Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A Medley of Cheese and other Stuff

Hello, my friends and welcome June!

It was feeling like the middle of August this time last week...the mid 90s!
I have never felt it so hot and muggy in the month of May before and now that we are in June,
it has finally cooled off a bit to feel more seasonable.
It is still comfortable enough to enjoy the porch and I try to get out there as often as I can
while the weather still allows because once the heat and humidity kicks in,
 it's pretty much unbearable until the fall.

I found this set of pillows (with the birds on them) a few weeks ago at Goodwill.
I loved the pillow ticking combined with that lovely print, don't you?

So I've been having some trouble blogging lately.
I can't seem to gather my thoughts long enough to even get a decent post together.
I can't tell you how many posts I have started and then I wind up deleting them.
I just don't know what it is..........well wait a minute, yes I do.

These wicked steroids have really been messing with my thought processes.
But I am on the down-slope...I started my taper a couple of weeks ago and in another month,
I will be off of them completely...YAY FOR ME!

I guess it's been a while since I gave y'all an update on my health issues.
Did I happen to tell you that my doctor said that as of where we stand now,
there was no reason why we shouldn't be able to move forward with our "plan"?
This benign so-called tumor may be staying with me for the long haul...
...something that can be watched and managed, he said.
He also said he would help me get connected with some great doctors in Tennessee at Vanderbilt!
I am still trying to wrap my brain around this roller coaster my life has been on this year...
...but I am only sure of one thing ... and that one thing is that God is SO very good!
So, let's see...... oh yeah...
...the whole family had a great time over the Memorial Day weekend.
We were able to surprise the birthday boy with a certain delivery man who was actually his brother.
How that all came about is w-a-a-y too long of a story to share right now but just let me say,
it took a while for Aaron to recognize his brother with "Billy Bob" teeth in his mouth,
wearing a "wife-beater" t-shirt and his cap pulled down over his ears. 😁
 Am I the only one with big plans of taking lots of pictures of certain events and then getting none??
Not. One. Photo. Was. Taken.
This is the only one I have to share that Michelle took of Aaron and Dylan before their pull.

Aaron got third place in his division and Dylan got a full pull in his exhibition run!
It was a great weekend and we all had a blast.
And speaking of Dylan, this young man will be graduating high school next Saturday.
It seems like just a few short years ago, this Mawmaw was changing his diapers!
And later this summer he has plans to join the Army.
We couldn't be more proud of him for wanting to serve his country!

But it is Wednesday...and that also means it's time for Terri's Wednesday Medley.

Today, it's all about cheese, which I love...
...the only problem is I can't eat much of it anymore.
So head on over to the Medley and you just might find out some interesting facts about cheese!

1. National Cheese Day is Tuesday, rather than Wednesday, but I think we should celebrate cheese this week!!  Let's start by sharing your favorite cheese with us.  Which one is always in your fridge?
My hubby's most favorite of all cheeses is extra sharp cheddar in block form and you'll most likely always find some there in the cheese drawer. Sliced swiss is also among our favorites and you will also find a bag or two of shredded cheese of some sort and Kraft single slices for grilled burgers when we have them... although I really don't think it qualifies as "real" cheese. 😏 
2.  What is your preference? Mild, Sharp, or Extra Sharp?  How do you use cheese most often?
Well, I think I answered that question somewhat above...I like the flavor of different varieties, even the mildness of a great havarti, muenster or string cheese (mozzarella). Even though I can't be eating a lot of cheese these days... I do sneak in a piece on a turkey or ham sandwich or have a tiny bit of the shredded kind on my eggs. I do buy the Polly-O string cheese sticks...they make a great snack.
3.  Cheesecake?  New York style or what other flavors would you rather have?
This is torture, your making me talk about cheese CAKE! I love cheesecake pretty much in all forms or flavors but my favorite would have to be with strawberry or cherry topping. Or chocolate with cracked pecans drizzled with caramel or......whatever!
4.  When you do grilled cheese sandwiches, which cheese do you prefer to use and what condiments do you use, if any?
When I was eating grilled cheese sandwiches, I would butter up some great grainy, seedy bread and usually tuck in a couple of types of cheese...a slice of cheddar and maybe some pepper jack...but no condiments for me. Now Jim, he likes his a bit different...same grainy, seedy bread but with the Kraft singles with mayo and dill pickle chips.
5.  Number 5 on June 5th... Say happy birthday to my sister, Tammy!!

Happy Birthday, Tammy! May you have a most enjoyable birthday on the 5th!
6.  Share something with us about your week. If it includes using cheese in a recipe, please also share that with us too!!
No cheesy recipes to share today but I will share with you a recipe I tried WITHOUT cheese. Have you ever made cornbread waffles? I am always on the lookout for interesting or unusual waffle's amazing how many things you can make into waffles! And if you wanted to add some cheddar to these, they would be awesome I'm sure.

So it came to me how easy it would be to make cornbread waffles and sure 'nuf, Pinterest had bunches of them. You can use any recipe you like but if you ever use those little boxes of Jiffy Mix, that's what I used for mine....easy peasy! Prepare as you would normally then pour the batter into the waffle iron. They were delicious and I have been eating them off and on all week since I made them over the weekend. I have kept them in the fridge and heat them up in the toaster oven as I go. I ate one for breakfast with maple syrup and then had another last night with a tiny pat of butter and honey along with my air-fried asparagus and mushrooms. YUM!

Here's another random thing from last week...and it has nothing whatsoever to do with cheese. For quite a while now I have been keeping my eye out for a vintage kitchen scale. To me, they are kinda like clocks...and y'all know how much I like my clocks. And if I had a dollar (well okay maybe ten dollars) for every photo I have taken of that cherished family heirloom pocket watch I could go on a very nice vacation (hmmm...maybe to Ireland!)

There's just something about the dial, the numbers, the history...I don't really know what it is that intrigues me...BUT...anyway...I FOUND ME A SCALE! 

And a great old scale she is! I fell in love with the color and the wonderful patina.

I found her right here in my town on our local Facebook Marketplace. She had belonged to this young lady's grandmother (how could she be selling this??) I promised her I that would take very good care of it.

And as you can see, we had us a little photo surprise there. 😊

So that's it for me this week!
Until next time...

Much love,


  1. Oh, Debby... I am so dreadfully sorry to hear you've been dealing with these health issues. Its been awhile since I stopped in for a visit with you, so it feels really good to be catching up...finally! I'll be holding you in my prayers!

    Oh, I love the vintage scale you found...what a treasure! I can just imagine how delighted you must be to have it in your kitchen!

    Thinking of you... Have a blessed Wednesday and take care!
    Much love!

  2. Oh boy, I know those steroids can really mess with a person. I'm glad to hear you are beginning to wean off of them and pray all goes well with that and your health.
    Those waffles sound interesting. I might have to give them a try. They sound like a dish for fall to me, though.
    Love your sweet little scale! Since you found it on Facebook, you might enjoy a group I belong to on there...Thrift Store, Yard Sale, and Flea Market Finds. It's just a place for people to share pics of the great things they find.
    Have a blessed day!

  3. 'She' is a grand old scale. I too love the colour and patina. Talking about everything cheese has made me want a cheese platter.....right now. It is a shame you cannot over indulge with cheese anymore and as for New York baked cheesecake. I am so glad you can go on with your big plans, Debby. Shouldn't that all be happening fairly soon??

  4. I can only imagine how happy you are to look forward to your TN plans again. Great color on your vintage scale. I've sold many scales over the years, but I've kept a few for myself.

  5. So thankful to hear the wonderful update on your health Debbie, and that you will soon be off the awful steroids, and on to your game plan! Thank you LORD! Your porch is SO amazing! I love your old milk can with the metal bucket filled with flowers. So nice you are able to get some porch sitting in! We are having a lovely spring here, and the wildflowers are amazing this year. I'm loving it! The vintage scale is gorgeous, oh how excited you must have been! I don't have one, but have been looking for one too. Your pictures with it are lovely! Continued prayers for you :)

  6. I will be praying for you pertaining to that troublesome tumor, so sorry you have had such a trial with the medications. Put your attentions on your wonderful plans and keep looking up!! And why not, Your recent finds are fabulous I love the pillow, and that scale is perfection! God bless you, Sweet friend!!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! So much here to process! I love the birthday surprise with the Billy Bob teeth and shirt. Those teeth are so horrible I can't put them on because I hate the way I look in them so much. Your pictures are truly beautiful. Your porch!! Wow! I am sorry that your health issues continue and the meds are causing problems. May the Lord strengthen you as you go through the treatments as you transition to Tennessee. Happy graduation to Nathan. I like the scale, but love the doily under it.

  8. I am thankful that you are healing even though some issues may be ongoing. At least they can be dealt with and for that, I am grateful. Love the pictures of the family. Nothing like family. Wish we could shop together at Goodwill! I love thrifting and take it by spells but I need to take a whole day and just browse.The pillows are so cute. GIRL.....that scale! YES, YES, YES! I would have jumped with joy! That grandson is one handsome dude! I have done nothing to my front porch. It needs some work! Some color! Some something! Just haven't tackled it. I can remember back in the day when I decorated that porch seasonal. Now...Mercy! Gotta get in the PORCH mood I guess. CHEESE! YES! Love cheeses and most all kind and every and any way I can get it. There is always shredded cheese in a bag in my frig. Mild, Sharp or etc. I love the string cheese for snacks and so do my grands! Cheesecake.............................I need a slice right now. My kids love my mac and cheese because Mama puts lots of cheese in it. LOL! Enjoyed your pictures and this post and I love you! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I love those new pillows you bought at Goodwill! They are just what I like too! And the old timey scale is neat. LOVE seeing your porch with all the pretty flowers...inside and out! I know you are doing so great with your health, making good choices. It's not easy...that's for sure but we are all here pulling for you! Sweet hugs!

  10. I enjoyed my time with you on your beautiful porch! It is gorgeous! I also love that scales! I would not have sold that either.
    My prayers are with you as always about that tumor. Hopefully you can get off the steroids soon. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  11. That’s a great scale! My grandmother’s was also “let go” and I can’t believe that I am responsible. It was green.

    So happy to find you here and glad that you are about to say goodbye to that medication. Yay for a good report from the doc, too. It is good that you can go forward with your wonderful plans.

    Congrats to your grandson on his graduation and how good that he is considering entering the military. We need young men like him.

    Hope that you get a nibble of cheese today! ; >

  12. It's great to hear that your health is on track and that you can move ahead with your plans. I know how excited you were about them.

  13. Oh my, I love all of these pictures SO much. The porch pictures are SO lovely. That pillow is perfect. Can't believe you found it at Goodwill! That is a treasure! And the fact that you have a son graduating from high school next week? Wow! I know you are in a whirlwind of activity. You are a brave mama, to know he is going off in the Army soon. We shall all be praying for him, and yes, thank him for serving our country. That is so wonderful. So glad your news has been more encouraging from the doctors lately, and that you are weaning off the steroids. That does explain a lot of things. Praying that God will undertake for your every need, and bring you complete healing. Now, that scale is the your pictures. You are very good at the pictures... And now, cheese...well, I love cheese too, but I don't eat much of it either. too constipating. TMI, I know. I do eat a slice of swiss with a ham sandwich, or sliced into a salad. I like colby/jack cheese...and I would love some of the other fancy cheeses I'm sure, but I don't buy them. too expensive and no one else will eat them, so why bother? But I do love a grilled cheese sandwich occasionally. I used real American cheese for that. Regular bread is fine. Your cornmeal waffles sound good. I don't have a waffle iron, but I have made cornmeal pancakes the same way, and yes, I use the Jiffy mix for my cornbread. My mother in law didn't like it because she said it had sugar in it. She liked the old fashioned white cornbread with no sugar in it. I like that okay, but Jiffy is fine with me. I wonder if she has old fashioned cornbread in heaven? She just might! We'll find out one day. Have a blessed day, my friend. I love those porch pictures....

  14. I have one of those scales in red!
    Your porch/deck is lovely and looks like such a restful place.
    I don't think I have a favorite cheese, I love most all of theme.

  15. Debby it always makes me mad to realize I have missed three or four of your wonderful posts. I've just read back to your Mother's Day post and oh, those pictures, those old pictures are beautiful. Anyhow, your porch is just beautiful. That pillow was a good find. It makes me want to fix up our dusty porch. I just may go to work on that tomorrow. Love, Henny

  16. That scale is really lovely!! Congratulations for finding just what you wanted! Thanks for joining the Medley today and for talking about cheese, even though you can't have it like you used to. It is good to get an update on your health. Keeping you in my prayers!! Those cornbread waffles look delicious! Glad you all had some fun at the pull and God bless Dylan for serving our country!!

  17. What a lovely post Debby! Loved catching up with you and reading your "cheesy" answers. :o)) Bless your heart, you are handling your low fat diet like a trooper. Blessings!

  18. What a beautiful porch you have the cushion is a wonderful addition. It must be a relief to know that you can now go ahead with your plans knowing that you have help finding new doctors. Hope all goes well coming off the steroids, take care.

  19. I’m so happy to hear about your health, my friend! Thankfully you’ll be off the steroids before long. Finding doctors at Vanderbilt will be so helpful. The pretty pillows look perfect on your porch, and the could the young lady sell it??!! However, you’ll take good care of it. I love the one I found a couple of years ago, and it’s always in my kitchen. Congratulations to Dylan! We both will be keeping our grandsons in our prayers as they follow God’s plan for them. Love and hugs (and prayers) are sent to you, Debby!

  20. Lovely post, Debby! Continued prayers for you and prayers for Dylan. I appreciate him.

  21. I LOVE that porch glider, Debby. It is just like one my Aunt Bessie had and I spent my childhood on that glider-just that color, too. I have never seen another like it since then!
    I am so very happy that you are doing so well healthwise. Those benign tumors can stay with you for a long time with not bad side effects. Thank God it wasn't cancer as they feared.
    Congrats to your Dylan and will keep the kids in our prayers as they journey forward...and you know how I love our veterans. Brave boy to go into the service. I know you are proud of him.
    Have a great night-xo Diana

  22. Your front porch is so charming, Debby. I like the pillow with the birds, and sometimes we come across just the right item at Goodwill. I have to ask you where you got the yellow table cloth with roses. It's sooooo pretty. I'm so glad you're doing well with your health now. Oh my gosh, those waffles look good! Your vintage kitchen scale is cool, and I like the color a lot. That's a nice picture of your Dylan. It sounds like all is well in your world, Debby.

    Happy June days.


  23. This was such a lovely post to read and I enjoyed your photographs too.
    Such good news about your health, and it will be good to be shortly off the steroids. If you can move forward and then find good Doctors at Vanderbilt that will be fantastic.
    Continued prayers and good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    PS I did like your pillows

  24. Debby! It's so good to pop in and play catch up with your posts. I've missed reading and following a long. But I so understand about blogging. I feel like I get squirrel disorder when I want to write something. It's not a good combo, let me tell you.
    So good to hear your health is getting there. So scary when a health scare hits us. Nothing like being thankful, grateful and blessed that God decides to keep us here during those health trials.
    Thankfully we haven't had too bad of weather yet. We still have snow on the mountains and some of our most popular attraction spots are still closed due to snow! Snow in June is unheard of! Today we are only supposed to reach 78 and I am so thankful! I'm not quite ready for the humid hot 100's!
    I will indeed give Roxy a hug from you! She's had a rough go for awhile,but so very thankful she's on the mend!
    Enjoy your Summer and I'll pop in every now and again!



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