Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Dickens of a Christmas (in more ways than one)

What? How can this be?
Another post from soon??
It's really unbelievable that Christmas has already come and gone, isn't it?
I trust that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas...I know I did.
 I had part of this post ready to publish over a week ago...
...that is until it happened.
I have been without internet service until just yesterday.
More about that later on in the post.
So on Sunday, the 15th, we drove over to Franklin, TN (about 30 minutes away)
to take in a little bit of Christmas nostalgia.

It was the 35th Anniversary of A Dickens of a Christmas, a street fair in the heart of town.
We had attended this several years ago but all I remember was that it was so cold and blustery,
we weren't really able to enjoy it much and we stayed long enough to buy a bag of their
fabulous kettle corn that they make out on the square.
This year the weather was just about perfect as we made our way through the maize of people.
I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

The only thing missing was the snow. I borrowed the above photo that was taken a previous year.

Mr. Scrooge, himself...

...and of course his three visitors.


It was almost like stepping back in time...
...that is, if you could ignore the huge crowd of modern day onlookers...and the traffic lights.
Like I said, almost. 😉

So the next day our Olivia turned eleven and this particular birthday is one that will no doubt
be forever ingrained in our memories for a long time to come.
 A warm front that was moving through had churned up some nasty storms
and by later that afternoon, it had become so dark it looked like dusk...
...but never imagined in a hundred years what we were in for.
Sometime around 4:00, it began raining very hard and let me tell you,
inside of the RV it sounded like we were being riddled with BBs.
Carrie was inside of the house getting the party table set up, Adam was still at work,
Jim was on his way home from picking the kiddos up from school
and I was alone in the RV (probably watching Judge Judy)....then it hit...
...the loudest bang of thunder I've ever heard followed by a blinding flash of light.
I immediately called Carrie (in the house) and through a panicked voice
she told me that lightning had struck the house.
The light bulb in the fixture directly above the birthday table had exploded
and blown clear across the kitchen!
Some of the breakers were blown but there was power to parts of the house...
and then she began to notice the odor of burnt know, that electrical smell.
Jim was halfway up the driveway when he heard and saw it hit
and Adam literally must have flown home from work.
Carrie called 911 and it was only a matter of minutes before what seemed like every emergency vehicle in the county and the power company had found their way up the winding driveway.

The first responders were surely on their game! 

By then it was pitch black and still raining hard but the lightning was farther away.
After about an hour everything was checked out, the rest of their power had been restored
and the "all clear" was announced.
 It was finally time to par-tay!

So the little party was moved out into the RV since broken glass was still all over the place...
good thing the cake was still covered!
But it was a quick little party to say the least.
Later that night, the damage began to show up when it was determined that many of the
major appliances didn't function any more.
The washer (which was full of water and clothing in mid-cycle), the kitchen range, the microwave, the dishwasher and the internet router all got fried!
The next day more things were discovered as well...
...also on the fried list was the well pump (discovered after we ran out of water),
the thermostat to our heating/cooling unit in the RV (since we are plugged into their house),
and various other smaller things.
Then these thoughts crossed my mind..."What if the lightning had caught the house on fire?" 
"What if it would have struck the RV and ignited the propane tanks?" 
But of course these things did not happen.
God had His hand on us and protected us from what could have been a real tragedy.
For that, we are truly thankful.
After something like this happens, one never knows what might be hiding in unseen places
 so on Monday the power was shut down all day while everything was checked out thoroughly and major electrical panels were replaced along with a thorough inspection.
Oh yeah, and Christmas came a few days early for Adam and Carrie.
There is always light at the end of a tunnel and they now have a houseful of new appliances.
Thank goodness for a good homeowner's policy!
We didn't have to have a Crockpot Christmas after all!
So as this wondrous Christmas season winds down and we prepare for the New Year,
I'll end with this...and no one said it better than Tiny Tim, himself...

God bless us, every one!

Much love to all,


  1. Dickens, what a wonderful tradition and a lot of fun by the sound of things. And what a blessing that it was only things and not people who were damaged during the storm. Merry Christmas Debby.

  2. Wow! You quoted Tiny Tim perfectly in “God Bless Us, Everyone”! I know you and your family are so grateful for not having to have a “Crockpot Christmas” and that all is well. Insurance was a blessing! Thank you for sharing this “Dickens of a Christmas” with us, dear Debby. God bless all of you and a most Happy 2020!

  3. Wow! What a birthday! That is one amazing story. So glad that your son and daughter-in-law have a good insurance policy. Hope that Olivia never has another birthday like it!

    The Dickens event looks most entertaining.

  4. Oh my goodness. What a dilly of a storm that must have been! Not the kind of Christmas excitement anyone was hoping for! But, oh, I am rejoicing with you for the Lord's protection over all of you and your property!

  5. Oh my goodness! Now that is definitely a birthday you will all remember . I am so glad that it wasn’t worse, as it so easily could have been. I still have one more family gathering at my house tomorrow .It will be busy but I'm sure it will also be fun.

  6. Wow!! That is a scary story! Thank goodness for insurance and quick responses by the emergency folks! Angels were sure with you all on that night!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! That is one birthday Olivia will never forget!!
    It was bad enough, but like you said it could have been a lot worse!

    The Dickens event looks like a great time and one I would have enjoyed.

  8. I was all set to say oh my goodness too! What an ordeal! I hope you are able to deal with it all and get things back to normal! It is indeed a birthday and holiday you won't forget! I'm just glad you are all safe. Whew!!! Love your new banner! You always make such creative banners. It makes me want to try to put one together! Holiday hugs!

  9. Wow! What a scary event! So glad you were able to party (a little) in the RV. So glad that the first responders were quick to get to you. You and your family have much to be thankful for - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. Hello Debby, I read this the other day on Blog Lovin and I was just so shocked and saddened for the whole family, I am just glad that no one was hurt! But, how scary!! So glad their insurance covered the appliance and such! Hope this next new year is a blessing for you my friend!
    Roxy xo

  11. Oh, my goodness Debby, from such fun to pure frenzy! How very scary and am so glad that everyone is okay and that things are about back to "normal." Blessings abundant for 2020!

  12. Debby, My heart is racing after reading this. How awful! I'm so glad you all are okay. You know, I am so afraid of lightning all I could think about was you there in the RV alone. I would have been scared to death but it sounds like it was the house that was hit. Poor Carrie! Glad they got all the new appliances. WOW! What a way to start Christmas. Hope you all have a very Happy New Year.

  13. I completely forgot to mention the street event you went to..."Dickens of a Christmas"! I LOVE it and would love to have been there. It looks like Christmas used to look. How beautiful!! Wonder if I could move there? :)

  14. Wow! What a story!!! You really did have an exciting time! So thankful it wasn't worse!! That had to be very scary. Praise God you were all safe. and new appliances are really nice!! Love the Dickens tour...that must have been fun. Happy to have you back safe and sound. Praise God!!!!! Happy New Year!

  15. Just trying to catch up with a few friends today and oh my! Girl.....Praising the Lord for His hedge of protection around you all! How frightening! storm gonna cause you not have a good party!!! Happy birthday to the birthday girl. Lord have mercy friend! I know you had to enjoy the Dickens festivities! Oh that makes me want to go there just for that event! How wonderful that you got to go. I do hope that your Christmas was grand! Ours was and we are so very blessed to spend Christmas with those we love so much aren't we? I hope to get a blog post up next week. Life has been so very busy for me it seems. Happy New Year dear friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. OH.MY.WORD! What an incredibly scary event! SO thankful that no one was hurt with the lightning hit, and that the homeowner's insurance took care of all the problems. But of course, such trouble to deal with is not pleasant at any time, but especially at Christmas! But so very thankful that everyone is okay! The Dickens Christmas looked like so much fun! What fun it must be to dress up and share in the Christmas spirit out in the streets! Glad that you got to enjoy such a fun time! I hope you have a blessed and wonderful New Year, and that all the issues with the lightning strike get taken care of. Do you have water yet? That would be one of the worst things to deal with! Blessings to you sweet friend!

  17. Wow,Debby! My heart was racing reading this post. So scary. We had lightning strike my childhood home 3 or 4 times when I was a kid. It would come in through the telephone and 'jump' into the furnace grate (old farmhouse). It was always so scary and we stayed out of that room when there was a storm on. Father even put lightening rods on top of the house but that didn't help either.

    So glad there was no fire--and no one was hurt- everything else can be replaced. xo Diana

  18. Goodness me - what a scary event!
    You and your family have much to be thankful for!

    My good wishes to you and yours for a Happy 2020.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  19. Hi Debby! Oh, my goodness, what a night! I'm so sorry all of that happened to y'all but so glad it wasn't any worse! I do understand being in a tiny little RV and a big storm coming in but never have we had lightning strike! Lord, have mercy. The Dickens part looked wonderful. When we living in Galveston the very first Saturday in December was called Dickens on the Strand and it came alive with the authentic costumes and a parade. So much fun! I hope things are settling down for you and your family. Happy New Year.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Well, I’m no prophet. I was sure that I’d find a post. 🙃


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