Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Blueprint

Okay, I'll admit it.
This mostly cheerful, smiling self of mine has been struggling a bit.
After just saying that, I can't help but feel a bit guilty because since we have retired and relocated,
there have been so many blessings to many.

You'd think I'd realize by now that our plans don't always unfold the way we imagine they will. 
I mean how many blog posts have I written about "plans" in the last six years??

I could blame it on the weather which has just been pretty awful...rain, rain and more rain.
We have everything ready to go down on the property to hook up the RV but the rain has kept us from being able to get the dirt smoothed out and bringing the gravel in.

Or I could blame it on the fact that my recent health issue has raised its ugly head again,
making it necessary to make a couple of unplanned trips to NC and Duke Hospital.

I had a little pity party yesterday morning....and I was the only one I invited.
After the party was over, I dug into some emails where I found some encouraging words
from a couple of lovely and wise blogging friends.
I felt so much better.

 So after all of that, this is what the Lord had for me in my devotional reading for this morning.


The word seemed to hit me right between the eyes.
I'm sure it seemed that way because ironically, today was also the day that we were to pick up
the blueprint for the farmhouse.

Even though we may look at a blueprint as a plan or design that represents a finished product,
blueprints can also be revised, changed, and adjusted.
It got me thinking that even though I know that I know that God has the grand plan,
He doesn't necessarily map out every single detail of our lives in blueprint form... least I don't think He does.
He gives us free choice which means that at any given moment we can blow it all to smithereens.
Sometimes all it takes is a bad attitude...or yes, even a pity party!

So now, with all that out of the way...

Looky here...I'm so excited!
Seeing the actual blueprint (although it's not blue at all) for our new home all professionally drawn up just really makes it!

The next step is getting the plans to our builder and sign a few papers.
He hopes to be able to start by the first of March, possibly before...(hmm)...
That's where the weather comes in to play might be rain, it might be snow, who knows?
Today it was in the 70s and tomorrow it isn't getting out of the 40s.
But whenever the Lord allows the actual building process to begin, we are making progress!

So we've been talking about blueprints here and since we're on the subject,
I will just say that for the last ten years or so, my hairstyle hasn't changed much.
Well, right before the new year, I decided it was time for a new blueprint for my hair...
...I guess we might call it a "doo-print". 😄

Last year had been particularly hard on my hair with all of this weird stuff happening to my body.
It has gotten quite thin so I thought cutting it short might be a good thing.
My first thought was, "Oh no, what have I done?!"
I hate fresh haircuts but I figured I would like it better in a couple of weeks.
I am getting used to it day by day....and Jim really likes it too. 😉
After all, it's only hair and it will grow back. (I hope.)

So even though my pity party is over now and all the mess is cleaned up,
I would just like to mention that if you think of me, I would welcome your prayers.
The prayers from my blogging friends have gotten me through some of my darkest hours
this past year and I cherish and appreciate every single one!

Much love to all, 


  1. "He doesn't necessarily map out every single detail of our lives in blueprint form... least I don't think He does."

    Maybe He does...I think He does.

    "He gives us free choice which means that at any given moment we can blow it all to smithereens.
    Sometimes all it takes is a bad attitude...or yes, even a pity party!"

    I hope it is not that fragile.

    Your hair is pretty! I said a prayer for you. 🙂

  2. Oh, Debby . . . how frustrating it must be to have this health issue challenging you again. My prayers for you will continue!! As you have said, we know that God has a plan and we know that He is a loving Father! May HE alone be your comfort and friend and guide as you walk this path one step at a time.

    Your house . . . SO exciting to see the plans coming together. It's been a long wait!

    On a lighter note . . . could you even be more adorable?! LOVE your haircut!!

  3. I'm always keeping you in my prayers and I'm so sorry to hear the health problems are still just that...problems! Take care of yourself and come here when you can for a healthy dose of encouragement. I love the devotional. I always pray that God will direct my path at the start of every day. And look how adorable you look! I love short easy to style! Lots of sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Debby you have been through so much already so I was saddened to read you had health issues once more. You are in my prayers and sending you a big hug in the hope that you will find some comfort. Take care.

  5. Your haircut is great! It suits you! And your blue prints! Hurray! What a lovely home its going to be. Thanks for sharing your devotional. Lots of wisdom on that page! I really like the verse at the top!

  6. Well, I love your hair! And you may find it much easier to care for. Loving that blueprint of your new home too! How exciting. And yep, GO WITH YOU KNOW. I love that! You know I am praying for you and still wearing my bracelet......Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Debby, you look mahvelous! Love the haircut and the big smile. If anyone was entitled to a little party, I suppose you are, though I am glad that you have put it behind you. They just don’t do any good. I’d have more of them if they did. God is so good and He is on the case. It’s a lot easier to see that looking back than when we’re in the middle of it. Loved seeing the blueprints. I know that a lot of thought goes into those things. Are they good to go? I remember my daughter making a number of changes and I wonder if everyone does. Praying that the weather will cooperate so that progress can be made...the gravel can be placed and all the other things that need doing. Praying for your health to be restored good as new and for minimal changes on your personal blueprints. Love across the miles!

  8. Debby- First of all- I LOVE the hair cut! It is smart looking and suits you!
    I think we all go through times of despair when our lives are in upheaval. It is hard sometimes to look at it all as part of the process rather than 'this is what it is'. Some days it is just hard to be as positive as we would like to be. But, somehow, we do manage to pull ourselves out of the funk and move forward..and I know you do it by faith. I often wonder what people with no belief systems rely on when times are hard.
    Blessings and I am praying for you- xo Diana

  9. Praying for you right now. I am so sorry to hear about your current health issues, and pray that God will work His miracles in your body and bring strength and healing to you day by day. I LOVE your looks wonderful on you!! Enjoy it's simplicity and style! And I also love the blueprints for your home. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I know you are getting excited about it. Praying that all goes well for the building of your home and for your body "building" back up strength and healing. God is able, and He is at work on your behalf. Trust Him. We will keep praying.

  10. Oh dear one, I prayed for you just last night, and will continue to. I know what you mean about a pit party for one, as I've had some of those myself. The house plans look wonderful and your new hairdo is just darling on you. Love, hugs and blessings are sent to you....

  11. Whoohoo!! A real blueprint and now the builders are almost ready to go! Debby, I LOVE your new haircut. It makes you look sassy and even more adorable! Keep us posted on all the progress and prayers continue that you will stay healthy!

  12. I did a very rare stroll through blog land today, and enjoyed your post. :-) I'm so sorry about the health issues. Good health is such a blessing. And, of course, we all know that waiting is one of the most trying things in the world! Your blueprint looks perfect! Hope it gets off the ground soon!

  13. So sorry you are having more health problems but so excited for you.
    It wasn't so long ago I was right where you are with the plans for our new house.
    Hair looks great!!

  14. Thanks for this update on how things are going. I just added your name to my prayer list. Well, if we lived closer we could have a pity party to.ether . I've been feeling a little sorry for myself, still having to drive that bus in this cold, cold weather. I know, it was my choice to finish the school year,so as the saying goes, I had better suck it up buttercup. Hope you get that house started soon and can enjoy it for years to come,

  15. I continue to keep you in my prayers, dear Debby. Your hair looks darling, btw. Good luck on the farmhouse!

  16. Debby I love the haircut!!! Hope they can start real soon on the house for you exciting!

  17. Oh dear Debby, sorry to hear about your health issues and your feeling down. Glad you have gotten into God's truth to help change your perspective. Love the new do! Looking nice. What fun to hold those plans in your hands. May God continue to lead and direct your paths. Be strong and courageous!

  18. I am so sorry to hear that you are having health issues again, bless your dear heart. May God send healing speedily to you and allow all things to be worked out concerning the building of your new beautiful farmhouse! I so needed the confirmation about the blueprint, too. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us here!

  19. Hi Debby, I found you through Cindy. I enjoyed my visit here today. I understand thinning hair and your picture looks great! I enjoyed your devotion on blueprint. Looks like a great floorplan for your new home.

  20. Well, You look adorable!!! I wish I had been praying for you, next time send an email!!
    Everything is hard, but God has the perfect blueprint for your home and your life. Just try to go slow and do not stress as it only makes our bodies overload! You can do this, one step and one day at a time. Sending you a hug and adding you to my prayer list...
    Hugs, Roxy

  21. I am so sorry to read that you are having health issues again, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    On a positive note I do like your new hair cut, it suits you.

    All the best Jan

  22. Sorry to hear you are having health issues. Your hair looks adorable. I need to sign up to receive notice when you post. I think your new home looks wonderful and I love the lay out. Good luck.


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