Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ain't No Hodgepodge High Enough

So we made it to the mountains of West Virginia and back in one piece.
It was a very lovely drive for the most part and if you are in to hairpin turns,
you would have most definitely been in your element!

Before we even made it into that part of the trip, we came upon this gorgeous waterfall,
right before we crossed over the Virginia/West Virginia line.

Falling Springs Falls, Falling Springs, Virginia
There was an overlook right off the road and as you can see, the view was breathtaking.
Some of you may have seen a few postings on Facebook or Instagram of our train ride.
While I'm getting that post together, here's a little preview.
Below is just one of the beautiful views taken from the train as we approached the summit.

And here is a panoramic shot of the observation platform overlooking the breathtaking vista.
The train tracks end here at the very top of Bald Knob.

John Denver wasn't kidding when he sang about it being almost heaven.
It was a fun trip, one we would certainly like to make again...preferably during the fall season.
Reservations would need to made well in advance so it won't be happening this year.
Anyway, it was a great little getaway!
So we're here for the Hodgepodge and let's get on with it...

...where Joyce asks the questions on her blog and we answer them on ours.

1. What happens to the mail at your house?

I'd say that 80% of it goes into file #13...that's what my mom used to call the trash can. It's either junk or bills most of the time, which always seem to wind up on a pile on the dining room table until I get it sorted out...and we do get a lot of junk mail.

2. Something you always splurge on? Any guilt associated with the splurge?

Although I don't get them on a regular basis (Lord only knows I should), pedicures are something I have just recently started getting. Hey, I was 60 years old before I ever had my first one so no guilt trip here! I probably wouldn't have even gotten that first one if my daughter-in-love hadn't kidnapped me and held me captive in the salon chair. Like many things, we don't know what we've been missing until the day we experience it, right? It was the guilt for spending all that $$ on something as frivolous as a pedi that kept me away from getting that first one but no more. And you want to know something else....shhhh, don't tell anyone...I've never had a manicure... yet....only the homemade kind....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

3. There are many, but what are two important questions you think every bride and groom should ask/answer before they plan their walk down the aisle?

If I was going to do it all over again, knowing what I know now, the first and most important question (in my opinion) would be about what kind of relationship your prospective spouse had with the Lord. Every other thing can be worked out if God is center-stage. We finally got there but not without much pain and suffering. It's also of the utmost importance to know where each other stand on the issue of having children...if, when and how many.

4. What's the best advice your father ever gave you?

It didn't take long at all to come up with this answer. I remember well, sitting around the supper table when I was probably seemed that an acquaintance of my dad's had seen me leaving a local bar/night club one evening and told him so. Instead of raking me over the coals, he quite casually and very lovingly mentioned that he knew what I had been up to. He then followed it by a sentence that went something like this, "Honey...those aren't the kinds of places that any young lady should be going." That was it. Did I always take his advice? Well....maybe not right away but I never could forget his sound advice and the loving tone to his otherwise gruff voice and sharp edges. I'm thankful that I got that out of my system. Just tryin' to keep it real, folks.

5. Your favorite movie where a father features heavily in the storyline?

I'm sure there are other answers I could give but the one that stands out to me, actually, there two because they are recent movies that I've seen. One would be Mack, the father in "The Shack" and more recently the father of Bart Millard, the lead singer of Mercy Me (played wonderfully by Dennis Quaid) in "I Can Only Imagine". Both men...completely transformed by the power of God's love.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Until next time, hodgepodgers...


  1. Hi, Debby!

    Wow, your views are spectacular and I love waterfalls.
    I agree with you on #3, although my answer was slightly different.
    Love the cartoon graphic you have for #6.

    I'm visiting from the Hodge podge.
    Have a great week!

  2. I like your random thought. :)

    I think I'll have to call our trash can, file #13. Love it!

  3. WV really has some gorgeous country and you captured some of it well! I've been there only twice but remember those roads and scenery. I really enjoyed reading answers to questions 3 and 4 especially. I wish I'd thought to write more about my dad. He was wonderful.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The Shack! Oh man...
    The problem with the God question is that, especially if you're marrying young, it is an answer for then. My husband was SOLD OUT for Jesus for two decades together before a church wound combined with a midlife hiccup had him walking away from God completely. Nearly three years later this has not changed, nor has his ambivalence towards faith/God. It's VERY hard. And what I've learned is that it is VERY common, especially for me. Satan knows if he takes out the father, he gets the whole family- and this is so true.

    Also... File 13... LOVE it!

  5. Great answers! Really live The Shack also and your pictures were fabulous! I need to take a train ride someday!!! WOW! I am now following you - you can follow back at Annster's Domain if you want! Have a great day!

  6. Awe, so glad you had a good time. I can't wait to hear about your trip more and I have so enjoyed looking at your pictures on FB. YES, I am with John Denver.....Almost heaven! What a beautiful picture. Hugs and blessings dear friend. Cindy

  7. Oh my those pictures! Yes, breathtaking for sure. But, I have to ask - what that overlook as rickety as it looks in the picture? Just asking. We do share a love for the mountains. I had completely forgotten about Dennis Quaid's role. What a transformation God wrought.

  8. Beautiful waterfall from that winding road trip! Great answer to #3. Love how your dear father dealt with the news he got about you.

  9. Hi, I am visiting from the Hodgepodge. It's nice to meet you.

    That waterfall is gorgeous! I am always a sucker for waterfalls of any size.

    What an amazing response from your dad when he found about your bar visit. He had great self-control to not just yell and scream.

    Your random cartoon is great!

    Patti @ Celebrating Our Days

  10. I never had pedicures until around that age either. I don't feel they are a splurge since they do last. Manicures I don't do because they don't last. Your answer about faith and marriage I totally agree with. I don't think we realize that is so crucial to know where our life partner stands with the Lord. And your dad was a very wise man. My dad over reacted to that little problem.
    Your train trip looks so fabulous! Wow!

  11. Oh my! I’d hate to meet that motocyclist on the highway...

    None of you Hodge~Podgers have asked THE question. 😊 (Right, Vee, go write your own post.)

    I have had a manicure, but not a may be time.

    So glad that you had that time away seeing so many beautiful scenes.

  12. You are REALLY seeing the sights! That waterfall is breathtaking and I know the pictures don't do it justice! LOL you're in good company with the pedicures. I think it's only been the past 6 or 7 years for me. I go more often in the summer for sure - it's my summer splurge! Thanks for you sweet comments on my DIY desk pad as well :)

  13. I sure do agree with #3. And I've had one pedicure--maybe two. And one manicure, which lasted about two days. I think to keep a manicure going you can't do a lot of housework :-) I'm glad you had such a good trip for the train. Such beautiful country!

  14. I can finally comment after all this time, yaaaay! I do hope it stays this way...we'll see. : ) Love that waterfall photo, Debby, just beautiful.


  15. Beautiful country side.
    That train ride is awesome. We enjoyed our trip too.

  16. I grew up with people calling the trash can the file #13! Haven't heard that in a while.

  17. Gorgeous pictures of the scenery you saw. That waterfall is amazing.Now that final quote is so perfect.I love it.

  18. Ssh....I've never had a manicure either....nor a pedicure actually. Obviously I am missing out on something. Breathtaking photos, breathtaking views, so glad you had a wonderful little holiday. Your dad sounds lovely. I love how he handled your youthful'waywardness'. =) He sounds as if he was a wise man. As always, fabulous insights re the answers of your questions. Have a beautiful week, lovely Debby.

  19. Oh, my word! That cartoon at the end! LOL! So thankful you enjoyed your time away and are home safe. God bless you, sweet friend.

  20. Happy to hear you enjoyed your trip. Yep, about having fun. Got to grab it while we can!

  21. Wow those trip pictures were just wonderful.

  22. I'm so glad that you took that wonderful trip, Debby!
    I loved reading your answers. I get pedicures in the summer, but I'm not into manicures. I just file my own, and no polish. Your dad was a wise man! Love your ending...yes we always need to have fun at any age!

  23. Great answers, Debby -- and I loved the photos from the train ride! I have never had a manicure OR a pedicure, and really am not interested. Your dad was indeed a wise man, and I loved your questions for the prospective bride and groom. SO important!

  24. Love your answer to #3. So important! And love #6!

  25. I was born and raised in WV. And I recognize all those places where those pictures are from. Almost Heaven for sure.

    Pamela in Michigan

    1. We have lived in NC since 1992 and all of our family is still in OH so we have come through WVA on a regular basis for many years. The views are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for your comment...I had to reply here since I had no email or link back to you!


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