Monday, August 10, 2015

Bountiful, Beautiful Blooms

While we were visiting our home town a few weeks ago,
we stopped in for a visit at Meadow View Growers,
just a hop, skip and a jump from the house where I grew up.
Only back then it was just a big ol' cornfield.
What started out several years ago as just your normal, run-of-the-mill nursery,
has grown into quite a spectacle to behold.
I took so many photos...
...really just a drop in the bucket and hardly doing it any justice at all!  
 So I'm sharing them with you today on Judith's Mosaic Monday.
You can't really tell by the photo but the wreath and these hanging baskets on their main sign are

If I was venturing a guess, I'd say the wreath was at least 6-8 feet in diameter
and the hanging baskets were as big as the hood of that car you see in the photo.
I think they might have been made from red begonias and/or geraniums.

There was just so much to take in...

...and one of the first things I saw was the Bloomin' Bus.
Isn't that just the coolest thing?
This very unique bus is actually quite road worthy!

I was just oohing and aahing at every turn.

I am not a good judge when it comes to guessing the size of a piece of property,
 but I'd say this place stretches out over quite a few acres... ever many quite a few is.
That's an easy way for me to tell you how big it really is.
The fact is, IT'S HUGE, PEOPLE!

I just loved the red flowering "trees" created from hanging baskets.


Just scroll and enjoy...

It just went on...

...and on...

...and on!

Can you imagine watering all of these?

Luckily, this area in Ohio has had a ton of rain this summer.

I just love the old rusty car, don't you?

Like I said before, the photos don't do this place justice,
but I do hope you have enjoyed just a taste of Meadow View Growers in my hometown!

I hope your week is just as beautiful, friends! 


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous garden center. The blooming bus is just amazing. The flowers are beautifully displayed. Lovely photos, have a happy week ahead!

  2. Wow, now that is an impressive place to visit. The flowers are a real delight and so big, the hanging baskets were enormous. The bus was a sight, truly incredible.

  3. looks like a very beautiful place to spend a few hours.

  4. Oh my goodness, the colors are gorgeous. What a beautiful colorful place to spend some time. LOVE the bus!!! WOW!! Great photos.

  5. WOW! I wouldn't want to be in charge of watering,but I sure would like to wander through there with my camera.Now a bus like that would fun to drive.

  6. Meadow View Growers is amazing! Those gardens and arrangements are works of art!

  7. I love that blooming bus...and after imagining watering everything. Just imagine planting all of it!

  8. WOW WOW WOW!! When I opened up your post on my phone the screen just lit up! Gorgeous being gorgeous I would say!
    I believe I could see a heart wreath around a door and it too was huge.
    What a lovely place these people have created for others to enjoy. Should we ever get to that part of the United States we must visit this beautiful place.
    Thank you for sharing with us, Debby.

    Enjoy your day~ Debbie

  9. Wow Debby! I've never seen so many gorgeous plantings at a nursery garden before. It really is beautifully done with so many things to take in and see. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great week!

  10. Wow, this is the best nursery I've ever seen and the bus! Would love to see it driving down the road or be inside as it travels somewhere. LOL
    I hope the chains on the huge hanging planters are strong enough, especially after watering. It would be terrible to park underneath and one of them let go. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Debby.

  11. What a gorgeous place! WOW....everywhere you look it's beautiful! But the blooming bus takes the cake! You could not imagine that without good photos. What amazing mosaics this week my friend. Hugs!

  12. WOW!! What a spectacular place! I love the clever use of flowers. My favorite was the blooming bus! It reminded me of the Tournament of Roses they have here in Southern California on New Year's Day. My grandparents used to live on a street that was part of the pre-parade staging area. I remember as a young girl walking around the floats and smelling all the freshness of the multitude of flowers and seeds and grasses that went into the decorations.

    Looking at your photos, I think I smelled the beauty again!!


  13. That was some blooming bus... What a cute idea! I just love walking through those places and seeing all the flowers and plants and trees. I look forward to the new earth and see all that the garden may have looked like! I enjoyed this, thanks so much!
    Hugs, Roxy

  14. What a wonderful place! We have a garden centre near us that does the same thing and I am always in awe of them for designing and coming up with these ideas. Such wonderful colour! Take care x

  15. What a gorgeous array and depth of color and flowers! A real sight to behold! You must have drunk deeply of the beauty.

  16. That is a wonderland of flowers! I would get lost here...and need a truck to bring home all my treasures! Amazing displays. x Karen

  17. Spectacular colors! I am in awe of the work that it must take to keep the grounds and displays so pristine! Thanks for sharing... A lovely place, indeed!

  18. Wow! Debby, this is just amazing. I love that blooming bus. What a treat it must have been to get to see this in person! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Oh wow such a wonderful place, very unique and beautiful flowers, the bus is just amazing

  20. What beautiful and bountiful blooms, indeed! I'm sure that even in its cornfield days, this land was just as pretty, just in a different way. That bloomin' bus is too much; very unique! Thanks for the amazing pics, Debby; you always capture such crystal clear shots of your subjects!

    P.S. Missed you, too!:))

  21. I love places like that! Makes you want one of each of everything! How do they do that on the bus? I want to know their secret for such lush, beautiful plants!

  22. Honestly, this place is unbelievable! How would you ever pick out something to buy? I want to see that bus in person.

  23. The blooming bus is blooming gorgeous!!!! We went to a B&B years ago where it took the owner 7 hrs to water everytime. The car is pretty nice too.

  24. Okay, that bus is simply the coolest! :) I just have to feature this beautiful post at Roses of Inspiration...thanks, sweet friend, for sharing! I enjoyed my visit and spent quite a bit of time looking at your lovely pictures. Hugs to you!

  25. it's just absolutely gorgeous!! i would love to see this in person. what a find!!!!!

  26. Wow! That is one amazing garden. That bus is so cool and so creative! I like the old rusty car, it fits in so well with all those colors.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Amy

  27. Wow! That is one amazing garden. That bus is so cool and so creative! I like the old rusty car, it fits in so well with all those colors.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Amy

  28. Oh my goodness...what an incredible place! Dear Debby, I so enjoyed your bright and colourful post of pictures - oh, this is a place I would love to visit, being a keen gardener...
    Have a happy week further!
    Hugs to you!

  29. What a great place to visit. Love that bus! That would keep a person busy just watering that!

  30. That bus is just amazing!!!! Well it all is, and all the photos are lovely, but how could that bus not steal the show. Wow.

  31. That bus is just amazing!!!! Well it all is, and all the photos are lovely, but how could that bus not steal the show. Wow.


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