Sunday, April 23, 2017

Everything...Including the Kitchen Sink

We usually use the word 'but' when we are referring to the kitchen sink.
I can tell you that this idiom has rolled off my tongue many times over the years.

It is Sunday afternoon and I have just finished washing a few dirty dishes by hand.
It is a dreary, rainy day but even the view of the soggy backyard delighted me as I ponder about...
...the kitchen sink.

Does that ever happen to you?
Something sparks a memory or an idea and you know just have to go write it down or you'll forget.
As I filled the sink with the warm, soapy water and began washing the few dishes,
I realized for maybe the first time how enjoyable it actually was.

Am I losing my mind or what??

Oh no...don't even think about asking me to give up my dishwasher.
I waited almost half my life to be blessed with one and I'm not turning loose of it now!
Seriously, I can't even tell you why this feeling came over me all of a sudden.

Here of late, the window over the kitchen sink and the kitchen sink, itself, has been in my thoughts.
I am referring to this in general terms, not necessarily just about mine here at home.
It may have been triggered by this post by Roxy a couple of weeks ago.
She talked about washing dishes and how her kitchen sink and the window above
was her secret place where she prays, thinks and plans her day.
If you haven't read it or aren't familiar with Roxy, you may want to go read it.

Her post got me to reminiscing about when I was a little girl (and also as a big girl)...
and the feeling of comfort I would get when I'd see even the shape of Mom's head,
let alone her face, through the kitchen window as I'd be walking up the sidewalk
coming home from school every day.
There she'd be every afternoon, standing at the kitchen sink as she was preparing dinner.
(actually, it was called supper at my house)
I could count on it.
When I think of the kitchen sink, it represents so many things.
It was my first bathtub, even though I don't remember it...

...but pictures don't lie :)

 The kitchen sink would later become a place where three sisters (at times all five of us)
would stand and harmonize to "The Tennessee Waltz" or a favorite Lennon Sisters ballad...
while one washed, one dried and the other(s) put the dishes away.

It represents a broken ring finger where a couple of teenage girls got a little too rambunctious
as they were cleaning up after supper one summer evening.
Flinging one drop of water led to another and another, then to a half a glass...
...and the fight was on!
A trip to the emergency room and a few hours later, the verdict was in...broken.
Dear sister Barbara had to do my dishes for the next six weeks!
I had lost the battle but won the war :)

Years later after I had moved far away from home,
I can close my eyes and I still see the scene playing in my mind...
we'd be coming home for a visit and almost without fail,
there was that same familiar shadow behind the glass as we pulled into the driveway.

The memories are priceless to me.
Thank you again, Roxy for this lovely post of yours.
I think these sudden thoughts about the kitchen sink have been reinforced by some recent ponderings.
We have actually been making progress towards planning the farmhouse in Tennessee.
I am currently working on a document for our builder, detailing what we want in our home.
Can you believe it?
Here are a few ideas that we're looking at...

We'll see...they can be very expensive.
To say I'm getting excited would be an understatement.
All things in God's perfect timing.
So as I stood there this afternoon with my hands in that warm, soapy water,
I realized that the kitchen sink represented a lot of different things to me.
It isn't just a receptacle that holds water or a place to peel potatoes.

All of a sudden my kitchen sink is overflowing with many things...
sometimes it's dirty dishes, other times it's sweet memories from days gone by.

What does your kitchen sink hold?


  1. Oh lots of folks must have read Roxy's post because there's been a number of kitchen sink posts. I know because I've been responding with my memories of kitchen sink tales. Now I have an old white sink suitable for giving small children their baths so that's the one I have shared. I had no idead that they were so popular now. I am not parting with mine that I know.

  2. I am one of those fortunate people who gets to wash all the dishes at the kitchen sink.I also happen to enjoy doing the dishes.I find it relaxing and my hands, which have some arthritis,do well in the warm water.

  3. Now you have me crying over the kitchen sink which I have literally done many times. But now I can envision so many times my granny was at the kitchen sink drying her hands in her apron to give us a hug upon our arrival and then of course all the memories of mama in the kitchen. Girl, this is a good one. May have to write some thoughts down too.

  4. What a delight to visit and be reminded of the many things that have happened over the years by the kitchen sink and window. As I look out from my new window I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to make many more wonderful memories.

  5. Hi Debby, What a fun post...I had grandma's sink on my mind because tomorrow would have been her birthday. She practically lived in front of her sink and I have sweet memories of her. I love the photo of you shared here and the memory of being modest and the neighbor seeing you in your slip bent over the sink having your hair washed! Sweet to remember our Moms "head" being visible in that window as they went about their day. Hope you have a nice new week. xoxo

  6. What a great post, Debby! Memories are the best. I too wash dishes in my sink, those that I don't trust to my dishwasher. I love the photo of the first sink you are considering for your new home, it reminded me of your first bathtub.

  7. In spite of a dishwasher, we always have somethings that we handwash. I don't mind doing dishes, though I hated it growing up. My mom was not one who enjoyed keeping house and so growing up, I thought it all drudgery, too. I don't think that at all now, and over the years have learned to embrace the gift of keeping a house for our family.

  8. I love this post Debby! Your kitchen sink (with you as a baby) reminds me of the big white double porcelain sink we had growing up and we had a big double window over it that looked about 15 feet away at our neighbours house. haha We lived on the second floor of a duplex and looked at the neighbours but I didn't mind. The sun shone in that window as it faced west and we could open one side on hot summer days (and it was HOT on that second floor) and let the warm breezes blow in. Mum had black and white toile curtains on that window, which I loved. I washed and dried many a dish there in my 21 years in that house, well, not when I was under 6. I would dream of the future and think about the dance I was going on the weekend and probably sang along with the radio playing 50's and 60's songs. My much older sister and my baby sister were helpers too although I think the younger one usually managed a trip to the bathroom when it was time to do dishes. I'd stack them up for her to dry after. I can still see my mother standing there drinking a cup of water (on many occasions). We also washed our hair at that sink during our teen years as we didn't have a shower. I still use Ivory dish liquid as my mother did. Thanks for stirring up the nice memories for me. I hope you find your perfect white farmhouse sink!! xo Pam

  9. What a beautiful post Debby. And such a great memory of your mom. We spend hours at our sinks, so it's no wonder they hold all kinds of memories. Yours are precious. So excited for you as you plan your new house. Hope you get just the right sink, one for new memories. xo Deborah

  10. My kitchen sinks beholds the most glorious view. How lovely the memories you have around your kitchen sink, Debby. I never have had a dishwasher.....well not the plug-into-the-electricity, kind.....just the kind that is male with two legs and two arms. :D Cute, cute photo of you in the sink. What a divine sink! the first photo of the sink on your wish list. Your little farmhouse in the Tennessee woods is going to be gorgeous, I just know it. How exciting that you are now actually planning it.

  11. I loved your post. My sister Mildred and I were just talking about Grandma's kitchen sink and all the good memories. I miss having a window above the kitchen sink, but I am blessed to have a lovely view from the living room window.

  12. What a beautiful post Debby. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading it this morning. I often find that some of my most peaceful moments are when my hands are in the sink. Also, that is where I tend to get the most hugs. My Husband, 14 year old daughter and 11 year old son always come around when I'm at the sink. I think it comforts them.
    Loving the choices for new sinks.
    Have a great week,

  13. Mine hold memories of my mom washing and me drying and my father keeping tabs on me being on duty no excuses allowed.... though my mom might be influenced for exemptions if I was doing my piano lessons...:)

  14. My memories are of me washing the dishes. That was my chore - the dish washer.
    I always enjoyed washing dishes though and still do and don't even have a dishwasher.
    Had one in a house I lived in once but only used it ONE time.
    There is a window over my sink now and I get to look out in the back yard and watch the birds.

  15. OH like everyone else I LOVED this post. It's just soo true. Soo many memories are wrapped up in those kitchen sinks and windows over the years! I especially remember the first one I had (for six years) right after we were first married. We had no dishwasher, and I stood there through the birth of two babies and many many meals, holidays, and events as a young bride and mother. Some forty some years later and I can still see it all in my minds eye. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, and now I am off to check out that post you referenced. Enjoy your week!

    1. Hi Debbie...and thank you! I don't know why your comments don't come to my email...I only see them if I return to my posts....not sure why that is. Anyway, thank you for your sweet words. I am seeing now just how many folks relate to the kitchen sink!

  16. Oh Debby, I have smiles from reading this post. Oh yes, I bathed all my babies in the sink and my mom and granny bathed me in the sink. I still wash my hair in the sink at times! I have done lots of pondering and praying my friend at my kitchen sink. Actually, standing at my kitchen sink one Saturday morning praying winded up being one of those breakthrough moments for me with some things in my life. The kitchen sink certainly serves us more than just washing dishes doesn't it? Debby, it's so good that you are getting ideas for your farm house. How neat. Hugs and blessings dear friend, Cindy

  17. We called it supper too. And I also used to bathe in the kitchen sink (wee little girl at the time) and I remember my mother covering me up when the milk inspector came to the house. But wow, the kitchen sink holds so many memories. CUTE baby pic, and I love that sink. We have one just like it, tall backsplash and rounded at the corners, but it has a large drainboard built in as well. I wanted to put it in our basement apartment, but it would have meant that the other base cabinets would have to be custom made to fit it, so I didn't get to use it. I'm still sorry about that. Thanks for this great post, Debby!

  18. It was called supper in the mountains of PA, too. Dinner was at noon. I bathed all my kids and grandkids in the kitchen sink when they were little. My daughters, following in my footsteps, did the same thing.

    I can remember a great loss or two- and standing at the sink washing dishes (for something to do) and the salty tears falling into the hot water as I tried to wash away the pain.

    I love your memories, Debby. This was a great post...and I love Roxy's posts, too. xo Diana

  19. Oh my! Beautiful post!loved it and Roxys too! It brought back such memories for me! I love the sink with the drainboard! Fabulous !!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I never know if you get any of my replies. Can you send me your email address?

  20. You always have the best posts my dear friend! Loved every little bit of this...:) Now I will go to bed dreaming of trying to get my hands on a new/old sink! I will tell Shannon to thank you....heehee. Love and hugs!

  21. Oh, I have lots and lots of memories of the kitchen sink as well. One very profound memory would be my brother "popping" me with the drying towel as he was drying as I was washing. Such an enjoyable post!

  22. Wow! Great post! Brought tears to my eyes. Oh all the wonderful memories that came flooding back of me as a child washing dishes with my grandma and my dad. And then fast forward to being newlyweds and having babies. All the boo-boos that needed fixed and dirty faces needing washed oh and all the prayers being spoken...Ya, precious memories my friend, just precious!

    I love my dishwasher too, but there is something so theraputic washing in hot soapy water! ;)

    Enjoy your week Debby!


  23. Oh, Debby, I did love this post...

  24. Oh, how precious! It touched me so deep inside to think of your dear Mama standing there and the comfort you would feel when you saw her through the window. Do we ever, ever stop missing them and those dear days gone by? Now, our own children find comfort in seeing us at our familiar spot over the sink. Thank you for these heartwarming words tonight. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  25. Well, Thank YOU, so much for the lovely link back to that post I wrote about my Secret Place. But your comment on that post was so sweet it made me cry tears of the memories of years gone by...
    Thank you for sharing even a bit more on how special the kitchen sink is tour our lives and homes and memories. I especially loved the part about bathing the babies in the sink! I have pictures of all of them being in the tub and enjoying the whole routine of bath time!
    Your ideas of a kitchen sink for the new home is so perfect! I do hope you get the one your heart desires and for a great price!!
    Always, Roxy xo

  26. Great post Debby … I wrote a similar one years ago. To me the kitchen sink is the heart of the heart of the home. And I l o v e to wash dishes, though I have a dishwasher. It's so relaxing for me, and when the kids were younger I could zone out after dinner washing the dishes while they played with their dad. Much thinking and prayer gets done at the kitchen sink! I hope you find just the sink of your dreams for your new home.

  27. Awwww what fond memories you've shared, dear Debby, and even a trip to the ER! This post was so heartwarming to me, and I loved the baby pic. Yes, didn't we all bathe our sweet babies in our kitchen sinks! Thank you for the trip down memory lane, and the pictures that you're sharing for your farmhouse. xx

  28. beautiful post. you were a cute lil gal. I used to get a bath in the kitchen sink too, and almost got drowned in it when my gram or mom would wash my hair.

  29. A lovely post, Debby. It made me think of a time when I didn't have a kitchen sink, or a real kitchen. We had just moved to Ecuador and were living in one room in a basement (ground level) until our house could be prepared. Tim stacked the barrels with our stuff around one corner, laid a piece of plywood over top, we had a stove alongside and a fridge. My kitchen "sink" consisted of two plastic basins that I filled from the tiny bathroom sink. I dumped the water out the door.
    We spent three months there - and our eldest daughter was born during that time.
    When we did move into our own place, the kitchen sink is one thing that I appreciated so very much. Sometimes it takes the lack of something to make us enjoy what we have.
    I haven't thought of that for years - thanks for the memory jog.

  30. What a great post.
    To me the kitchen is the heart of the home ... everything seems to happen in a kitchen and of course a kitchen sink is so integral to it, and our life!

    All the best Jan

  31. Sweet post. Brought back a lot of memories for me, too.


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