Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Old Kentucky Home

Well... I'm b-a-c-k!
Thanks to all of you who wished me safe travels and such.
I haven't even begun to get caught up with my blog reading, let alone anything else.
How does being away from home for only five days seems like it was two weeks?
We crammed a lot in, I guess that's why...but it is always good to get back home again.
On our way to Ohio for my family reunion (that will be another post),
we stopped in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky for a day and night, where lived before we came here.
As a rule when traveling to Ohio, we go by way of Virginia and West Virginia...
...a much more direct route for us, but we decided to take a little side trip this time.
They say (whoever they are) that you can never go home again...
...and although there is some truth to that, it's not always the case.

When we leave a place that we had called home for so many years,
often we want to be able to come back and see that everything has remained the same.
It had probably been fifteen years or so since we had been back for a visit,
and we saw so many changes as soon as we took the exit off the interstate...
we hardly recognized the place at first!
As we got into town, things started looking very familiar... fact, some of the building and landmarks hadn't changed a bit!
Sadly, the house where we used to live was empty and run down.

Someone didn't show this place the love that they should have.

Among other things, the semi in-ground pool in the back yard was gone,
the hole filled in and many lovely trees had been cut down.


This "Tot Finder" sticker in the front window has been there since probably 1988 or so.
It was given to my Adam when he was in elementary school during a fire safety assembly.
I remember the day he brought it home and promptly stuck it in his window.

Can you believe it has been there all these years?
I guess that alone speaks volumes about the condition of the house.
We lived in Mt. Sterling from 1981 until 1992 and Adam, our youngest was born there.
It was also there that Jim and I began our walk with the Lord...
...and found out what being a part of the family of God was all about.
What a blessing it was to take up where we left off with a few of our old friends!
A while back we had reconnected on Facebook and have kept in touch ever since,
and had then arranged to get together when we got into town.

So here's how it played out...

I called Nancy and told her we had just gotten into town.
She told tell me that she and hubby (Snookie) were heading to Kroger for a few groceries.
We had just been to Kroger and was actually pulling out of the parking lot!
Needless to say, we turned that buggy around in a heartbeat,
and had a sweet reunion in the parking lot of the grocery store!
 After having lunch together, we went back to their home for a "short" visit.
While there, Cathy, another mutual friend called to ask Nancy if we had gotten in yet.
 She lived only a couple miles down the road and wanted to come by and say "hello".
Her hubby was unable to join us and on her arrival, she stated she could only stay a few minutes.
Long story short, we spent the rest of the day catching up,
 laughing so hard we nearly wet our pants,
and finally having a time of sweet prayer together before we left for the evening.

Our photos were a little blurry...

...but our memories of good times were sharp and clear.
 Our group selfie was a little messed up too...
...kind of hard get us all in without a selfie!
Cathy chose to be she had the longest arms :)

The next morning we met again for breakfast and then we were off to Ohio.
About 30 miles north we stopped at the Kentucky Horse Park near Lexington.

So the entire eleven years we lived here, we'd never visited this beautiful place.
Don't ask me why because I just couldn't tell you the answer...
...and the term good fences has a whole new meaning to me now.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

A horse crossing...literally :)

Many beautiful old stone fences...

...and lastly, as we were walking along, we met Oreo and his sweet family.

He immediately brought me this stick to throw for him...

...and I did...

...and the games were on!
I also learned that he was very talented in his herding abilities.
His owners told us that at large family gatherings when folks start spreading out,
he promptly starts herding them all back together in a!
Oreo is one smart puppy!
And so it was back on the road again.
Ohio was almost in sight :)

To be continued....

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  1. Looks as if you went on right where you left off! That's forever friendship. Beautiful country. Ever thought of moving back...looks as if you could return to your former home.

  2. What a wonderful relationship you have with your friends, when time stands still and the time apart seems like moments instead of months. Shame about your old home, spoils the beautiful memories you have of living there. Sounds like a great break away, looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. Oh welcome back dear Debby! I am so glad you had a wonderful trip away...and how lovely you were able to see dear old friends again after all those years!
    I love those selfies you all look very happy to be together again...smiles...

    So sad that the house you once lived in hasn't been cared for and loved for so long.
    I have been back to visit quite a few of the places we've lived in and it feels soo strange! There are many memories attached to a house...

    Oh, those fences are just amazing!
    Being a horse lover, I would have really enjoyed passing those beautiful animals...

    I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip, Debby! So much fun to take a peek into your few days!

    And how adorable is Oreo...aww! I am loving that name! Smiles...

    Hugs and much love to you!
    Have a blessed Wednesday further!

  4. Hi Debby! I'm so glad you had a great side trip. It's just too bad some folks don't put any care into the houses they own. Your tri-level would be so cute still if they did. Love the horse country photos - Theresa is going to love those for Good Fences. And meeting friends at Kroger parking lot runs in lots of families. We invariably see friends there in our town. ;)
    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Wonderful new memories were created on this trip. I'm so happy for you.I love all the fence shots,they look so neat and tidy.

  6. I love reunions with old friends! How fun to go back to your old stomping ground.

  7. Wonderful times with old friends. Amazing how fb gets us in touch so much more easily. It's always interesting to go back to a former place and see changes--not always good ones, but it's nice to be able to keep the old memories too.

  8. Hi Debby, it looks like you had a great time meeting up with your old friends! It's so fun to relive old times together. Your photos are wonderful and I love seeing all the fencing at the horse farms! Oreo is a cute dog and it would be fun to see him herding. Glad you're home safe and sound and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your trip!

  9. just love the kentucky horse country! gorgeous fences and pastures! so glad you were able to see friends. :)

  10. How wonderful to go back for a visit and see so many beautiful those amazing fences! And of course to get to see family and friends, too. You'll have lots of photos and memories from this trip! Hugs!

  11. Oh, Debby, this was such an enjoyable read! And I hate to think how many times we have passed the Horse park and have yet to stop. I enjoyed your pics from it.

  12. It's bittersweet to visit old homes, isn't it? Thankfully, though your friends are still the same and I know you guys had a blast catching up! Nice that you keep in touch on fb too. Those horses and fences are absolutely gorgeous!

  13. So nice seeing all your wonderful pictures. Sad about your old house. Maybe whoever buys it next will put love and care into it again.

  14. Welcome home,Debby! How much fun meeting up with your dear friends! Great times and more fond memories!
    Those photos of Kentucky Horse country are awesome! I want to be there! I always thought the White fences look so good against the green grass and blue skies!
    Looking forward to reading more of your trip!

  15. Hi Debby! Oh, what a wonderful trip, your photos are so pretty and I'm so glad you had such a sweet reunion with your friends. It's rare this day to keep in touch through the years as especacially when we move away.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hello Debby, what a great trip. Visiting with your old friends sounds wonderful! I enjoyed the selfies and photos. The horse farm is gorgeous and Oreo is a pretty dog. Thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy day!

  17. Hi dear Debbie! What a wonderful post! I enjoyed each and every word and the photographs are all just awesome! A road trip and stopping in to see your old home, oh my, how great is that! Seeing you grand friends, what a trip! I just love horse farm, they are truly magnificent! Can't wait for your next installment!

  18. A lovely post Debbie, many beautiful photos and how wonderful to meet up with your friends.

  19. We have visited the Kentucky Horse Farm in the 1980's and it's beautiful. I love the old stone fences through that area and on the back roads too. It's a beautiful state. I'm glad you had a grand reunion with your dear friends. I'm sorry your former house is looking so sad. That is disappointing for you to see I'm sure. I'm glad you had a great trip. Pam

  20. Wow, those photos of Kentucky are gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit there, and your photos are just how I had it pictured in my mind. So glad you got to catch up with cherished friends.

  21. Hi Debby, Love your Kentucky pics. It is such a gorgeous state. We visited when we lived in Milford, Ohio and always enjoyed our visits.
    I know it is disappointing to find a home you once lived in looking out of shape. We've visited a few former homes and it was sad for us too.
    Looks like your reunion with friends was very special. Great photo.
    Have a great day. Blessings, cm

  22. Oreo is precious!!!!!

    And wow....nothing can beat the Kentucky bred horses....and would you LOOK at all that fence....incredible.

  23. You have had some great adventures while you've been gone. The fences around that horse park are fabulous. Thanks for your visit to my fences! :)

  24. Sounds like a wonderful trip. - Sad about the house you grew up in. The one I grew up in is occupied but they've not taken care of the yard the way my mom did and it looks awful. Wow that horse park is a beautiful places filled with wonderful fences and some lovely horses.

  25. Good to see you back!
    Glad you had a great time while you were away. Those places are so serene to look at. Love those greens.

    Oreo is a cutie. So adorable.

  26. WOW! So many white fences in those fields and I also love that stone wall

  27. Welcome back, sweet friend! You were missed, but I am very happy to see you had a lovely time away :) I can't wait to see more of your trip.

    Happy weekend, dear Debby. Hugs!

  28. Welcome home Debby! So nice to meet up with old friends and catch up. Love the pictures! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip. Have a great weekend! xo Deborah

  29. What a fabulous story...meeting your friend in the parking lot (!!), and then getting together with the others and picking up right where you left off! That's a mark of true friendship!

    It must have been disappointing to see your old house in a state of disrepair. Just remember that it's only a "thing" and the memories that you made there are lasting!

  30. Hopefully the next owners will show it some love :) OH MY I remember MY kids coming home with those stickers after a school assembly! :)

    Loved seeing the horses !

  31. Hopefully the next owners will show it some love :) OH MY I remember MY kids coming home with those stickers after a school assembly! :)

    Loved seeing the horses !

  32. Welcome back Debby! Your photos of the horse farm just relaxed me so much...I can only imagine how beautiful and peaceful it was in person. I'm glad you were able to get out a little, even if it was hectic. You have such lovely and faithful friends, not a surprise at all :)
    Loved that sticker in the window, although I'm sorry the house wasn't well taken care of. Booo!

  33. Aww what a fun post you have shared with us, Debby.
    I live too see when people remain friends over the years. Some people are so good about remaining in contact over the course of many years.
    I loved the photo of you all, too cute!
    That Kentucky Horse Park is amazing! Why, I'm surprised you had never seen it while living there, but isn't that the way it is, you live near the beach and never get there, or the ski slopes. Many times the best places are right in our own back yard.
    It was good to visit with you, and I'm happy you made it home safely.

    Sweet blessings, Debbie

  34. I have missed you so much! Such lovely photos of a wonderful time. You have such a way of *taking me along* for the journey! Oreo was a cutie - love doggies so much! And, I'm so sorry to hear about the old homestead. Last year my hubby and I took a trip to visit where he used to live down by San Diego. Well, we found the two houses that he'd lived in. They had been abandoned for years - caved-in roofs, broken windows, graffiti, cobwebs, even a huge colony of lizards living in every nook and cranny. Yeah, it was pretty sad. So, I can understand your heartbreak...

    Fortunately, we have mansions that are currently in progress in heaven!!


  35. Those fences are sure beautiful, still don't understand why they are painting them black.

    love your selfies oh and oreo too.


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