Monday, July 20, 2015

Glorious Critters and Such

Happy Monday, my friends!
I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend.
You know, the world is just filled with fascinating and beautiful critters.
Does it ever just blow your mind how God came up with all of them?
Since I started my blog a couple of years ago, 
I have to admit that the things that I used to take for granted,
almost seem like new discoveries for me.
I believe this lovely dragonfly is a twelve-spotted skimmer...
...according to the description on Google.

If they stay still long enough to get a good photo you can certainly appreciate their beauty.
I found this one swarming around in a grown up area in front of our local Walmart.

Queen Anne's Lace was also growing there and on that particular morning
 the sun illuminated the outline of it, creating the most glorious effect.


And then there's that sensation you get when you reach down to pick a tomato...
...and what you feel isn't a tomato at all...
...but one of these "lovelies".

My first response was... EEEW!!
But you know, after I cut the part of the vine off where it had been eating the tomatoes,
(the worm was still on the vine because if you think I was actually going to touch it, you would be WRONG)
I stood there studying the intricacy of his design and I was actually in awe this tobacco hornworm...
...not to be confused with the tomato hornworm.
Imagine that...a tobacco worm was eating my tomatoes!

Who else but the God of the universe could (or would) create something like this?
I was making a joke about it having eyes all the way down it's body...they do look like eyes, huh?
They aren't eyes, but they actually breathe from them!
So I was getting ready to go shopping on Friday and this guy just would not get off my car.
I didn't take the time to google this one...

...but my, what BIG eyes you have!
But I have to say, my favorite encounter with critters this week was of these baby hummers.
At first I thought it was just one baby but after reviewing my photos,
 I noticed the different color variations in their feathers,
this one having red on top of it's head.

They were just learning to fly...and drink from the feeder.

You could almost see the uncertainty on their little faces,
this one looking quite puzzled as Mama was hovering near.

How adorable!

The drama came when this one landed on top of the feeder and didn't quite know what to do.
Once, he fell to the ground and just laid there for a moment.
I quickly ran out to try to rescue him and then he just as quickly flew away!

It wasn't five minute later, he was back again on top of the feeder...
...and after hanging on for dear life, let go and plunked into the window sill!

I was able to get really up close and personal with him...
...and then off he flew again.
What amazing little creatures they are...glorious, indeed!
The earth is most definitely filled with HIS glory!

Have a blessed week :)

After getting ready to link to Judith's Mosaic Monday,
I realized her title this week is "The Little Things"... appropriate!

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  1. I'll take the little hummers over the worm any day, lol....but close up he is kind of fascinating though I don't want to find any on my tomatoes :)

    1. As fascinating as he was, I'd prefer not to find another myself :)

  2. Wow, awesome photos of the wildlife. The dragonflies are gorgeous and I love the sweet hummer images. A beautiful post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. These are wonderful photos, Debby! The details you have captured are breathtaking. (Yes, even on Mr. Hornworm). God does indeed fill His creation with amazing variety. Just about half an hour ago, my hubby and I watched a mother and baby mule deer drink at our water trough. Oh, how adorable was this baby - (whom we have nicknamed, "Boo Boo"). All those precious little white dots, created to camouflage. Nature (God) provides the perfect protection for the little ones.

    Us, too!


  4. I have the same kind of love and appreciation for the creatures of the wild Debby so enjoyed this post very much. How sweet to see baby hummingbirds, just like other young ones, they have to learn by trying.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday and have a great week.

  5. Oh, my. The patience it must have taken to capture these glorious photos! Blessed to see them and to read your words.

  6. God's creation is truly amazing and seeing your incredible pictures leaves me in awe of His majestic nature.

    Thank you, sweet friend, for blessing my afternoon. Have a most wonderful week. Hugs!

  7. I always love your photos! I've been slow in getting around Blogland lately. Been catching up on your blogs, and they are as good as always.

  8. wow! Those were fabulous photos! I love the tobacco horn worm...I think tomatoes and tobacco might be both from the nicotiana family of plants.

  9. Love,love,love the collage.You have captured God's creation in all it's beauty and diversity. OK,the worm may not exactly be beautiful,but most certainly fascinating and a great photo subject.

  10. Your great photography really shows the beauty in each of these creatures! How excited you must be to have captured each one!

  11. wonderful variety and great shots. :)

  12. marvelous images friend. love all your images. Isn't God awesome in all that he has created.

  13. Beautiful photos of those critters. I must admit that I prefer the feathered critters over the bugs. (Not the correct term, I know.) A gal has to have eyes to see these things. You've done well.

  14. Your photos are amazing. The hummers are fabulous. I love dragonflies, too. Hope you have a good week.

  15. Fascinating photos of God's amazing creations, Debby!! What a treat to have baby hummers at your feeder! I have to admit, the hornworm makes me cringe a little, but he certainly is colorful and interesting! (Several years ago, on our cherry tomato plant we found a tomato hornworm with parasites! You talk about cringe-worthy...that was it!)

  16. Wow, terrific shots. Amazing.

  17. Oh wow, oh wow, those hummingbird shots are really good! In all my bird-loving life I've never encountered baby hummers. Just color me pea-green with envy. :)
    Love the dragonfly, too. Now, that baccer worm...I don't know. lol Poor thing he couldn't find any baccer. I know it's tobacco, but I've heard it called a lot of different names. ;)
    Have a great week!

  18. Beautiful critters especially the baby hummers....just adorable....lovely pictures!

  19. O, my...I really enjoyed these photos of beautiful critters. Such joy given to us as a gift.

  20. Your photos are amazing, you must have a good macro lens? The closeups are great, and those fuzzy baby hummers are just so sweet!!

  21. These are great! The little hummer is adorable! How nice of the dragonfly to pose, mine aren't so cooperative! I guess the tobacco worm knew that wasn't good for him so he's made the switch. ;)

  22. Oh, my, Debby! I have sure had fun looking. And I have yet to click and expand the views, but I will soon as I get this published.

    When I was a kid, I sometimes had to go through the tobacco looking for those worms. I absolutely hated finding those great big ones that would throw their head back!

  23. Great pictures, I love the hummingbirds, ours leave as soon as we start watching them, so I don't think I could get such a good picture

  24. We are such kindred spirits! So enjoyed this; God's amazing handiwork! The hummingbirds are adorable, such fun to watch!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  25. Oh my, these pictures are amazing. And you have my beloved bird on here, the hummingbird. I don't use any feeders, so when I see this delightful bird, I feel so blessed. They fly away quickly if you get too close, so it's hard to take a picture of them. Wonderful pictures on here today.



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