Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hodgepodge: Winging My Way Into June

Well, here we are on this last day (and Hodgepodge) of May... not only means that summer is almost officially here,
but that after today the first half of 2017 is officially over.
Can you even believe it?
It also means that there are lots of little winged critters out there flitting about.
Over the long holiday weekend, I was able to capture quite a few...

well...not actually capture capture them, but you know what I mean :)

Dragonflies just amaze me and there are so many different varieties down at the pond.

There is a certain red one that wouldn't be still long enough for me to get a shot.
I will be looking for him the next time.
I had yet to see many butterflies this spring...

...until I brought home this planter of Lantana...

...and they came out of nowhere within an hour of setting it on the deck!

The bees are also quite fond of them.

And then there are the are those gorgeous thistles...

...the bees love them too!

So, enough winged creatures for one post.
Let's get on with the business at hand...Joyce's Hodgepodge...

...where she asks the questions and we write the answers.
1. What makes you feel accomplished? Explain.

Okay, I'm just gonna tell it like it is...on those rare occasions when I do feel a sense of accomplishment, it's because I have either just finished a major project of some kind or have gotten some very much needed deep cleaning know, the kind that we all I keep putting off. I have so many things I need to do but it wears me out just thinking about them so what do I normally do? Grab my camera and head for the country. 😉

2. If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? Tell us why.

The likelihood of me having my own talk show is just as likely as who my first three guests would be, so I would like to invite the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to come sit on my stage...and of course, they would only need one chair. I would ask [them] about all of the whys and wherefores of certain circumstances throughout my life. The Father might tell of how He created the universe and the love that He has for all of us, the Son might talk about His ultimate sacrifice and responsibility of carrying out His Father's will so that we could all be saved and the Holy Spirit would be there to help us try to understand it all. I would also ask Him [them] if we will see our pets in heaven. If they declined my invitation, I would just have to wait for my answers until I get to heaven.

Farther along we'll know all about it
Farther along we'll understand why
Cheer up my brother live in the sunshine
We'll understand it all by and by.

3. Do you have a great burger recipe? What's in it? What do you like on a hamburger and where is your favorite spot to order one out?

I do not have a special burger recipe when it come to beef burgers. I usually just buy good ground beef and freeze my own patties or get the gourmet burgers that are already frozen. Jim does the grilling and he prefers the burgers to be partially frozen when he cooks them due to them falling apart. (Don't tell him, but I think it's because he gets impatient and turns them before they're ready.) We usually add BBQ sauce to them, only when cooked on the grill. Occasionally I do make turkey burgers and although I don't have a certain recipe I follow, I do add lots of seasonings and spices to improve the flavor. There is a favorite restaurant in our town called the Blue Ribbon Diner and they make a mean bacon cheese burger that is probably my favorite.

4. What's the biggest anxiety producing thing you do on a regular basis?

Hmm...I've had to really think about how I was going to answer this one. For the most part, I am not a worrier or a stressed out person by nature. My job is not a cause for anxiety, I actually enjoy it very much...except for that time about a year ago when I was learning EPIC. I can't think of one thing that causes me anxiety on a regular basis....sorry, not sorry. Now if I was answering this question a couple of years ago, it would be a different story. Living with an alcoholic in the family, whether they are under your roof or not is a roller coaster ride...mostly heading in a downward motion. Those of you who read my blog know a little about our son's addiction, subsequent rehab and current recovery-in-process. I never take a day of his sobriety for granted but the constant anxiety is no longer a daily part of our lives, Praise God! Also, on July 1st Jim will officially be an old person and will start using his Medicare. There may be some anxiety there...we'll see. These days, for the most part, getting my next post written and posted in a timely manner might possibly cause a minimal amount of anxiety.

5. This is the last Hodgepodge of May. Tell us about your summer plans.

So far, we have plans to travel to see the Tennessee bunch near the end of June and in late July, the whole family will make the trip to Ohio for my family reunion. The photo below was taken two years ago at our last one and the day before, my oldest brother, Bob, who lives in SC was hospitalized and unable to make it. I edited the photo and added his picture as a way of including him in spirit. Since then, the cancer that he had a couple of years ago has reared it's ugly head and is currently in stage 4. He recently told his doctors that he wanted no more chemo (which was severely debilitating him) and that he wanted to return to his active lifestyle and have quality of life for as much time as the Lord allows him. We are all praying that he can make the trip to Ohio.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm stuck on my random thought and it's getting late. I feel just a tinge of anxiety coming on....😓


  1. Your insect shots are marvelous! Such small creatures so intricately designed. A family reunion sounds wonderful. I hope your brother is able to make it. I'm sorry that his cancer is in stage four. Prayers for him and the family. Your answer to #2 was really interesting! On the new earth I wouldn't be at all surprised if our pets are there as well. And Debby, I rejoice with you that you no longer have to suffer the anxiety over your son. But I know that daily prayers are made on his behalf.

  2. Wow. Those photos are beautiful! Who knew insects could be so beautiful! Have a good week.

  3. Great photos! I am sorry about your brothers' cancer. My Tim says that's what he'd choose too. Quality of life.

    I smiled at your answer about guests on your talk show. I can't wait until we KNOW!

  4. Amazing photos- although I am not fond of "bugs" saved your reputation (with me) by adding the butterflies.
    I am so sorry your brother is Stage 4-Cancer is such a nasty thing to deal with--do you buy yourself more time or opt for quality of time that you have left.....sounds like your brother has chosen his path and God bless him. I hope he can make the reunion, too, and I am sure it will be a bittersweet one for all of you.

    I hope you have a wonderful day. xo Diana

  5. I love the family photo but I'm sorry about your brother too. Such a terrible disease! Great photos of the dragonflies. We've been seeing them and trying to 'capture' them here too! Hugs!

  6. Wowzers! Your images are AMAZING! How do you capture God's creation so beautifully??? I'd say it's a gift, my friend.

    Please know that I will be praying for your brother and that he is able to make it to the family reunion. Oh, what a gift that would be!

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Sending love and hugs your way!

  7. OH..MY..GOODNESS!! Those pictures are soo amazing! I really would feel accomplished IF I could every figure out how to take such good pictures. I have a nice, good camera...that I almost never use. Trying to figure it out definitely produces anxiety, lol. I'd be watching your talk show for sure. Can you honestly just imagine? I am sorry to hear about your brother. How I hate cancer. I pray that his quality of life is good, and that he is able to join you this summer for a GOOD visit with you all!

  8. I pray that your brother will be able to make the reunion. God bless him.
    I love your butterflies and Lantana and the thistle and bees. And the dragonflies are amazing. Wishing you a nice afternoon.

  9. What a delight to visit and see those stunning photos of insects you certainly are a talented photographer. Hope your brother manages the trip to Ohio and that he is able to live the life that he wants. Such wonderful news to hear that your son is still doing well and that you are no longer anxious about is well being, praying that this will continue. Take care.

  10. What a blessing to know that your reason for anxiety is no longer there! God has given your family such a gift!

    Oh my. Those dragonfly photos are stunning! That little red dragonfly has certainly missed his moment in the spotlight. Silly critter. Maybe he'll reconsider the next time you come around. :)

  11. Sweet friend, I am so sorry that your brother is dealing with this. But praise the Lord that He knows the One that keeps him sheltered under His wing for however long that may be. I love all of your pictures with the insects. Such pretty colors in these creatures if we only took the time to notice. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Those are amazing close-up photos!!! The colors are so pretty too! We have one of those bushes and i just love them

  13. First, your dragonfly photos are amazing! And, your answers were great, loved #2! And, bless your precious heart, alcoholism is such an ugly, ugly addiction. I lost a cousin, 59 years old, last year due to alcoholism and I have 4 other cousins that are what we call "functioning" alcoholics. I have never seen or heard of one GOOD thing come from drinking in any form or fashion but I've seen and heard so, so many BAD things as a result of drinking. I'm so thankful I came from a tee-totaling family and Hubby and I have never drank. It's just not worth the risk! I pray for your son's recovery. Blessings abundant Debby!

  14. I always have a sense of accomplishment, for a moment, after the house is clean. Lol! It doesn't last...neither the feeling nor the clean house!

  15. What a beautiful post. Such gorgeous photos. You do have a way with your camera. Lovely!

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...

  16. You have captured some lovely photos of the winged creatures.I love those lacy wings on a dragonfly.

  17. Spectacular pics of those flying critters, which I am not at all fond of, except for the butterflies. Like you, I head for the hills, smart phone in hand, to escape all the hurricane of household chores that threaten my survival!

    Hope you get to have a wonderful family reunion this year, Debby. Best wishes for your dear brother.


  18. Your flying critters are captured, oh-so-beautifully. What a clever photographer you are. I too would love to sit down with Jesus and chat and chat. I have so many questions to ask and of course would love to seek His advice on so many subjects. I hope you and your family...and your brother have a lovely family reunion.

  19. Oh, Debby! I am SO sorry to read of your brother's health issues. I do trust the Lord will allow him to come to your reunion, bless his heart. That is so sad. Your photos are STUNNING. Seriously, they should be published somewhere in a magazine or used for advertising or something. They are some of the best I have seen. I am so thankful you choose to share them with us here. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  20. You sure pack a lot of newsy bits into your Hodge Podge and they go from the lighthearted to the very serious indeed. Praying that your brother is able to make the trip and that it will be a fun time for you all. You're going to interview the Trinity? I am not so sure about that one chair thing...doesn't Jesus sit at the right hand of The Father? Get your staff on it! That's it. I am getting some lantana this year.

  21. I pray that your brother will be able to get to the reunion.
    Your photos are gorgeous.

  22. Wonderful insect photos. You are a whiz with the camera. I enjoyed your answers, always with a good dose of humor.

  23. I loved this post, Debbie ... and your photos. So peaceful.

  24. Your photos are amazing, Debby! Did I ever ask you what kind of camera you use?
    I will pray for your brother and that he'll be able to attend the reunion. Take care.

  25. Great close up photos. So sorry to hear about your brother. I pray that he can make it to your reunion.

  26. All your photo's of the 'winged creatures' are simply amazing, lovely to look at.

    Sending my good wishes and also my thoughts and prayers that your brother will be able to get to the reunion. Thinking of you.

    All the best Jan

  27. Oh Debby, your photos of the winged friends are so beautiful! I loved that you edited a picture of your brother in the group photo. I think it's so wise of him to discontinue the debilitating chemo. Here's praying that he will be there for your family reunion.

  28. Just signed up to follow you on Bloglovin and GFC.

  29. Beautiful "captures", Debby. I can see why these are some of your favorite things. :)

  30. I've never seen the dragonfly up close, Debby. They fascinate me too. This green winged critter is beautiful. And the butterflies are stunning. It's hard for me to get a picture of the butterfly, as they fly away so quickly, but I did get a beauty one time at the nursery. The bee pics are cool too.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your brother, Debby. Sending love and comforting thoughts your way. Have a wonderful time with all your loved ones at the family reunion this summer.



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