Sunday, August 11, 2019


Yeah, that'd be me.

I've been searching for just the right word and I think I found it.

Wearisome...the state of being weary.

I haven't had the drive to do too much of anything for the past week or so...
although some might say I should be jumping for joy.

But I'm not.

Why wouldn't I not be after my doctor told me last week that I won't be having surgery?
I mean, normally, those are good words to hear, right?

It's too dangerous, they say.

The stricture (narrowing in bile duct) is not in a good place to repair surgically,
but only as last resort, they say.

Once the surgery is done, there's no going back, they say.

So for the past two months I have been psyching myself into the reality of a major,
very invasive surgery to finally get it behind me.
Although I'm relieved that I won't have to spend a couple of months recovering,
the reason why I won't be has sent me down a path that I wasn't quite contemplating.
It seems that now I will be getting another stent placed that is supposed to last up to year.
 We'll see if this will be happening on a regular basis.

Why the change in plan all of a sudden?
I have said ever since I began this journey in January, that I implicitly trust my doctors.

And I still do.

But with everything that is in me, I am determined to trust God more.

Long story short, after a meeting of the minds, my doctors seemed to be in agreement
that it was best to maintain me with stents as long as possible.
I am really very thankful that my doctors wouldn't rush me into a dangerous surgery.

I am scheduled to have the new stent placed at the end of this month.
Our goal is that it lasts a year and will then either be left out and see how I do
or it will be exchanged for a new one.

So...where does that leave us...and our plans for the future?
Right where it always has...right where God leads us.
Right now we are planning (there's that word again) to get the house on the market by fall.
We feel it's time to forge ahead unless we hit another roadblock.
I will continue to be under my Duke doctor's care until (if) we get settled in TN.
Even after that, possibly, for a little while at least.

But the long and short of it comes down to this...I have asked my Father for a miracle.
It's as simple as that.

But no matter what happens, I plan to go along my merry way.
This wearisome business is for the birds...and I think a week of it has been enough!

So tomorrow is another day and the beginning of a brand new week...
...and the beginning of a brand new attitude. 😉

Until next time....


  1. You have certainly had a road to tow and you have done remarkably well.
    Your God honoring attitude will see you through those not so good days, and I just know your energy will come back to you in due time.

    It is so true, when we do not have a song in our heart, sing out to the Lord.
    I've told myself to do that very thing on those wearisome days that find there way into my life. Sing unto the Lord!

    Keeping you in my prayers and sending love your way ❤

  2. Trying to absorb what this means for you and how you have been feeling about it. Yes, we must certainly put our full trust in The Lord. That old song came to mind...Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of The Lord Our God. Sometimes, I am tempted to trust in doctors and chemo, but I try to redirect my thinking when I realize that that is what I am doing. It seems really good for you to keep on keeping on following your plans and doing the next thing. Here’s to living in Tennessee next year at this time. 😊 God’s got thisas you always tell me.

  3. God saw the sparrow that fell, His eyes are on you,( His child) Debby! I hear, and see through the verses you have shared in this writing, a child of God who has surrendered all to Him, what a perfect place to be!
    Thoughts and prayers as you take this journey.
    Much love,

  4. Keeping you in my prayers!

    Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  5. You're in my prayers, Debby. Sending hugs.

  6. Your post is a refreshing testimony of faith. I will be praying for the strength of that faith to carry you through knowing that the Lord will do the carrying when you can't.

  7. I will be praying for you...I need to keep you on my daily list. Seems like as we age that list gets longer.

  8. Debby, oh Debby, my heart goes out to you. I can totally understand why you are experiencing mixed emotions about all this. We do know that God is in full control, but that does not take away our humanness. You are in my prayers. God is still in the business of working miracles and giving peace while we wait. Hugs and love are being sent your way.

  9. Everything works for our good, it may be a blessing that you aren't having surgery. Leave it in God's hanks, He's the great physician.

  10. All I can think of as I read your words is that our God is going to do a bigger miracle than bring you through surgery. Yes, that would have been huge, but He has something even greater for you, my friend. If Jesus had rushed to Lazarus' side and healed him when He first heard that Lazarus was ill, that would have been an amazing miracle. But, Jesus chose a different method because He was never worried or concerned about the outcome. The fact was, Lazarus was going to be just fine, and the path Jesus chose was far more miraculous and brought about far more glory to God than if He had taken the path everyone else wanted Him to. I praise Him for revealing the danger to your doctors and not allowing them to forge forward into something detrimental to you, and now I look forward to seeing how HE will perform an even bigger miracle for you! I am so thankful you are choosing to press ahead with your plans and trust Him. He will never betray that trust, and I am certain He has you in the palm of His hand - the safest, most comforting place you could ever be!

  11. My mom has a hiatal hernia, involving several organs including the stomach. The surgery is difficult, so they are just going to keep managing it. She gets pain, etc, somedays but she says she is going to put off surgery unless that is the last option.

    God will get you through this. Even if it means a stent a year, He knows.

    Praying with you for a miracle!

  12. Yes my friend, the wearisome road does lead to no where, doesn’t it? We can have a put party for so long, and believe me, I’ve had those, but they do no good. All your quotes are so spot on, for all of us. We are there with you through prayers to get you through this. Love and blessings.......

  13. Only God is truly ABLE to carry us through sweet friend. Times like this surely cause us to have a pity party...I've had a few myself....and, even, at times just flat out say, "Can this all just be fixed and done and over with". I don't know a whole lot about a lot of nothing but I know this....GOD GOT'S THIS! No matter what! Praying for your sweet spirit today and asking the Lord to continue to do a mighty work in your life as I also know that nothing we go through takes Him by surprise...He has a plan and you are in the midst of His wonderful plan for your life. Love you so much and so glad you shared. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Oh Debby, I'm sure this was unexpected news for you. It always seems to take a little bit of time to adjust to having plans abruptly changed, especially when you were gearing up and planning for the surgery. Like Cheryl said, I'm so glad the doctors didn't more forward with this and are trying to take a safer, more conservative approach. Yes, let's pray for healing. That the stint will come out and never have to be replaced. You are so faithful in tribulation Debby; the Lord sees your faith and is pleased with you. He will carry you through this. xo Deborah

  15. I am so sorry that you are going though this trial. It sounds to me though that you have a wonderful attitude and trusting God to get you through. That is the only thing you can do.
    I'm praying for you!!

  16. I imagine that "wearisome" is a good description of your up and down and up and down struggle of these past months. I love that you are encouraging yourself with these words of faith. True faith, I believe, is not believing that it will all turn out the way I want it, but a deep-seated confidence that our loving Lord is directing everything for the good of His children. Your trust in His plan is encouraging to those who are watching. {{{Hugs}}} and continued prayers . . .

  17. Oh Debby, you really do have the best attitude and strong faith. I know it will see you through...God will see you through it all. I'm keeping you in my prayers dear one. Hugs, Diane

  18. Oh, Debby, I can only imagine your weariness. Bless your heart, I am so sorry and will join you and others in praying for a miracle. I'm pretty sure you are in the same spot that likely most of us would be if we were in your shoes. I pray you can move forward with your plans and in the meantime, trust HIM with the outcome. (so much easier said than done) Love you and praying for you!

  19. Oh my, sweet Debby; I am so sorry that I did not know you were going through this!! We all have our trials, don't we? I will keep you in my prayers and hope all goes well!!

  20. I have often had this "wearisome" reaction when I geared myself up for something difficult. When it was over, there was almost a letdown the next day... I have found in my own life that any big effort, whether for a happy occasion like a wedding, or a difficult event like surgery, is followed by a time of feeling down. I think with you, you geared yourself up for this big surgery and now you're experiencing this down type of effect, even though you are relieved not to have to go through a lengthy recovery.

    You are in my prayers, dear Debby, and I am so thankful that your doctors decided against this surgery. God has a plan and it will be exciting to see how it all plays out. As Vee said, here's to living in Tennessee this time next year!

  21. Oh dear heart, I’m so sorry your discouraged. Like the song goes. “Maybe it’s ok if I’m not ok.” I know He holds you in the palm of his Hand and he is Jehovah Roi, the God Who sees and Jehovah Rapha, the God Who heals and I will continue to approach the throne on your behalf for complete healing. Praying that God Shalom will give you peace. I have been praying the names of God and I can feel His nearness and power when I do! Hugs and prayers for you, sweet friend.

  22. I commented as Anonymous!😊 crazy me!

  23. Prayers ... I know this must be difficult.


  24. Praying you'll experience the miraculous peace of Phillipians will quiet your worried heart and mind. :)

  25. May you rest in God's shadow, Debby. I join the prayer warriors:)

  26. Oh Debby, I am just getting around to reading this. I know how "wearisome" you must be feeling over this news, but GOD...There is a reason for this change of plan and action. God IS in control, and He is giving your Doctors wisdom, just as we have prayed. God knows what is best for you and just trust His judgment and wisdom and rejoice in that you are being spared from something that might not have been right for you. God knows best. Go ahead, make your plans for the future. You are in good hands with Jesus!!!!! We will keep praying for you.

  27. Oh, Debby! I am going to stand with you for a miracle! He healed my little granddaughter when her tiny little body was shutting down. Nothing is too difficult for Him and the best thing is you are in God's hands and that's the best place to be!
    Blessings to you, my sweet friend.

  28. Wearisome is the perfect word for how you must be feeling through all of this. Hugs and prayers Debby.

  29. I'm sorry you have felt wearisome, Debby. Sometimes things are thrown at us in life, and sometimes they come all at once. I appreciate all the verses that you shared on here today. I, too, have felt wearisome at different times in my life, and the only thing that gives me comfort and strength is talking with God. I hope you feel more uplifted as time goes by, and just want you to know I'm thinking of you and sending comforting thoughts of love and care. And keep believing in miracles, as "they do happen. I think your positive attitude really helps, and I smiled when you said, "this wearisome business is for the birds." : )


  30. My dearest Debby, I can feel your wearisome in your words … but I can also feel your faith in the Lord.
    I am saying a prayer for you and will keep you in my thoughts.
    Keep positive, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan


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