Sunday, August 26, 2018


“The voyage of a lifetime starts at the windowsill.”
~Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Recently, as I was going through my photo files, I found quite a few windowsill shots.
I didn't realize I had so many of them so I decided to include them in a post.

So often I'll walk into the kitchen and find the late afternoon sun filtering through the petals
of whatever happens to be in the vessels (or the vessels themselves) that's sitting on the sill...

...and creating such a lovely still-life display that I have to stop whatever I'm doing
and go grab my camera.

Sometimes, depending on the time of day, the scene is more of a silhouette...

...and sometimes it's just fun.
As you can see, my windowsills are quite shallow.
You can be sure that the farmhouse will have nice deep ones. 😉


Early in the morning,
When all is still,
I sit and wait
At my windowsill,
And watch the sun
Come over the hill,
To paint the sky
With beauty and skill.

~Linda B. Ross

Most of the photos I came across were taken of my own kitchen windowsill 
but I found a couple from other places as well.

Remember our beloved cabin in Virginia?
These colored bottles always made me smile as I caught the sun sifting through them.
When we moved out, I gave the blue ones away to Adam and Carrie.

Now I get to enjoy them sitting in their windowsill when we come visit them.

It's always fun to change things up for the seasons.
Anyone else ready for fall?

"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are window through which you must see the world."
~George Bernard Shaw


Today, while I was busy at my tasks
She came to me, and proudly held to view
The flowers she had gathered, with the words
"See Mommy! I have picked them all for you."

I smiled with high delight, and gathered close
The limp grey weeds, the wilted dandelion...
And placed them all in water, in a vase
Upon the window sill to catch the shine!

I often think, Lord, this must be Your task
With prayers and deeds we bring to You each night,
How poor and small they are, they fall so short!
And yet, how beautiful within Your sight.
To understand our aims, unworthy deeds ...
And bless the "flowers" shining through the weeds!

~Charmain Blattner

"Give me a window and I'll stare out it."  
~Alan Rickman

So tell me...what's in your windowsill?

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  1. Love this post! And all your windowsill views. My grandma had very wide/deep window sills in her home. We loved to play restaurant on them when we were little. How nice you will move to wider windowsills!

  2. Your windowsill scenes are gorgeous. Unfortunately,my windowsills are much too narrow to hold anything.I have to compensate, and where possible have a small table in front of the window to put something on.

  3. Such a lovely, cheerful post. Thank you. Pretty scenes at your window sills! I enjoyed the poetry, too.

  4. I love this pretty.
    I have something in almost every windowsill...

  5. How lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed this post about one of my favorite things.

  6. Oh Debby, I kept thinking that all your photos would make such pretty note cards! I don't really have any windowsills, but have to use counters to decorate. I loved the poems that you shared, too. Happy week ahead, my friend.

  7. Oh my mercy girl...what beautiful windowsill shots! I love them all. Love the poem. Fresh picked or bought flowers sure makes the prettiest pictures and then pop them in a windowsill and BAM. I hope that you have a wonderful day sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Love this post. So many beautiful flowers. I especially like the one in the chicken/rooster and the watercolored shots. - You must not have cats because I can't have flowers inside as mine eat them.

  9. What's in my window sill?? Why, flowers in pretty containers, of course. =) So gorgeous are all your window vignettes overspilling with flowers, Debby. I have to agree with the late great Alan Rickman. To stand at a window and in my case drinking in the lovely view outside is one of life's pleasures. Sunshine saying hello through a window in the morning, is always a most beautiful thing.

  10. Well, that was just beautiful and I especially love the rooster. I have rather wide window sills but nothing on them. If I had a kitchen window I would but our kitchen is in the middle of the living area so there's no window per say. We have windows all across the back of the house but they are tall windows and not exactly the kind of window where you would sit something on the sills. Shucks! I had a great window sill in the kitchen at our old house and kept it decorated. Happy week Debbie!

  11. This is a beautiful post! I love that chicken pitcher/vase? So adorable! Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog about my kitchen makeover. I am so happy to have it done! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  12. Beautiful Debby, I love the fall one.

  13. So beautiful! I love the cobalt blue bottles!

  14. I just adore windows! I love windows with wooden frames and lots of panes. I love windows with flowers and plants and sweet little vessels. I love the pictures you shared and the poem At My Windowsill.

  15. Beautiful window sill shots. I love big bright windows with wide sills for sitting things on. I have plenty in my new house.

  16. Oh, sweet friend! These are just gorgeous!! I LOVE windowsill shots!!! And, none could be prettier than yours. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :) Sending love and hugs your way!

  17. Lovely pictures and lovely poetry, too! Yes, I am ready for Fall...actually, inside my home is all decorated!

  18. Dogs! 4 dogs! They all love to jump up on my sofa and look out the window. Needless to say, my windows all have nose prints!

  19. What a wonderful post, Debby. I loved the poems and the photos and all the flowers. I hope you're enjoying the last days of summer.

  20. Such a lovely post filled with beautiful flowers … through your wonderful photographs.
    I enjoyed the words from Charmain Blattner very much.

    Sending my good wishes for this new month of September.

    All the best Jan

  21. Gorgeous and I was thrilled to feature at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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