Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Memorial Road Trip Medley

So has the month of May really nearly passed us by already??
That is CRAZY!
So here we are, looking at Memorial Day Weekend...
...just in time for a.....ROAD TRIP!!

It just so happens that this week's Wednesday Medley is all about road trips.
After all, it seems this coming Friday is 


National Road Trip Day - Friday Before Memorial Day

If you head on over to Terri's she'll tell you all about it!
And then just copy and paste her questions to your blog and answer them.

1.  Have you ever done a spur-of-the-moment road trip?  Where did it take you?

Since you didn't specify, I am assuming it doesn't matter the length of the road trip to actually qualify as one. When I was a little girl, we often piled into Dad's old Buick (or later on, the station wagon with the third seat facing the back) and made our way into the country settings of the places where my parents were raised and began their homestead. These places were probably no more than 30 minutes to an hour drive from our home but they seemed as though we had driven miles and miles to get to them...probably had something to do with those hilly and bumpy back roads we had taken. Actually, I think they were ALL back roads, come to think of it! We heard story after story about who was born where...or how the cows got away the day they broke through that fence...etc., etc. Fun times! When I had a family of my own, we usually had a plan as where we were going but there was one time in particular when we packed up, got in the car with the boys and headed to the reservations, no certain destination. As it turn out, we found an adorable vintage motel right on the beach and had one of the best unplanned vacations!

2.  If time and money wasn't an issue, what roads would you choose to travel and how long would you be gone?

I actually think I could spend a long time on the road and I would take mostly back roads. Our dogs are great little travelers and I would make sure the places that we stopped were pet-friendly, without a doubt. I always had a desire to travel out west to places I've never seen and if money were no object we'd rent an RV and just go for it! Just don't put me behind the steering wheel. 😉

3.  When you go on a long road trip, what snacks and beverages do you take?  Do you pack a picnic? Does the back seat turn into a nest?

If we are starting out in the wee hours (as we do often) Jim will need his coffee...but bottled water is usually our drink of choice for the most part. And we don't ever have to worry about driving too far without rest stops...between Jim's coffee and his diuretic medication, he pretty much stops at every rest area we come to. Me? I stay in the car mostly. I've been told I have a bladder of steel. 😄 As far as snacks go, I prefer mine to be healthy ones such as fruit, nuts or protein bars while Jim goes in for the candy bars and little packages of mini donuts. He occasionally sabotages my good snacking habits by bringing me a pack of Peanut M&Ms when we stop to get gas. Well, they are kinda healthy aren't they?? Some of my favorite road trip memories do include picnics along the way at picnic areas or rest stops. A cold meat sandwich and a bag of chips never tastes better! These days, the back seat is just filled with whatever won't fit in the back of my CR-V but back in the day when we were traveling with two boys (sometimes our two and other times our two grands), you couldn't even see that there was a back seat! 
4.  Please tell us about something interesting or strange you have seen on the side of the road.

I am sure through the years there have been many strange things that we have come upon but the first thing that came to mind was something we saw just about a year ago when we went to the Cass Railroad in West Virginia. As we rounded a corner of a road filled with many twists and turns, out of the ditch came a bunch of what looked like fuzzy little puppies...and they were standing right in the middle of the road...OH MY GOSH!!! Mommy was not with them...or so we thought. Jim stopped the car and just as I was about to get out, I caught a glimpse of Mommy, still in the ditch but she didn't look like any mama dog I'd ever seen. They were actually not puppies at all (well, they were...kinda) but a litter of adorable baby foxes...and Mommy looked as if she didn't much like me! Needless to say, I got back in the car and as soon as we saw they were safely off the road, we drove off. My only regret is not getting a picture. (And sneaking one of them home with me.)
5.  Who does the driving when you head out in the car?  Do you stop in the rest areas along our Interstate highways when you have to use the facilities, or do you choose a fast-food restaurant or gas station instead?  Not TMI... inquiring minds want to know!

Oh...this one's easy, especially since I already answered part of it a couple of questions back. First of all, there is never any argument about who will be driving...whether we are just heading out, somewhere in the middle or pulling back into our driveway, Jim would be the one behind the wheel. One time, years ago, I offered to drive part of a trip to Ohio so he could sleep....well....I vowed right then and there I would never offer to drive again. Between him not being able to get comfortable to sleep and worrying about every move I made, that was the first and the last time that happened. But that's okay...we have traveled many a mile together since then and it's all good. Rest areas are my husband's our facilities of choice...that is until we get to the next restaurant...or gas station...or whatever. I don't think there is an establishment that Jim has ever entered where he hasn't checked out the "decor" of the facilities.....get my drift???
6.  Please share something with us about your week so far.

Excitement is in the air as we get ready for our Tennessee bunch this weekend. We have a very special birthday to celebrate over the Memorial Day weekend....Aaron will be the big 4-OH! on Saturday! How can this be?? Many of you who have been following me for a while know some of the struggles he has had for many years with his alcoholism and there were many times throughout the past 20 years when we wondered if he would even make it to his 40th birthday. God, in all of His amazing grace and mercy has given him a brand new life for the past few years and we are just so very grateful! Some of you may have seen him on his souped up lawn tractors.

Here he is on his baby, "Plum Crazy", which he will be taking to a truck and tractor pull event in western NC, on Saturday, also his birthday. Last weekend, his youngest son, Dylan drove Plum Crazy in another competition...his first time EVER driving it...and he actually won FIRST PLACE out of 7 or 8 others! Way to go, Dylan!

So as we are speaking of road trips...we are about to embark on a fairly short one...only a couple of hours long. Aaron doesn't know that his whole family will be there to watch him do his "thing"...and to help him celebrate his BIG DAY! It's going to be a hot one too....mid 90s temperatures and lovely humidity combined with red dust flying everywhere...what's not to love?? The things we do for our loved ones....

Have a safe and wonderful weekend 
as we remember those who fought and died 
for our freedom!


  1. I take it Jim does not read your blog. Lol. Sabatoging with peanut MMs sounds so familiar. Mr. C knows my healthy diet resolve melts away when he tosses me a bag of MMs. Congratulations to Dylan, but especially to Aaron. This was a fun post, Debby. xo

  2. How wonderful that you will all be together to celebrate Aaron's big day and his new life! Praying it is a great time for all of you!

  3. Loved your answers! Have fun this weekend!!

  4. Have fun with your Tennessee bunch!!! Happy birthday to Aaron.

  5. Happy birthday to Aaron. Both our husband's are surely getting old with having forty year old children! LOL! My Kristy turned 40 on May 3 as you know. Enjoyed reading your post so much. We are so dang much alike! Girl...only difference is I do need to stop periodically if for no other reason but to walk a minute. My neck (old Arthur) likes to be ugly if I don't! If we are in for a long road trip, oh yes....lots of snacks goes in my ride! When our girls were growing up we would pack picnic lunches. And oh yes...a good old ham and cheese sandwich and chips was on top of the list for those roadside stops. We are planning a short weekend trip to the beach for just the two of us in a couple of weeks and girl, I have already chosen my choice of snacks to have on the beach. We would make awesome travel partners! LOL! Enjoy your family dear friend and Happy Memorial Day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. I loved every one of your answers, but especially the last ones about your upcoming weekend. How wonderful! You reminded me of the little trips we used to take with our family and how LONG they seemed, but loved seeing all the old home places and hearing our parents talk about them. Yes, sandwiches at a roadside park when we were kids - the last time we stopped at a roadside park was in 1978 in Amarillo, Texas, in July! Mercy! It was so hot and dusty and flies everywhere, we got back in the car and drove on. Bless Jim's heart. My Jay also takes diuretics and loves junk food, so we make several stops, too.

  7. Nodding along with all of your descriptions. ☺️ Nothing finer than hopping in the car and taking off no matter where one winds up. Happy Memorial Day’re all going to have a blast honoring Aaron.

  8. What a special time you have ahead for the weekend. And congratulations and Happy Birthday to your son. We also prefer back roads when we're not trying to make it to a specific destination at a specific time. We love seeing a little side road and saying, "That looks interesting, let's go see."

  9. I am thrilled that you will all be together to celebrate Aaron's big day. He has come a long way, God has been good. We love a road trip and like the scenic views rather than main roads. Nothing beats a good picnic. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Happy Birthday to your son!!

  11. Debby, I just loved this post and all the memories you shared!! Please tell us all about the big surprise and celebration next week!! Thanks for joining the Medley today!!

  12. I'm sure your mother's heart will be full this weekend as you celebrate this milestone birthday for Aaron after all he's been through. God is good! Enjoy all the heat and dust. I hear we are going to set some heat records this weekend. Summer came on just suddenly, but I guess it always does. I prefer my husband to drive on road trips as I like to crochet while we drive, but I always have to drive when he is ready for a nap--usually after lunch. When our kids were young we always packed a lunch for road trips--lots of fun memories reading your post. Have a wonderful weekend and pack some ice! LOL.

  13. I love road trips.
    Happy Birthday to Aaron.
    My birthday is coming up too, on Memorial Day. Not Monday the observed but the real date of May 30!

  14. Road trips.I have been on so many.Some short, some much longer, but I love them. Throw together a simple picnic lunch and away we go. I used to love being in the passenger seat, but as you know, that has changed. I now do the driving and am ok with that as well.Of course if my son and granddaughter come along, than I get to be a passenger.

  15. Our oldest had that milestone birthday this year and thank the Lord he has come to this celebration by the grace of God. Enjoy your trip. It was fun to read your answers to the medley.

  16. Love your road trip stories,Debby. We used to drive all back roads in my Dad's Buick when we were kids. I can remember laying across the back
    It is reversed at our house- I ALWAYS drive and have for years. My hubby is not a very good driver and knows it(most of the time). lol I love road trips. xo Diana

  17. Awe, Cindy, your story about your son just makes my heart smile really big. I have an extended family member struggling with alcoholism and it is so sad. I pray daily that the Holy Spirit will convict him to the point of no return and he will seek help to overcome his addiction. I've never seen one good thing come from alcohol but I sure have seen a lot of bad.

    I so enjoyed all your answers and could relate to so many of your answers. Hubby and I try to get our bladders synconized as soon as we head out on a trip. :o))

    Love the fox story, how cute!

    Enjoy the special celebration, I know he will feel very special.

  18. Hello from Idaho I don't want it is but I like to travel with dog it seem so natural.
    Hope you can stop by for a cup of coffee

  19. It was fun reading about your road trips, Debby. My late beloved always drove. I can drive back roads just fine, but DO NOT like busy highways, freeways, tollways, etc. My friend drove us on our trip that we just got back from.
    The fox story was a little scary! I'm so glad that Aaron will be having a wonderful 40th birthday and that he has done so well. Dylan is such a handsome boy! Enjoy your time together!

  20. Your childhood road trips do sound like they were a load of fun. I think so many unexpected things are enjoyed on the back roads. Happy Birthday to your Aaron. How fabulous he is a changed man and enjoying his christian life. You must be very proud of him. Hope he has the most fantastic birthday. How wonderful you will all be watching him do his thing and helping him celebrate. Enjoy!

  21. You sounds like such a good road-tripper!! (I am not.)
    And now I want a baby fox!! Awwwww . . .

    1. Oh, and I absolutely must add a "Happy Birthday" to Aaron!! To God be the glory!!

  22. Oh, I loved your stories...reminds me of our traveling days. And I pray that your trip this weekend has gone smoothly and that your Aaron was suitably surprised and happy to see you all. Sounds like a wonderful time together. You are blessed. And, I'm usually the one making the pit stops every chance we get. I don't get to drive much either, same reasons you cited. Men are like that... Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Lovely to read your post.
    Happy Birthday to Aaron.
    Have a great weekend.

    All the best Jan

  24. What a fun way to celebrate Aaron! I LOVE taking road trips, especially the ones where no destination is really in mind, just getting away! My husband and I do that a lot for little day trips. We will just get in the car or truck and go. I especially love winding through old logging roads in his 4x4 truck. So exciting! I hope you had a marvelous Memorial Day weekend! Blessings!


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