Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Teacup & Mug Exchange Reveal

 Well, it's that time once again...
...time to reveal to the world what we received in our lovely packages from
Teacup and Mug Exchange
This was my 6th exchange to participate in and each one has brought such joy.
And you just couldn't ask for a more fun way to make new friends!
It is beyond me how our dear and gracious hostess pulls these events off twice a year.
Just thinking about all of the time, commitment and organization that goes into each one...
well...I just can't even imagine! 
As much as I enjoy the anticipation of receiving a teacup package from a new friend,
I get as much joy, if not more, from shopping, wrapping and getting together the package to my lady.
Before I show you what was in my goodie box, I'll show you what I sent to my new friend, Sam,
a lovely lady from the Sunshine State of Florida.
Sam does not have a blog but I discovered that she and I like many of the same things.

So I purchased a few things I would like, although I have never tried Darjeeling tea.
I fell in love with this teacup when I saw it...perfectly vintage that I found on eBay.
For a fleeting moment I was just a bit tempted to keep it for myself!
Of course, I'm kidding....mostly. {smile}

I also included some honey straws (something new to Sam), yummy biscotti,
and a quilting magazine since I found out that she was an avid quilter.
Sam is also a member of the Red Hat Society so I added some darling clip-art onto her card.

She also collects vintage handkerchiefs and she absolutely loves yellow roses.
 How blessed I was to find this true vintage hankie with none other than yellow roses on it!
I think I may have been as thrilled as she was!
I was able to find Sam on Facebook and I hope to keep connected with her there.

My lovely package was sent to me all the way from New York by Jacqueline.
"Jackie" does not have a blog but she had evidently been reading mine a bit...
...the girl knows what I like!
First things teacup was just exquisite.

I fell in love with the all-over pattern of delicate flowers and butterflies.
I don't have a teacup that's anything like this one.

Along with my beautiful teacup and saucer was an array of other goodies...

...including this darling vintage tin with chocolates inside (mmm...Hershey's Nuggets!),

zinnia flower seeds, a variety of teas including homemade strawberry mint julep loose tea,

a package of lovely note cards, some yummy chocolate mint cookies (she must be psychic),
and this darling wooden sign which now sits in my kitchen window sill.
And of course, all of these lovely gifts were accompanied by a sweet note card.

And it didn't take long for temptation to set in...
the cookies were calling my name and I'm pretty sure I heard them say, "Open me, open me!"

So I did...imagine that!

Girl Scouts of America, you've got nothing on Benton's Minty Fudge Cookies!

So another one of Stephanie's Teacup & Mug Exchanges in the books.
Each one unique, yet the sentiment is the same, time after time.

Stephanie, you put so much of yourself into each one of these exchanges.
Thank you for all you do...and what a blessing you are to so many!

Have a beautiful week!


  1. Hi Debby, What fun to see all these photos from the tea cup exchange. It's been many years since I participated. I love seeing what you sent and I'm happy you and your new friend can stay connected via fb. I also enjoyed seeing your gift from NY. Everything is lovely!
    Enjoy your day. xo

  2. Love seeing all the sweet treasures. I too enjoy this so much. I do not know how Stephanie pulls this off. Ooh, those cookies would be calling my name too girl. I am starving like Marvin right now so anything looks good. LOL! Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. A BIG sigh...Gorgeous teacup!! I love the little flowers gracing that teacup, Debby. I must say, the teacup you gifted was just as gorgeous.
    Looks like both parties did there homework and sent some very personable gifts, what a joy!
    Sam is a beautiful soul. :-)
    May you find great joy and happiness in your new lady friends~

  4. I don't drink tea, nor collect tea cups. But if I did, those are both beautiful! Makes me wish, I did drink tea. What a neat thing to participate in.

  5. Hi Debby... love seeing all the pics. Beautiful tea cups! Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Beautiful gifts, given and received.

  7. Hi Deb - oh my word, lovely teacups both coming and going!!!!! They are both in the same category of awesome. : - )

    Aren't these swaps fun? And for sure the best part are the friendships formed.

    Stephanie is the best - and this was one great swap! I naturally forgot to take pics of what I send. Some things I just can't seem to get right, haha. Hugs.

  8. You gave and received such wonderful gifts, Debby, and I'm sighing over both teacups!! I agree, it's such fun to find gifts for our recipient, and yet the anticipation of receiving a special surprise box, is joy in itself. Yes, our sweet Stephanie is the best hostess in pouring her heart into this teacup exchange. Enjoy your goodies!

  9. Wow! That is positively delicious! Gorgeous teacups both of them and the delightful things in the packages. I love it! You both scored!

  10. Hi, sweet Debby! My oh my, what a wonderful box of goodies sent and received. I simply love the tea cup you sent to Sam and I must confess that I think I might have thought about keeping it too - HA! And oh, the tea cup you received is ever so pretty and dainty.

    Thank you, dear one, for joining the fun. Love and hugs to you!

  11. Too fun! I always seem to miss these. Would love to have participated. Your goodies are gorgeous and yummy!

  12. Both packages are terrific! I love the teacups.

    And I love the Red Hat Society! My husband and I went and watched I Can Only Imagine a few weeks ago and there was a group of Red hat ladies in the theater. They made me so happy and they looked like they were having so much fun!

    This is my second time to join the exchange and I've had so much fun!

    I agree ~ bless Stephanie for all the time and effort she expends on our behalf to make the exchange happen!

  13. That tea cup/treat box looks so nice. A tea cup exchange is a great idea.

  14. That looks just great! I think those teacup exchanges have enlarged to include many other items - and what fun for the recipients!

  15. I can sense your excitement with the shopping for Sam's pretties. Such a pretty teacup and the hankie, how exquisite you found it....just perfect. Your gifts from Jacqueline are amazing as well. The flowers blossoming around the cup and saucer with the sweet butterflies are magical. Such a sweet tin as well. So, so many pretties and beautiful new friendships....bliss!

  16. Beautiful teacups, and such sweet goodies! Darjeeling is wonderful tea!

  17. Your new tea cup and saucer are gorgeous! What a happy package!

  18. Oh, what loveliness ~ both sent and received!! You can just feel the love and care in both packages, and you are so right, I do not know how precious Stephanie does all she does! She is a rare gem indeed and makes this so much fun for all of us. I SO look forward to it and hope it never stops! Although I can only imagine how difficult it is for her to do so much. God bless her and each and every kind soul who participated. So thankful you were so blessed, sweet friend!

  19. Love the tea cups. Real vintage.

    God bless.

  20. Jackie from New York was my exchange recipient! I was thrilled to get an email and a card from her to say how much she enjoyed the package contents and was looking forward to having tea with a friend who also loves tea. I was sorry to hear that this is most likely the last exchange - this was my third time to participate and I really enjoyed meeting fellow tea-lovers across the country. Lovely packages - Nonni's Biscotti are my favorite. I just tried their new Limited Edition Limoncello Pistachio - so delicious.

  21. Such lovely gifts, both sent and received! Your teacup is so daintily pretty.

  22. I love both tea cups! Very pretty! The other gifts are all beautiful too! It really is such a nice way to meet new friends! I have participated in many of Stephanie's exchanges and I am also sad to see it end. Stephanie has done so much for us! Enjoy your new treasures!

  23. What pretty packages! I especially love the teacup you received. So pretty!!

  24. Such wonderful packages, thoughtful and most certainly memorable.

  25. Both packages that you sent out and received are just wonderful with lots a special treats.
    A lovely post.

  26. Debby, I can see why you love the tea cup! It is exquisite. These exchanges are such fun and a blessing meeting new friends!

  27. Wow. Two lovely tea cups! And what a lot of nice treats you received. :-)

  28. Christmas in May! How lovely!

  29. I can see why you were tempted to keep that beautiful vintage teacup Debby! It is a beauty and I loved all of the fun items that you sent to Sam, how fun to find the Vintage handkerchief with yellow roses on it too! A beautiful package you received as well!!! It is sad to think we won't have the Tea Exchange again but it certainly has been a wonderful blessing through the years to enjoy!

  30. Oh, it all is so both packages. I recently read something on someone's blog about Darjeeling tea and how they loved it. And, I just read your Mother's Day post. That is so sweet, how you found the old hand written letter and card to your mother.

  31. Aw...both gifts given and received are beautiful! Love the little sign you got. Great words to live by! ;)

    Happy weekend!

  32. Oh I LOVE that cup and saucer you received!! What a beautiful package of 'pretties' and 'goodies'!

  33. How very delightful all of the goodies sent and received are! I love both tea cups, and love the "wild" look of the one you received. Sweet treats and fun teas! Enjoy!!!

  34. What lovely gifts...the one you sent and the one you received! Absolutely charming.

  35. I love those vintage tea cups both given and received. And all those lovely treats to go along with them. Such fun!

  36. I'm smitten with both these pretty teacups!

  37. I think these exchanges are wonderful. I enjoyed seeing your photographs here.

    All the best Jan


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