Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A New Year...a New Medley

Wow...I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that yet another year has passed so quickly!
It surely must be true that somehow, as we get older, time has a way of moving faster.
I have just finished getting the tree taken down and packed away.
I took the other decorations down over the weekend but wanted to enjoy the tree a while longer.
Now that it's all out of here, it does feel kinda good to get back to normal, whatever that is.
But my new normal is about to become a bit different from anything I'm used to.
Remember that little song I was singing a year ago... One Room at a Time, Sweet Jesus?
Well, it's time to finally stop my lollygagging!
Did I happen to mention that I work best under pressure?
The. Pressure. Is. On. Folks!

After several months of taking care of some medical issues in 2018, we are trying this again!
I am now one year closer to getting that certain little red, white and blue card in the mail.
It should be in my possession in a few months but of course can't use it until September.
Barring any more unforeseen obstacles, we are hoping to sell in the late spring to early summer.
Jim and I both will continue working until we have a buyer.
And there has been significant progress on the Tennessee property,
which I will be sharing with you very soon!
So today I'm joining Terri, for the Wednesday Medley after a couple of weeks of missing it.

Just head on over to her blog, copy the questions, paste them to yours and join the fun!
Here we go...


National Science Fiction Day is celebrated annually on January 2nd by millions of science fiction fans across the United States.  The date of January 2 was chosen for National Science Fiction Day as it corresponds with the birth date of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.   National Science Fiction Day is recognized by the Hallmark Channel and the Scholastic Corporation
Watch some classic science fiction t.v. shows or movies.  Start reading a science fiction novel. Use #ScienceFictionDay to post on social media.

1.  Will you observe National Science Fiction Day as recommended above?  Do you even like science fiction?

Sorry, I will not be doing any of these things...I could not care less about science fiction. I have never been a fan either in book or movie form. The only thing I can remember ever sparking my interest was "The Twilight Zone" way back when I was a kid. I guess in among shows like "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver", it was sorta "edgy" and out of the usual.

2.  Have you chosen a "word" for 2019?  Many people do. THIS QUIZ might help you find your word.

I have not chosen a word for the new year, in fact, I have never done the "word of the year" thing...not saying that I shouldn't have. I guess I thought that picking a word was kind of just following the crowd and doing what others were doing. There are many wonderful words out there to live our lives by and so far, I seem to be able to find them in whatever situation I might be going through. I did, however, take the test just for fun. My list of words were under the heading of GRATITUDE. Funny thing is, that would have been my word if I had chosen one. It must be God thing.

3.  Did you stay up to see the new year in?  Are you happy or sad to see 2018 go?

I did not stay up 'til midnight and probably haven't in a few years. Jim was working away but there's no way he could have stayed up even if he hadn't been! I had dozed off on the couch earlier in the evening and when I woke up, it was 10 PM, my regular bedtime. So I let the doggies out, turned off the lights and to bed I went! I'm sure there was plenty of noise in the neighborhood at midnight but I didn't hear a thing! I am neither happy or sad to see 2018's impossible to re-live the past anyway, no matter how good it could have been! Good things and the not-so-good things happen in any given year and 2018 held many good things. I am not one to lump everything together in the "good year" or the "bad year" pile because I know that God is with me through the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.

4.  I really enjoy the Tournament of Roses parade on New Year's Day but rarely get to sit and enjoy the entire parade because I am cooking.  Did you watch the parade?  Did you cook/eat the traditional foods (pork, black-eyed peas, kraut, greens...) to begin the new year?

I would not be one who makes a deliberate decision to tune in...but since Jim came home for lunch on New Year's Day, he was watching it for a bit. I however, was trying to write this post. Since the hubby is never off on a Monday or Tuesday (unless he is taking vacation), he had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. It has always been our tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut...that's what we folks from Ohio do...but since I'm not cooking today just for me, I will be warming up some frozen cabbage rolls that I made a few weeks ago. I layer them with sauerkraut so I will be getting that part of our traditional meal, although they contain no pork, only beef...oh well. Now here in NC, it's all about the black-eyed peas, greens and hog jowl. You could not get Jim to even try that but I think I could handle it!

5.  I have to ask... Resolutions.  Did you make any or set some new goals for 2019?  Or do you even think about it?

My pastor was talking about this in his message on Sunday and according to these statistics, unfortunately, about 22% of resolutions fail after about a week, 40% after a month, 50% after 3 months and 60% after 6 months. I don't know how they are able to calculate things like this so I'm only quoting what the article stated. I used to be one to make resolutions every year and almost every time they included losing weight and getting in better shape, among other things. Then it got to be all about the resolution, itself...not really what I wanted to change, but the guilt trip associated with not being able to keep it up. Now don't get me wrong, there are an abundance of things that I need to improve on, Lord knows...more than there is room on this page to write about. But here is what I have's a daily thing.

But let me also say that if you are a New Year's resolution maker, I hope you are successful in keeping every single one of them! 

May this brand new year be overflowing with God's grace, love and peace!



  1. I heartily endorse this post. 😁

  2. You are going to be very busy with the new things that are headed your way dear friend. I know you are excited about a new chapter in your life. I can't wait to hear more about your Tennessee home. Yes, all my Christmas is down, boxed up and put away. I was kinda sad but I know that with a new year brings new beginning, freshness and even change. Let's get on with it is my motto now! LOL! NORMAL? Mercy, nothing never normal with me. Happy New Year to you dear friend. I pray that God will bless you beyond your beyond. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Sounds like 2019 is going to be a busy year for you. Hope it goes to plan. Happy New Year.

  4. I agree with you, I think daily resolutions are much better!

  5. I like daily resolutions too! Those seem more doable. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  6. Great post. Always like reading your answers. We haven't sold house yet. Took it off the market when the contract ran out. Will be listing it again in a few weeks with ANOTHER realtor. The one we had didn't do a thing for us.

  7. Good luck with all your house plans!!!! I am wishing you blessings and happiness in 2019!!!!

  8. Those days, weeks, months just keep coming faster and faster, don't they? It'll be Christmas before we know it!
    I love Cabbage rolls, pork and sauerkraut (what my mom always made), and black eyed peas. I made an unstuffed cabbage roll soup and a black eyed pea soup. I'll be enjoying them all week.
    As for resolutions, nope, I don't make them. Our sermon was on the same thing as yours. What our pastor said was to reflect everyday, which I do.
    Happy 2019 to you, dear Debby. It's going to be an exciting one for you!

  9. Oh, I trust that you will be able to see quickly and make that transition.

  10. Thanks for joining in on the Medley today!! I don't make resolutions either! Welcome to the red, white, and blue club!! Looking forward to seeing the progress on your Tennessee property! Happy new year!

  11. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019, dear Debby.

  12. Oh, wow, I can't wait to read more about the progress in Tennessee! And, I am so excited to see how God works and blesses when you put your house on the market. SO much good is ahead for you, sweet friend! I love following along and seeing how His plans unfold in your life! I loved what you said here, "I am not one to lump everything together in the "good year" or the "bad year" pile because I know that God is with me through the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly." LOVE that mindset and appreciate the reminder, as I needed it very much right now. Emmanuel is WITH us, praise His holy name! Through it all, He never leaves our side. Sending much love and many hugs your way and trusting God to bless you richly every day of this new year, sweet friend!!

  13. Hello Debby, happy to hear about the progress in Tennessee. I'll look forward to seeing how 2019 unfolds in your journey to that end. I like the daily resolution idea. I haven't chosen a word or made a resolution although I'm going to try to read through the Bible this year. So far so good, LOL. I sometimes come up with a word at the end of the year that sort of defined the past year. 2018's word is Change!! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  14. Appreciate your post ! I'm with you on the resolutions, etc. I think a daily one is a good idea, in fact we all should wake up wanting God to ordain our day and fill it with His purposes -- that's a good resolution. This will be an exciting year for you!

  15. I enjoy reading your answers...I was never a big science fiction fan either. I tried to take that quiz but quit after two one answer seemed right in either I thought what is the use. I never did either the resolution or word of the year.

  16. Oh how exciting this year is going to be for you and your Jim!! I am so excited for you in this new adventure of yours. May each day of your new year be a beautiful one, lovely Debby♥

  17. Good luck with all your house plans.
    My good wishes for 2019.

    All the best Jan

  18. I agree with you on the resolutions. If something needs doing - why wait? I'm not a big sci-fi fan, either, although I enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time back in the day.
    It sounds like there will be a lot happening in 2019 in your life!

  19. I have decided to pick a word this year-I did the quiz and got gratitude but I think my word for the year is determination. Determination to move forward into the next phase of life and leave the old "home" behind and I am determined to find a new home in the coming year. I loved all your answers and I am like you in lots of ways. xo Diana

  20. Sounds like a busy and exciting year for you! I’m not a resolution maker either. I can’t keep daily ones let alone yearly lol! My decorations are down and Valentine’s Day decorations went up today. I just love valentine decorating... so cheery during a dreary time of year.

  21. I be looking for a new Medley, but no pressure. No, really. I am not lying about that. I just assumed...☺

  22. I had to chuckle along with you as you wrote Debbie... My husband and I slept the new year in, and like you, I don't see what all the "hububb" is about, it is just another day living for the Lord! And of course, like you, I haven't chosen a word to get me through the year, as I really think that living day by day with the Lord, that word can change on an instant's notice! As for the resolutions for the New Year, nope again. I try to live life to its fullest each and every day, loving, giving, sharing, working and doing all I can to further the kingdom of the Lord each day. And that's enough for me... beyond that, it's up to the Lord what His plans are for me, my life is in His hands... and that's enough for me. Always love to stop by and "visit" with you... praying all goes well for you in this time of transition in your life with the selling of your home and imminent move to Tennessee! Blessings and hugs :)

  23. Loved reading your answers! It would take me forever, you are like, direct and to the point. Got a kick out of them. I don't make resolutions, I just try to make it a good day, day after day! I'm trying to get back to blogging and I'm happy you are still at it and it was fun dropping in.



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