself. Good for you.

  23. Your kitchen looks beautiful, Debby! I love the white paint and the new drawer pulls, too. Great job!!

  24. Well, you crafty little paint-speckled woman, you! I just knew that you would do a wonderful job! The cabinets turned out just beautiful! It really is amazing how paint can totally transform and update a space. I think you should contact the paint manufacturer and tell them you'd love to be their spokesperson (compensated, of course!).

    I can remember the days when we tore out our kitchen here in the mountains (it needed the total overhaul) - and the days when I thought the finished product would never be finished. But now, I am so pleased at the beauty of the room.

    Finding a God-lesson in all this. God truly can restore, revive, refinish, and remake us. And in the end, the finished product will be beautiful.


  25. Oh my, that is just divine! What a wonderful reward for all your hard work. I love the cafe curtain too. It all looks amazing, and must be such a pleasure to work in now.

    1. Thank you for visiting and your encouraging comment! I am enjoying it! Blessings :)

  26. Debby, the new paint really did brighten up your kitchen. Love the new look! I have drawer pulls like that in my basement kitchen and I love them. You did good girl!! New wood floor will be fabulous. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. Hi Debby, LOVE the transformation. Took your kitchen to a bright and cheerful space. Every detail is perfect. I know how much work this was as I did mine last May from oak colored cabinets to light ivory like you painted here. I love it. Wonderful new kitchen. Visiting from Roses of Inspiration and also started following you a bit ago.
    Hugs, CM

  28. Your hard labor paid off quite well, my friend. Quite a transformation! I know it brings you joy every time you turn on the light.

  29. It turned out wonderfully. I love it!

  30. Absolutely superb, my friend! Will you come pint my kitchen cabinets.....I will make you cookies and treats *grins* You are awesome, Debby, and such an inspiration. I would love to try this with my cabinets in the kitchen and the guest bathroom. Your hard work and effort shows because your kitchen is truly stunning.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Enjoy your day!

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  32. Your "new" kitchen is beautiful! I love how the white paint has lightened it and made it more cheerful. :-) I can sympathize with the time put into all that painting as well. We painted all the cupboards in one of my mom's kitchens once years ago and it was quite a task. I just painted and decorated our guest room this summer - with some help from family and a friend. It turned out to be a big project, but so satisfying to see the end result! :-)

  33. Love the new color. Paint is great! I know you are proud. You make me want to get to work


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