Sunday, January 28, 2018

One Room at a Time (Sweet Jesus)

My plan was to start in January.
Well, January has come and will be gone in a couple of days.
Have I started yet?
That would be a big fat NO.
Every room in our house needs some attention in one way or another.
We replaced the floors less than a year ago and closets were cleaned out...

...and remember that bedroom redo from last spring?

But that is just a drop in the bucket, my friends.
And since we all are aware of how the months fly by,
the spring will be here before I blink twice.
There is so much to do before our home is market-ready.
I get overwhelmed thinking about all I have to do as a whole...
...sorting, purging and getting rid of the organized (organized?) clutter.
So I have decided I need to do this one room at a time.
And by that I mean not only the de-cluttering, etc., but repairing nail holes,
touching up walls and painting the new primed doors and woodwork, etc., etc.
One. Room. At. A. Time.
 So the other day I was when I was feeling particularly lazy and disinterested,
That still, small voice in my head reminded me, "Just do one room at a time, Debby."
And then that old gospel song from the 70's infiltrated my brain...

"One day at a time, sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking from you,
Just give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do...."

You probably remember how the rest of the song goes.
Once the song started playing in my head, I couldn't make it stop
so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity and take it a step further.
I decided to take a few creative liberties with the offense to anyone...
...and I'm not trying to make fun of this beautiful song or it's message.
So here it is...

One room at a time, dear Debby, that's all that you have to do,
You'll muster the strength to do everything that you need to do.
January's near gone, dear Debby and spring will be here real soon.
So get off your tail, let progress prevail,
One room at a time.

I really do need Jesus to help me with this.
I'm feeling a little emotional these days and unmotivated to get my act together...
...dragging my feet, I guess you could say.
I'm thinking that subconsciously I'm still in a bit of denial when it's all said and done.
Twenty-five plus years is a long time...lots of memories under this roof.

Remember how excited I was when I finally got my front porch?

Don't get me wrong...I am getting excited about our move to Tennessee.
But a part of me is also a little ambivalent...having a hard time letting go.
And a maybe just a tad apprehensive...
...but I've just got to suck it up and get motivated, y'all!
"Yesterday's gone, sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine.
Lord help me today, show me the way,
one day (and one room) at a time."



  1. I don't envy you the task, but one room at a time sounds about right.

  2. I love that song, Debby, and I did the same thing that you did. I actually went room to room and made a list of every single thing that needed to be done in that room in a notebook. Then, as I tackled each room I crossed it off my list. It gave me such a sense of satisfaction to do that AND you can bet your butt that if I did something that WASN'T on that list I added it just so I could cross if'm a little anal like that. I also found that by doing that with the list I wasn't all willy-nilly once I got in the room- I had tasks to do and once I could name them I could tame them.

    Good luck- wish I lived closer- I would come help you!!!! xo Diana

  3. That is a beautiful song.Sorting through a house full of memories is not easy and takes time. I think I spent almost a whole winter going through stuff.When moving day came that spring,I was ready and eager to start homemaking in my new-to-me home.You will get it done as well.

  4. A lovely song, and you've made it personal, for you! With every gain there is a loss of some sort, and leaving your long-time home will be a loss that needs to be grieved. One room at a time is a great way to tackle this enormous task.

  5. It is hard to let go and feel motivated but it will be worth it in the end. An emotional time but you take your memories with room at a time, I am cheering you on.

  6. I loved your perspective on this, as making a move is filled with so many things to do and all the memories attached to it all. As women our homes are the safe place filled with all the things we love and need! May this new move be filled with adventure and you will make new memories!
    One day at a time is the only way...
    enjoy the journey, everything is just plain hard work!

  7. We have lots of things to do too before we move. Somehow though I just am not bothered by it. It will all get done and I'm just too excited to think of the work. : )

    Don't worry it will all come together!

  8. i love the words that you made into your very own version, Debby! I agree, things can be overwhelming these days. There are things that I'd like to do, but just can't get motivated. One room at a time seems to be a good plan, instead of jumping all around. You will so love it when you get to Tennessee!

  9. One room at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time. Most things seem overwhelming some days. Just work on one small task at a time and enjoy those walks down memory lane as you pack and get ready for your new adventure. You got this and if you feel like you don't, God does! :)

    Thinking of you,

  10. With the fixing of one room at a time, your home will gradually be ready to put on the market. Our homes have so many treasured memories swirling round and round, don't they. It is never easy to move. Our homes are a place where we pen our family's narrative. A story, where page after page, depicts our family life, the toing and froing of daily life, the emotions, the love, the romance, the sadnesses, the arguments, the happy times, the ridiculous times, the quiet times, the celebratory times, all the wonderful memories. But you know what, your family narrative will continue in your new little home in Tennessee. You will pen many new wonderful pages to your family's narrative; stories filled with new, exciting and cherished memories. Thinking of you as you begin to do all those things that need to be done.

  11. Every part of this post resonates with me and where we are in the process of getting ready to sell and looking for something to buy. I suppose the difference is we have no clue what and exactly where in our new city that house will be. We were hoping to use the Pod system for moving but have found out that no pod company delivers to the zip code we are moving to, sigh. What a lovely addition that porch is to your home. One room, one day at a time is a good way to make it through the unknowns and the treasures, too. Blessings as you forge ahead today with your new anthem!

  12. Hi Debby, Getting a house ready to sell is daunting. It's true. I just remembered how I did it when all my kids were little. I would clean and prep one room at a time, then I would forbid anyone to go in it. It was the only way I could make any progress!
    I do miss my littles so much. Wonderful memories.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  13. I certainly feel your "paint" or angst. 25 years is a long time. We're only at 20 and the task looms ahead of us, just to get ready for whatever. We've been helping our kids move this week and, oh my, get rid of as much as you can ahead of time! But you know that. What you are thinking is exactly right--one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, and like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.

  14. Oh, sweet friend! I so relate to what you are going through, having just done all of this in 2016. Whew! I don't envy what is ahead of you, but I will tell you will be SO worth it! You have so much good ahead of is just getting from point A to point B, right? And, you WILL get there, by God's grace! I love your little take on that dear, old song...I have always loved that song. God bless you and give you motivation, courage, and strength to press forward, one room at a time!

  15. Its a major life change! It makes perfect sense that you are feeling the way you do.

    You’ve got it right, one day at a time! That house is going to sell fast!

  16. I am sitting here grinning at your song re-write! Genius!

    Oh, but I can sense the seriousness in all this too. Nearly two years ago now, we were in a similar spot: contemplating a move from our home of 35 years. And yes, it's sobering. And yes, there's a lot of work to do when the time comes. And also yes, Jesus did help us and we'd make the same decision if we had the choice to make over again.

    One day at a time.

  17. I know you can do this, Debby! One room at-a-time might not be enough of a break-down. I'm a big list-maker, so when we decided to sell our last home, I made a list of everything in each room that needed to be done. I love crossing things off my lists...makes me feel so good! Change is often scary, but this is just your "next chapter." Good luck, sweet friend.

    Warm hugs,

  18. Oh my! How I love your version of that song. Wish I could hear you sing it. Yes Lord one room at a time! I have been in my She-Shed and I can tell you girlfriend. I told myself, SELF, if you EVER let this get in that bad of shape again I am going to kick your butt! LOL! So many things on the horizon for you dear Friend. God has an awesome plan. I am feeling it in my bones! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. I think that's smart of you to start with one room at a time, Debby. You will get more done that way and not be so overwhelmed with the process. Your house is charming, and I love your front porch. I've always wanted a BIG front porch. I understand you being excited about the move, but having a hard time letting go. So many memories for you in that house. There is always something I like and don't like about each new area and house that I move to. But I always end up making each house a home.....and so will you.



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